Rhinitis in the baby is a very dangerous process, because sometimes it causes the development of various complications. Such can be otitis, laryngitis, bronchitis. For a long time to eliminate sinusitis in a child can with complex drops on the main antibiotic. Only thanks to it it is possible to withdraw liquid and thick mucus, but there are a lot of means, like drops in the nose with an antibiotic for children.
For the treatment of ailment, the child needs drugs, which contain only components of plant origin.

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  • 1 Vibrocil
  • 2 Polydex
  • 3 Interferon
  • 4 Derinat
  • 5 Protargol
  • 6 Complicated
    • 6.1 Recipe


If you use the medicines prescribed by your doctor correctly, you can achieve a positive effect very soon. In the role of antibiotic is a component such as phenylephrine. Vibrozil drops are very effective and qualitative for today.

If it is necessary to eliminate unpleasant manifestations of sinusitis. The medicine has a vasoconstrictive effect. In addition, the doctor can prescribe it as an antihistamine. It is absolutely safe for admission in children up to a year. It is necessary to drip one drop 2 times a day. No side effects were noted. The addictive effect is absent. Since the age of one year, the amount of the drug used is increasing. With the onset of relief, it is necessary to abandon nasal drip when there are situations when they do not have the necessary effect. In addition, it is inappropriate to use them in the case when the cause of sinusitis is a bacterial infection. Vibrocil

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This medicine contains an antibacterial component. This is a local antibiotic. Since many parents refuse to take such drugs, doctors prescribe them only in emergency situations. Typically, such situations occur when the symptoms begin to build up and the child feels worse. When treated with polydix, it is possible to disinfect, prevent the multiplication of bacteria to narrow the vessels. The composition of the drug is phenylephrine, which has an antibacterial effect Polidex

Relief kid can feel it after a few days. The course should not exceed 10 days. If there was a relief, the baby began to breathe, then it is necessary to reduce the dosage, but before that consult a pediatrician.

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When the doctor prescribed this medicine to the baby, then at first it should be noted that Interferon is an excellent preventive agent. In the treatment of sinusitis it has many effects. It perfectly eliminates viruses and infections by changing their matrix. In addition, it is possible to strengthen the body's defenses. Most of the ailments of the airways can be cured with the help of interferon. But use it is not recommended for children who have a tendency to allergies. No more contraindications to admission. Interferon has properties similar to antibiotics. Interferon

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For the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection, as well as the treatment of sinusitis in small patients, Derinat is used. These drops in the nose perfectly clean the nasopharynx and obnezarazhivayut the nasal cavity. All pathogenic microorganisms die under the influence of its active components. Thanks to their neutral composition, they are allowed to use even babies. But for a long time to apply them is not necessary, as there will be an accustoming. The composition presupposes the presence of a conjugate of derinate, which refers to an anthracycline antibiotic. Derinath

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If treatment of sinusitis can not occur without the use of this drug, it must be understood that the doctor must prescribe them according to an individual prescription. Taking into account the percentage content of silver ions in it, it is possible to eliminate the growth of bacteria completely. This drug refers to effective drugs in the treatment of sinusitis, which has antiseptic effect. Under the influence of Protargol, it is possible to create a protective film on the mucosa due to which the vessels narrow and neutralize the inflammation. Many pediatricians do not prescribe medication to patients who are under 5 years of age. The composition contains colloidal silver, which refers to natural antibiotics.

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The main advantage of such drugs is the fact that they are only used according to the prescribing physician. For this reason, independent treatment is not permissible. If you prepare drops according to your prescription and without consulting a doctor, you can earn many side effects. Complex drops in the nose

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Assign complex drops is allowed only if the flow of maxillary sinusitis is severe or there is a risk of forming a chronic process. For this reason, doctors prescribe such medications with permanent nasal congestion and severe swelling of the tissues. In addition, complex drops can eliminate all the symptoms of maxillary sinusitis caused by microbial contamination. But you can not apply complex drops to patients who have diabetes or hypertension.

The composition of the presented drugs necessarily requires the presence of an antiseptic. Most often it is furatsilin. In addition, the preparation uses vasoconstrictor components:

  • mezaton;Mesaton as an ingredient for complex drops
  • adrenaline;adrenaline as an ingredient for complex drops
  • Etherrin. ephedrine

In the role of hormonal anti-inflammatory elements prednisolone and hydrocortisone. Still complex drops are prepared from antihistaminic, antibacterial and anesthetic components. All of them are used in different combinations. Also, drops can diversify with various oils: eucalyptus, menthol. They allow to soften the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

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For the selection of the effective composition of the drug, you should consult a doctor. You can prepare complex drops at home. The most simple and effective is the following recipe:

  • 1 bottle of penicillin;
  • 7 ml of naphthyzine 0.05%;
  • 1 hydrocartisone ampoule,
  • 0.3 ml of boiled water.

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On the video - a spray in the nose with an antibiotic for children:

All mix and store the medication in the fridge. To achieve maximum effect, it is important not only to correctly prepare the medicine, but also to know the basic rules for its use. First you need to get the saline to get room temperature. After it is dripped into each nasal passage. After a few minutes, clean the nose. When the baby is sick, it is necessary to carry out the purification procedure with an aspirator. To drip the medicine costs on 1-2 drops in each nostril. In this case, the baby's head should be thrown back. After 10 minutes in a nose to drop on a drop of vegetable oil.

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If everything is done correctly and the dosage is met, then the baby will be relieved very soon. You do not need to choose a drug to treat sinusitis, contacting a pharmacy worker for help. It is very important to take into account the symptoms of the disease and the individual characteristics of the disease. In this you will be able to help only an experienced specialist.