What do you need to know to give birth at home? The popularity of home births

Home delivery is becoming very popular. What is needed to ensure that the outcome of such a natural delivery was successful?

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  • Why is it so popular to give birth at home?
  • Who from the celebrities gave birth at home? Consequences of home births of stars
  • How to prepare for home birth?
  • Which accessories are needed primarily for labor at home?
  • Physical preparation for home delivery: Pilates, fitball
  • Psychological training: correct moral attitude and support of relatives
  • How to choose a supervisor for childbirth at home? Who should I contact for help?
  • How is the process of home births going on? Video
  • Video: Home delivery in the family circle
  • If something went wrong: when to go to the hospital?
  • Preparing and conducting home birth: tips and reviews
  • Video: Dr. Komarovsky about home births

The question of where the birth will take place, worries pregnant women for all nine months. However, it is not always a matter of choosing a matern

ity home. Increasingly, future mothers choose between specialized medical institutions and the home environment, with many stopping on the second option.

The advantages of home births seem obvious, but there are also huge risks that can lead to irreversible tragic consequences. To take into account everything to the smallest detail - this is what the future mother needs to do before a final decision is made.

Why is it so popular to give birth at home?

Home births are chosen by women who want to provide themselves and the child with maximum comfort and exclude medical intervention in the natural process. The "pluses" of home births also include:

  • the presence of only those people who want to see at this moment the woman in childbirth
  • the woman feels herself the mistress of the house and everything that happens there
  • there is no stimulation, episiotomy, no forceps and anesthetics
  • are used, the intuitive choice is the mostcomfortable posture and type of delivery
  • the possibility of giving birth in water( in this way most home births are performed)
  • no intervention in the process of uterine contraction
  • positive emotions of the parturient woman from being in the habitual householdАновке
  • joint stay of mother and child begins immediately after delivery
  • absence of "alien" hospital microbes capable of causing allergic reactions and infectious diseases in mother and newborn baby
  • no one "presses" the woman in childbirth, does not make the child vaccinate

All this makesexpecting mothers to refuse birth in the hospital and take risks, hoping for their own strength and help of nature.

Who from the celebrities gave birth at home? Consequences of home births of stars

The popularity of home births is promoted by the fact that more and more celebrities share in networks their experiences of giving birth to children in the comfort of their home. And this experience is exceptionally positive.

So the children Pamela Anderson, Meryl Streep, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Gisele Bundchen, Joely Fisher, Jennifer Connelly, Miam Byalik and many other famous successful women were born at home.

It is noteworthy that Russian celebrities do not so often decide on home birth. Most of the stellar mummies choose just foreign maternity homes for the birth of their children.

However, the large mother Masha Makarova , the soloist of the once popular band "Masha and Bears", Sasha Zvereva ( "Demo"), Elena Selikhova ( "Balagan Limited") gave birth at home and were very pleased with their choice.

In 2005 Masha Makarova gave birth to twin girls, and five years later her son appeared in the same situation. Sasha Zvereva gave birth in the bathroom, with the help and support of close relatives. The whole process was filmed on video for the family archive. The sons of Selikhova were helped by the birth of their father, who prepared for this event in advance at special courses for future parents.

IMPORTANT: Abroad, home births are legal and conducted in the presence of skilled obstetrician-gynecologists. In Russia the birth of the house is illegal. Responsibility for their conduct and successful outcome lies only with future parents.

How do I prepare for home delivery?

Preparation for home birth begins from the moment of registration. A doctor who will observe a pregnant woman should be aware of the wishes of the future mother regarding childbirth at home.

The next important step in the preparation is the selection of a school of future parents specializing in home birth. By attending classes, the couple has the opportunity to finally make sure of the correctness of their decision and get to know better the obstetrician who will be giving birth.

IMPORTANT: For safety, you need to choose a maternity hospital that will take a woman in case of complications. We should not forget about transport. During childbirth, a car should be on duty at the entrance, where the mother will go to the hospital if necessary.

Which accessories are needed first of all for the birth of a home?

At the time of the onset of severe bouts, future parents should prepare:

  • Bath or a special pool. If the birth will take place in a home bath, you should thoroughly wash and disinfect it. If an inflatable pool is being prepared for the birth of the baby, the
  • hose and pump should be put in a prominent place.
  • large size glue.
  • sheets, diapers
  • Clement or
  • clay pot.
  • Small pear for sucking mucus from the nose and mouth of the newborn
  • .freezer that is needed for contraction of the uterus
  • Scissors for cutting the umbilical cord, silk threads
  • Hydrogen peroxide for perineal processing
  • Cold water in case the baby has to panimate
  • Frozen cubes of hemostatic and antiseptic herbal decoctions( nettle, water pepper, chamomile, calendula).Cubes are placed in the vagina after removal of the afterbirth if bleeding occurs
  • A warm decoction of the root of calgan, nettle and water pepper that must be drunk in case of loss of blood and strong weakness.
  • Broth of dogrose, which will help restore strength after giving birth
  • Decoction of yarrow, chamomile andcrust of oak for ashes

Physical preparation for home delivery: pilates, fitball

To feel confident in childbirth and avoid possible complications, the future mother needs to make the most ofь preparation time. Find additional physical strength, prepare for the upcoming workload in childbirth, strengthen confidence and multiply the health of mother and child will help physical exercise.

IMPORTANT: Fitness for pregnant women should be regular. This means that at least three times a week the future mother must perform a set of necessary exercises. The most effective types of fitness for pregnant women are Pilates( aqua-pilates) and fitball.

Pilates facilitates:

  • Acquisition of chest breathing skills
  • Exclusion of stagnation in extremities
  • Relaxation training
  • Development of hip joints
  • Back strengthening

Aqua Pilates allows you to combine the smooth movements of Pilates and the beneficial action of water. Performing exercises in water, the expectant mother:

  • relaxes and gets rid of muscle tension
  • improves blood supply to the uterus and blood circulation in general
  • protects the body from overheating( which is possible with physical activity in the air)
  • gets rid of fatigue, stress and depression,balance
  • learns to properly hold the breath
  • helps the baby to take the correct position in the womb with the help of special exercises

IMPORTANT: Aqua pilates can be pregnant with lphysical training and battle for at least 12 weeks.

For classes with Fitball , future moms do not have restrictions - the duration of pregnancy and the level of physical fitness do not matter. The load can easily vary depending on the physical condition of the pregnant woman. The instability and constant fluctuations of the fitball allow:

  • to improve the coordination of movements
  • evenly distribute the load across all muscles
  • to improve blood circulation and metabolism
  • to turn over to the child in the rear position
  • to train the vertical positions

IMPORTANT: Fitball for pregnant women is chosen by growth, and inflated thus, so that it flexes slightly when pressed.

Psychological training: correct moral attitude and support of relatives

Psychological preparation for home birth is as important as physical. From the state of the female psyche is directly dependent on the course of labor. Calmness and confidence of the mother and her family members present at birth make it possible to avoid the occurrence of many possible complications.

IMPORTANT: Future parents should be well aware of what will happen during the birth process. Nothing should embarrass or frighten them. To understand all the nuances of home births, you need to watch training videos, attend courses, talk with a doctor and a midwife.

When preparing for home birth, future mothers are recommended to engage in autosuggestion. To do this, it is necessary to repeat as often as possible:

  • "Childbirth will be easy and timely"
  • "The child grows well and develops"
  • "I trust nature and my body"
  • "We are safe with the baby"
  • "I am healthy and ready to give birth at home»
  • " My home births will be safe "
  • " We are looking forward to the appearance of our baby at home "

IMPORTANT: It's good if future parents will communicate with other married couples who decide on home birth. With like-minded people, you can discuss problems, share impressions and successes. Better tune in to a successful outcome of home births will help communicate with women who already have a similar experience.

Relatives must be sympathetic to your choice and do not interfere with its implementation. Do not neglect special courses that are conducted specifically for those close relatives of a pregnant woman who will be present at home birth.

How to choose a supervisor for childbirth at home? Who should I contact for help?

For those who decided on home birth, it is very important to choose the right midwife( dole), which will guide the process. Finding an experienced, specially trained person next to a woman in labor affects both the course of the process and the sensation of the expectant mother, and the health and well-being of the child.

When choosing a doula, it should be guided by several indicators:

  • it has the appropriate education and at the request of future parents will provide documents confirming its
  • woman is experienced not only in assisting other women in labor, but she gave birth to herself at home
  • . An adequately assessing situation midwife will ask the pregnant woman who comes to herwomen's consultation, will be interested in the results of the tests, will ask about her general health and will warn about possible risks
  • midwife offersie to discuss and plan for future delivery, willing to answer questions about their abilities and skills

IMPORTANT: The most important criterion for choosing the head of home births is trust. If the mother gives birth to a midwife, some misunderstandings, incidents and complications will be avoided during the delivery process.

You can find a midwife by contacting a specialized center for preparing for childbirth or at courses for expectant mothers. Tips and experiences of friends can also be useful. It is important not to hurry with the final choice and get to know more closely with several candidates.

How is the process of home births going on?

  • The first stage of any birth, including domestic, begins with fights. When they become palpable, you need to make an enema and call your midwife. While contractions are tolerant, it is possible to complete all household chores and preparations for childbirth.
  • . When a midwife arrives for childbirth, the expectant mother must provide information on the periodicity and strength of the bouts. During strong battles, the woman chooses the most comfortable position for herself: you can sit, lie, walk or even take a shower. To ease the pain of labor, you can accompany them with your voice. At the same time, the midwife should help the woman not get off and do not jump to the
  • cry. If the contractions are delayed, the midwife can stimulate the neck opening with the help of homeopathic or medicament preparations( at the request of the mother in childbirth).All the time the head of labor should listen to the fetal heartbeat and control the opening of the neck
  • The second stage of labor begins with attempts. They pass in an upright position on the bed or in the bathroom, depending on the intended place of delivery. While the midwife monitors the process, the husband massages the shoulders and waist

  • When the head appears, the midwife helps the child move on and after a few seconds it goes completely. If the birth occurs in the bathroom, then after the birth, the baby is in the water for a while, which ensures a soft transition from one environment to another. After that the midwife takes the baby out of the water, releases his respiratory tract from the mucus and gives it to the mother
  • . Mom puts the baby to the breast for the first time and waits for the placenta to exit. After the removal of the placenta, the umbilical cord is cut not immediately, but after a certain period of time, so that the blood from it can pass to the child. When the umbilical cord is cut, the midwife hands the newborn to the daddy, and helps the given woman to get out of the bathroom, get dressed and move to the baby

Video: Home births with the family of the

If something went wrong: when to go to the hospital?

Those who decided on home birth, you need to tune only to a successful outcome. Also, do not think that something can go wrong or complications will arise. However, it is impossible to completely exclude the possibility of occurrence of force majeure circumstances.

A home midwife will not be able to help in any way and the mother in need will need urgent medical assistance in the hospital if:

  • The delivery is delayed. The waters retreated more than 10 hours ago, and the child was still not born. This situation is dangerous high probability of infection of the child. It may be necessary to stimulate or conduct an emergency cesarean section.
  • Too narrow a woman's pelvis does not allow the child to go outside. If the home midwife can not help, you need to urgently go to the hospital, where the cesarean section of the
  • will be performed. In the births there was a rupture of the veins of the umbilical cord, an abruption or a rupture of the placenta. The baby can save only an emergency blood transfusion no later than 15 minutes after the onset of the complication. In this situation, every second is expensive. If resuscitation is to be carried out later, irreversible changes will occur in the child's brain that can lead to disability
  • Delay of the placenta retreat. It can be absolutely unpredictable due to tight attachment or increment. In order to save the life of the woman in labor, urgent surgical intervention of

is required. IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to believe the comparative statistics of home and hospital births, as in the case of an unfavorable current the mother is sent to the hospital, when even the doctors can not eliminate the complications.

Preparing and conducting home birth: tips and feedback

Olya: "If you are not prepared for home delivery specifically, but are hoping" at random ", it is better to immediately abandon this idea. Such births are unlikely to be without complications. Any doubts in their abilities should be a reason to go to the hospital. "

Tatiana: " A husband and wife must completely trust each other and understand what they are going to. It is important that those present at home births are psychologically ready for the birth of the child in such conditions and are ready for any consequences or complications, because no one has abolished the laws of Nature, there can be anything »

Raisa Semenovna: "I gave birth to five children. Every time everything passes easily and without complications. I am sure that no doctors and hospitals will ever equal the comfort of home "

Marina: " My friend decided on home birth, and it all ended sadly. The child could not be saved. But everything would have been different, it turned out to be on time in the hospital. Now she blames herself for not going to the hospital, because she has all the necessary equipment that could save her child's life. And the midwife "washed her hands," explaining the incident with the wrong attitude and the unwillingness of her parents. "

Eva: " I wanted to give birth at home to the last, but still did not dare. I chose a maternity hospital where I can give birth with my husband and create a cozy homely atmosphere for my taste. When the fights began, the husband muffled the light, turned on the soft music. The doctor entered only at our invitation. Everything went perfectly, we did not regret our choice "

Anya: " I do not understand why I should voluntarily return to ancient times and risk the life of the child, and my own, too. Yes, our great-grandmothers gave birth in fields and haystacks, but the infant mortality rate was about 50%.Even the statistics of the 1920s and 1930s persisted. In the old records there are 2 graphs: "the number of children" and "of them live".That is, the death of a child before was a common thing. Is it really possible for anyone who agrees to home birth to easily accept any possible complications? "

To those women who decided to give birth at home, I would like to wish again to think sensibly all the pros and cons, to listen to your body and the voice of reason. After all, not necessarily negative previous "hospital" experience will be repeated again.

Perhaps, if you responsibly approach the choice of a maternity hospital and a doctor who can be trusted, you will be able to give birth to your baby in a cozy, close to home environment, while minimizing the risks of home births.

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