Dekasan is a medicinal product, which has an antiseptic effect. Has a wide field of application. In medical practice, the medicine has received a wide demand for the sanation of the birth canal and surgical inventory, as well as diseases of the respiratory tract, the development of which was affected by infection and fungi.


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decalcine for inhalations by nebulizer

This medication and its components are not implanted through the skin into the blood, so that it can be used to treat diseases in children. In addition to rinsing and instilling in the nose, Dekasan solution, presented in the form of an aerosol, is able to penetrate deeply into the respiratory tract and exert antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral action, without disturbing the microflora of the mucous membrane.

The drug is based on an active ingredient called detrometoksin. Its action is based on the elimina

tion of the intercellular membrane of all pathogenic microorganisms. As a result, they lose their ability to reproduce and slowly die.

Spraying the drug using a nebulizer allows its microparticles to capture the entire mucosa of the respiratory tract, removing all microorganisms from its surface. The effectiveness of this option is quite high.

This allows us to apply this drug in the treatment of the following types of pathologies:

  • sinusitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • angina;
  • tracheitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • abscesses and cystic lung hypoplasia.

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How to dissolve

Before starting to take any action regarding the reception of Dekasan, you should carefully read the instructions. But here everything depends on the format in which the drug was purchased. If these are capsules for a nebulizer, then no special action is necessary to dilute the medicine, as it is already ready for use.

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If you buy Dekasan in its pure form, then to get a medicinal solution it is necessary to dilute the product with saline solution. If the medicine is used by an adult, the ratio between Dexan and saline will be 1: 1.But for children this proportion will be 1: 2.


But in this case it is necessary to understand that the considered formula is rather approximate, because the concentration of the main substance can differ in different packages. So the most correct will be if the ratio of the drugs being considered is chosen by the attending physician.

How to apply to children and adults

Medicinal solution Dekasan is now very popular in medical practice when disinfecting organs from the negative influence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Since the drug has no side effects, it can be used in the treatment of airway pathologies and cavity cavity in small patients. If it is necessary to treat stomatitis, tonsillitis and tonsillitis, then the solution is used to rinse the throat.

If an operation has been performed in the nasal cavity, adenoids have been removed, or a septum of the nose has been fixed, then it is necessary to perform an irrigation of the nasal passages with a solution. But before this you need to dilute the product in equal quantities with sodium chloride. inhaled nebulizer to children

If there is bacterial bronchitis and other infections of the pulmonary tree, and sinusitis, a protracted runny nose, then use a solution for inhalation. A nebulizer can help in their conduct. Due to the fact that the solution will be introduced by spraying, all its particles will be able to penetrate deep into the available places. This use of the drug is very convenient for children who, at the time of performing the manipulation, can sit and watch cartoons.

Dekasan for inhalations is presented in a capsule format of 2 ml.this dosage is considered very beneficial and convenient for single use to children. For prolonged use it is better to buy Dekasan solution in capacities of 50,100 and 200 ml.

Inhalation using a nebulizer can be performed on patients who are under 12 years old. Do them once a day in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, if the child is already more than 12 years old or is an adult patient, the number of procedures increases to 2 per day. inhalation by an adult nebulizer

If the drug will be used for adults, then mix the solution with saline in equal proportions. For one manipulation should go 5-10 ml.and make a solution is necessary in the amount that will be enough for one inhalation, since the remaining remedy is no longer suitable for repeated use. The duration of therapy will be 7-10 days. If necessary, the dosage can be increased.

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  • Irina, 34 years old: "With the help of Dekasan's solution, I was able to cure a cough with bronchitis. He was dry and agonizing. He strangled me especially in the mornings and at night. The doctor appointed me this drug in combination with other medicines. But it was after the inhalations that I had relief on the third day. Cough began to transform into wet spitting phlegm. The total treatment took me only 7 days, and then my condition improved. "
  • Andrey, 36 years old: "Dekasan solution was used in the treatment of rhinitis in a child. The fact is that this disease occurs often due to a curved septum. So as soon as my son starts to clog his nose, I carry a nebulizer and a drug. In a day, it is enough to perform one procedure, so that after a couple of months there is a relief. "
  • Anna, 38 years old: "In our family, Dekasan is considered one of the most sought-after medicines. He is always in our first-aid kit. The fact that this is a universal remedy for the treatment of cold and cough. And his mono use both adults and children. I, for example, used it to cure a cough that I had against flu. I spent a lot of time with him, I could not sleep or eat, I could not work full-time. When I went to the doctor, he told me to take inhalations with Dekasan. I did only 10 procedures once a day, after which my condition improved, and my cough disappeared. "

Dekasan is a unique medication that effectively treats upper respiratory tract infections in children and adults. Noticeable relief comes in a few procedures, which indicates the high effectiveness of the drug. In addition, it absolutely does not cause any side effects, so it is committed safe for children.