In the presence of a catarrhal disease, treatment always has an integrated approach. For successful recovery, doctors prescribe procedures such as inhalations. Today, the pharmacy has a mass of drugs that effectively cope with the task and can be used to perform inhalations by a nebulizer.

This is an advanced device by which the treatment solution treats the affected area in the form of minute microparticles. Thanks to the nebulizer, the medicine can penetrate deeply into the affected tissues of the nasopharynx. And although there are many preparations for inhalations, today doctors often appoint their patients Tonzilgon.


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tonsil for inhalation by nebulizer Tonzylgon is a drug with a combined effect. It is based on plant components, so that the drug has a soft effect. To carry out inhalations use the drug in the form of drops.

In its composition it

is possible to find such components:

  • chamomile;
  • root of the althea;
  • Oak bark;
  • walnut leaves;
  • yarrow;
  • horsetail;
  • a dandelion.

This drug is famous for its pronounced antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effect. Also in the composition there are various biologically active components, each of which has its direct effect on the body. All this in a complex allows you to get a quick therapeutic effect.

Thanks to the essential oils and flavonoids in the composition, it is possible to stop the inflammation and eliminate the bacteria. The presence of horsetail allows you to remove puffiness from the mucous membrane of the airways and reduce inflammation. Oak bark is famous for tannins, which have an antiviral effect. The presented components together are able to cope with any infection and improve immunity. tonsillon

Tonzylgon is a drug that is famous for its mild, but quick healing effect. The medicine has practically no contraindications, because when it was developed only natural components were used. Thus, you can use drops for inhalations both during pregnancy and for small children. The composition of Tonzilgon contains special components, thanks to which the body is able to stimulate nonspecific immunity. As a rule, a similar effect is achieved due to chamomile, walnut and yarrow.

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Use of drops is necessary for inhalation with a nebulizer in the treatment of viral and infectious processes. Although there are no antiviral components in the composition of the drug, but due to the fact that it stimulates the body's defenses and creates an additional background to provide a quick anti-inflammatory effect of other drugs, as well as to effectively purify the mucosa from pathogenic microorganisms.

On video inhalation with nebulizer:

Inhalations using this medication may be prescribed as prophylaxis. As a rule, such manipulations are performed by children and adults with chronic forms of angina and laryngitis during the off-season. Aerosol solution is sprayed with a nebulizer and penetrates deep into the respiratory organs.

How to dilute and dosage

inhalation nebulizer

Preparation Tonzilgon is used for inhalations with the help of a special device - a nebulizer, through which the solution is converted into an aerosol. In order for the solution to exert powerful hydration for the mucosa of the respiratory tract, it must be diluted with saline beforehand.

If inhalations are performed by adults and children older than 7 years, dilute the solution with saline in a ratio of 1: 1.For children 1-7 years on 1 ml of Tonzilgon, 2 ml of saline is necessary. But patients younger than 1 year to prepare the solution should take 1 ml of medicine and 3 ml of saline. To perform one procedure, you need to use 3-4 ml of a medicinal solution. Carry out inhalations 3 times a day.

How to use

In a nebulizer, you need to send 4 ml of the finished product and start spraying. As for the frequency of the manipulation, this should be agreed with the attending physician. For an adult who treats tonsillitis or laryngitis, it is necessary to perform therapeutic manipulations with an interval of 7-8 hours. When the pathological process proceeds at the initial stage, this will be quite enough to neutralize the infectious process for 2-3 days.

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You can buy the drug in a pharmacy without a prescription. The cost of one bottle is 314 rubles.


  • Marina, 25 years old: "I started using Tonzillon drug not so long ago. I did not even really hear about him before. But when I got sick, it was he who was advised in the pharmacy. Also, I consulted with my familiar therapist, and he approved my choice. But only to obtain a rapid therapeutic effect with Tonsilgon can be provided, provided that it is used at the initial stage of the catarrhal disease. It's good that I have a nebulizer at home. I diluted the solution with saline in equal proportions, filled it into a special container and proceeded to the procedure. On the day I performed them 3 times. The very next day I felt better, the pain in my throat disappeared, the mucus secretion from the nose decreased, and my overall well-being improved. "
  • Xenia, 43 years old: "In just a few days of using Tonzilgo for inhalations, I managed to get rid of symptoms such as sore throat and nasal congestion. In addition, I use this drug for inhalation of children. In 2-3 days they can go to school safely. Also began to notice, that after application of a preparation they to hurt or be ill; be sick began much less. In a day we perform 2-3 procedures. And although the cost of the drug is not that high, it is very effective. "
  • Igor, 35 years old: "I've been using Tonzillon for inhalations for several years. During this time, I did not find a tool that would have a better effect. As soon as I or children have the first manifestations of a cold, I immediately charge our nebulizer, and we proceed to treatment. A couple of days the condition improves, and all the symptoms go away. Also, inhalation of children is carried out as a prophylaxis during seasonal exacerbations. Thanks to this, they became less likely to get sick and not miss school. "

Tonzylgon is an effective drug that is used for inhalations with a nebulizer. With its help it is possible to stop the first manifestations of the common cold and to facilitate the general well-being of the patient. It can be used by everyone, regardless of age and gender, because in the development of the medicine only plant components were used.