The accumulation of large amounts of sulfur in the child's ear canals often causes a logical alertness to the parents. I must say that there is always a small amount of sulfur in the ears: this secret is constantly allocated, but sometimes it can be too much. And sometimes this sign indicates a rather dangerous disease. In the article we will consider the question - why does the child have a lot of sulfur in his ears, what can this symptom threaten, and how to deal with it.


  • 1 Description of the problem
    • 1.1 Reasons for enhanced sulfur recovery
    • 1.2 Purulent sulfur
  • 2 Treatment
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Description of the problem

gray in the ears

It should be noted that the development of a small amount of sulfur secret is a necessary condition for healthy hearing organs. But when the amount of this substance exceeds the permissible limits, it can already speak of disturbances and even pathological, inflammatory processes in the audi

tory organs.

Sulfur glands are also sweat glands, but modified. And they form a secret secret, characteristic only for them. In the composition of sulfur there are substances with bactericidal action, cleansing the internal cavity of the auditory canals, and protecting them from microbes.

Sulfur is, in fact, an organic mass consisting of secretions of auditory glands, sebum and dead cells of the epidermis. In the ears of children, sulfur is usually less than in adults. Although recent research in this area has led scientists to the following conclusion: the amount of ear worm secreted depends more on the individual properties of the organism than on age. That is, sometimes for the child the same amount of sulfur can be considered normal, as for an adult. If this is typical of his body.

Sulfur begins to be developed several days after the birth of the baby, and then its formation does not stop the entire period of human life. The function of sulfur secret is the protection of delicate and delicate internal auditory organs against aggressive external influences.

Sulfur cleanses the auditory canals, and at the same time prevents the penetration of pathogens and infections. the child has a lot of sulfur in his ears

In consistency, sulfur resembles the usual ointment, has a reddish, "honey" shade of color. During the life of a person, the consistency, color, quantity and even the smell of sulfur can be modified depending on health, external conditions, internal causes. A dark shade of it may indicate that the child does not eat very much in the open air, but too dense a consistency that the baby's lipid synthesis goes wrong.

Too liquid sulfur often indicates that the mother of the child has overdone it with hygiene procedures - and sulfur is formed by "shock rates", not having time to get a typical consistency for it. By the way, liquid sulfur sometimes also causes suspicion among parents: it seems to them that the secret is too much. But in fact this is the usual amount, just very "diluted".

On the video - what to do when the child has a lot of sulfur in his ears:

Therefore, experts do not recommend too zealous, cleaning the ears of the baby. The more carefully you remove all sulfur without residue, the more accelerated rates it will be formed again.

Reasons for enhanced sulfur recovery

gray in the ears

Standard, normal amount of sulfur secret for a child is 20 mg per month. If the norm is slightly exceeded, this is considered acceptable. But certainly sulfur should not be formed too quickly - so that you do not even have time to clean it. The enhanced formation of sulfur secret leads to headaches. And the head will hurt not only in the ears, but also in the back of the head, the crown, and the front. Let's find out why sometimes the sulfur in a child is formed in too much.

As already figured out, one of the most common reasons are too careful hygiene procedures.

Sometimes the reason for the formation of an increased amount of sulfur is banal and simple: adverse weather and weather conditions. So, the dust, dirt, smog outside the window, as well as neglecting the airing of the room often lead to an intensified secret formation in the body's attempts to protect the internal auditory organs.

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Gray plugs cause this phenomenon in most cases. Inaccurate cleaning of the ears or natural narrowness of the ear canals lead to the formation of sulfur plugs. Fight them better in the doctor's office. By the way, the sulfur plug, formed, does not give itself out for a while.

But after a while it can manifest as: a lot of sulfur in children

  • described discharge from the ears;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • decreased auditory perception;
  • nausea, staggering when walking( due to malfunction in the vestibular apparatus).

The sulfuric plug must be removed in a timely manner, as it leads not only to the listed symptoms, but also to otitis.

Water caught in the ears of a child during hygienic procedures or bathing dissolves sulfur, and that can begin to flow out of the ear canals, causing a legitimate concern of the parents.

But if before the sulfur was formed in a small amount, and then suddenly it began to stand out sharply, this is a good reason to show the baby to a specialist. Most often this indicates an inflammatory process in the ear canal, possibly an infectious nature.

This is especially likely if the copious sulfur has a liquid consistency. In addition, such skin ailments as eczema or dermatitis also sometimes manifest themselves by increasing the amount of sulfur. These skin diseases are characterized by intensified debridement of the epithelium, which is part of the earwax. And if the epithelium is formed more, then the amount of sulfur, which is logical, increases.

Sometimes the reinforced separation of sulfur secretion speaks of otitis. Gray plugs sometimes completely cover the auditory canals, which leads to an inflammatory process. And if the baby's nature canal channels are narrow, then even a small amount of accumulated secretion can cause inflammation. In this case, parents need to be cautious, and be especially careful: with this disease, sulfur gets an unpleasant smell and a slightly greenish tinge. This is due to the admixture of pus to the sulfur secret.

Purulent sulfur

If the releasing sulfur has an uncharacteristic greenish tint and an unpleasant odor, it is likely that pus was mixed with its composition. In what cases is this happening.

  • With external otitis.
  • In case of fungal infections of the ear canal.
  • If the child himself or his parents unintentionally opened a furuncle, formed in the ear canal. In this case, the ear will still be quite sick.
  • With an average otitis media in the acute phase.
  • When perforating the membrane.

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After the child is examined, the doctor prescribes appropriate medications and procedures to eliminate the cause that caused profuse seborrhea.

If a large amount of sulfur has caused a sulfur plug, a strong pressure wash of warm water is carried out. If the cork is too dense, it is first dissolved with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. washing the ears with water to the child

By the way, instillation of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide in the ears of a child will also save if it is not possible to get to the otolaryngologist immediately. In most medical institutions, including in nurseries, narrow specialists can only be accessed by prior appointment. Sometimes it may take several days to wait, at best. But you can only use this technique if you are completely sure that the cause of the baby's ailment is sulfuric cork.

In the pharmacy you can buy special drops for softening sulfuric plugs. These solutions will quickly, safely and painlessly soften the plugs, and accelerate their output to the outside. But if the corks are large or too dense, then only washing can help get rid of them. drops for sulfuric plugs

Do not try to clear the child's ear canals with warm olive oil, as you can read in some tips. The oil is suitable only for external hygiene, but not for the internal. Clear the ears is best warmed with castor oil. Also suitable are special sterile solutions sold for this purpose in the pharmacy.

Obligatory observance of hygienic procedures, but without fanaticism, will help to maintain a favorable microclimate in the ears and will not give rise to infection. A medication prescribed by the doctor, corresponding to the diagnosis, will help to quickly put the baby on its feet.


If the serum in the baby is produced in large quantities, do not try to extract it from the ear canals with cotton swabs. This method of cleaning leads only to an even deeper pushing of the secreted secretion in the ears, and, moreover, to its compaction. Sometimes this way of hygiene leads to the development of the inflammatory process and even otitis.

Be attentive to the child: if he covers his ears with crying, complains of pain, hearing loss, "shooting" in the ears, this is a good reason to show the baby to the otolaryngologist. The earlier the competent treatment begins, the sooner the former level of health returns, and the child's well-being will improve.

To prevent the formation of sulfur plugs, clean your ears regularly, but not too often. Once every two weeks at a standard level of sulfur production will be quite enough. In this procedure, only the sulfur that has flowed out and near the auditory opening should be removed. It is forbidden to climb deep into the ear canal. If the child complains of pain during this manipulation, this is an excuse to show the baby to the doctor. Instead of sticks, it's better to take gauze soft turundas, and try to extract sulfur from the depth of the ear with their help. And for softening and soft sliding of turundas, use olive or castor oil.

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At the end of water procedures, carefully soak and what medicines the child's ears can use with the tip of the towel, without going into the ear canals. This measure will avoid accumulation of water in the auditory canals.

We examined the peculiarities of abundant release of sulfur from the ears of a child. As you can see, the reasons for this symptom can be different: from harmless to very dangerous. Therefore, always show the baby to the doctor: under professional control, the treatment will go at a much faster pace, leaving no complications and consequences.