Therapeutic drug Anti-angina, available in the form of tablets, is intended for the treatment of certain diseases of the throat and oral cavity. This drug can be produced as a spray for irrigation. And tablets and spray can be purchased at pharmacies without prescription. But when taking this medication, you should carefully study the attached instructions or discuss the possibility of using a medical specialist.


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properties and composition

antiangin instruction on the use of a pill

drugTetracaine, which is part of the tablet, reduces the pain and irritation sensations of the sore throat

. The composition of the anti-angina includes the medicinal substance chlorokIdin and tetracaine. As an additional substance, which can have a health-improving effect, it includes ascorbic acid. It also contains flavoring additives:

  • mint and anise oils;
  • saccharin and sorbitol, but this article describes a description of the cough syrup without sugar for children.

Store this medication in a dry place at room temperature. Its therapeutic effect, in the established regulatory parameter, Anti-angina pills are retained for three years from the moment of its manufacture.

Anti Angin instructions for use The action of medicinal substances is directed to the destruction of gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms. These microorganisms often become the cause of infectious diseases of ENT-orientation and dentistry.

This drug effectively treats diseases caused by

  • fungus of the genus Candida;
  • streptococci;
  • by staphylococci;
  • with corynebacteria;
  • pneumococcal;
  • Klebsiella;
  • with a hemophilic rod.

Tetracaine, which is part of the tablet, reduces pain and irritation of the sore spot. The pain decreases after a few minutes after resorption.

Ascorbic acid promotes the rise of immunity and accelerates the regenerative process, contributing to this speedy recovery. Collagen produced in this way helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Indications for use

anti angina instruction manual This drug is prescribed for patients with diseases of the pharynx and oral cavity. The drug acts as a local therapy in the treatment of diseases with bacterial and fungal etiology in stomatitis, pharyngitis, the first symptoms of angina.

It is also used to reduce pain in the treatment of the pharynx and oral cavity. In dentistry, the drug is prescribed as a prophylactic, for local anesthesia of the wound after surgical removal of the tooth or mechanical trauma in the mouth, and in the treatment of periodontal disease.

How to apply correctly

anti angina tablets for resorption instructions Properties of Anti-angina pills are most effective when exposed to the affected tissue. This is achieved by completely resolving them. To prolong the effect of the drug on the mucosa, it must be dissolve a couple of hours before meals.

The number of tablets taken and the duration of treatment are determined by the attending physician. The most optimal method for adults and children older than 15 years is 6 tablets per day. The reception should be done at intervals of 2 - 2.5 hours.

Children are prescribed this medicine in smaller doses, the intake is reduced to 2-3 tablets per day. The doctor assesses the condition of the affected child, its age category, and only then the correct dosage is determined. Up to 5 years of age, anti-angina is not recommended.

with angina Flemoxin Solutab Can help with angina Flemoxin Solutab, indicated in this article.

Whether it is treated with streptocid or not, you can understand reading this article.

All phlegmonous sore throat photos can be seen here: http: // flegmonoznaya-angina.html

Duration of treatment with this medicine should not exceed 5-day period. Receiving tablets for a longer time may have a side effect or reduce the medicinal ability of the drug to the microorganisms that caused the disease.

Pregnancy application

antianginum during pregnancy It is not recommended to use Anti-angin pills in pregnant women in the first three months. After this period, it is possible to use them for treatment, but only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a specialist. In the early stages of pregnancy, you can ask the doctor to pick up other medicines for cough during pregnancy, or folk remedies.

Nursing mothers in the treatment of anti-angina should interrupt the process of breastfeeding, since the active substance is able to penetrate the mother's milk and cause harm to the body to the child.

Side effects and contraindications

Basically, Anti-angina is well tolerated by patients. But, if the person taking the tablets is allergic to the components of the drug, then there may be manifestations of allergic reactions during treatment. At such symptoms it is necessary to stop treatment by a preparation and to address to the doctor for the help. In rare cases, there may be a dyspeptic disorder when taking anti-angina.

antiangin tablet price

Anti-Angina tablets have a number of contraindications. You should carefully read the instructions before using

Anti-angina pills are not prescribed for patients with diabetes mellitus, and individuals who do not tolerate the action of fructose. Patients who are hypersensitive to the components of this drug should not take this medication. Frequent treatment with this medication can lead to damage to the enamel of the teeth.

Requires careful use of the drug for patients with nephrolithiasis and a number of other complex diseases, such as anemia sideroblastic, hemochromatosis, thalassemia, hyperoxaluria.

Interaction with other drugs

The active ingredient that is part of Anti-angina is able to interact with aminosalicylic acid and drugs containing sulfonamides .Such a combination can either reduce the positive effect of drug treatment, or have an unforeseen negative effect on the inflamed organ or the body as a whole. The negative effect of tablets with simultaneous treatment with drugs containing iodine was noted.

Can I take this medicine with cough drops for children, as well as tablets against allergic cough in the article,

Overdosage of the drug

antiangin instruction on the use of a pill Symptoms of overdose: dizziness, nausea, weakness, respiratory failure and others. If such symptoms appear, you should immediately stop taking it and conduct appropriate treatment. Quickly and effectively reduces the negative effect of gastric lavage.

The use of large doses of this medication can lead to the appearance of an increased sensitivity of the body to the components of the Anti-angina.


Price of plates Anti-angina differs, depending on the pharmacy and the number of tablets in the package, and is an average of 130 to 265 rubles per package.


The practice of using Anti-angina shows that the drug is quite effective in treating the beginning of the disease. But it is better not to delay with the beginning of taking this medicine.

Lara from Rostov-on-Don: I did not believe in the effectiveness of Anti-angina, and with diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx used folk remedies: herbs, drugs and tinctures. But one day, when I missed the moment of onset of the disease and the disease got to the tonsils, I tried the Anti-angina, which I had previously acquired and stored together with other medicines, but which I did not want to use. I want to say that the effect surpassed my expectations. The pain diminished almost instantly. After a couple of hours, I could already swallow without pain, and after 5 days I forgot about the painful sensations at all. anti angina reviews

Svetlana from Tuapse: I'm happy with this drug, its instant action quickly "put my husband on his feet."This is very important for our family - we live in a small apartment with my husband and three young children. There was no way to isolate a sick husband. But such a quick result from the treatment with Anti-angina helped us to cope with this task and no one got infected from the patient.

Victoria from Volgograd: The throat is my weak point. This winter, I was unable to protect myself from colds and their echoes affected the pain in my throat. Taking Anti-angin, I, of course, did not cure my illness. The only positive effect of taking this medication is to reduce the pain syndrome. This is all that this drug can, in my opinion. And the disease needs to be treated in a comprehensive way, using both medicines and folk remedies, for example, rinsing with soda in case of sore throat. And if the doctor prescribes antibiotics, then they should be drunk in prescribed doses.


If for any reason you do not like Anti Angina tablets, you can prepare lozenges for resorption at home. Find out the recipe from this video:

Anti-angina pills help reduce sore throat and relieve swelling. A significant advantage is the low price and high efficiency. By cons are a number of contraindications to the use of the drug.