When treating a cold, it is necessary to use an integrated approach. After the diagnosis, the doctor makes an effective therapy regimen, which will include not only medicines, but also recipes of traditional medicine. Nowadays, sea buckthorn is used more often for a light course of colds. Its fruits have a valuable composition.


  • 1 Benefits and action
  • 2 Recipes for adults
    • 2.1 inhalation
    • 2.2 Infusion for internal reception
    • 2.3 tea juice
    • 2.4 Ginger
  • 3 Recipes for children's colds
    • 3.1 Herbal infusion
    • 3.2 Drink
    • 3.3 Remedy for bronchitis and inflammation of the lung
    • 3.4 Cold treatment
    • 3.5 Flu treatment
    • 3.6 Treatment for sore throat
    • 3.7 Treatment for sore throat
    • 3.8 Treatment for a cold accompanied by a cough

Use and action of

sea-buckthorn with cold

Sea buckthorn is a remedy that is primarily used in the treatment of colds. Its positive effect on the body is d

ue to the rich composition of such vitamins: C, R, B1, B2, B9 and K. . In addition, the composition is rich in carotene, fatty acids, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, aluminum and boron. Thanks to this rich composition, the use of sea buckthorn helps to strengthen the body's defenses.

The bark of a sea-buckthorn bush contains such a valuable component as serotin. It is called the hormone of happiness. The fruits of sea-buckthorn are used to make juice, broth, syrup, and also oil. All these products have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

Useful properties of the fruit of sea buckthorn are used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. With a cold, this plant makes the capillary walls strong, normalizes metabolism.

Infusions and decoctions effectively treat exacerbation of gastritis, ulcers, duodenal ulcers. In addition, berries of sea-buckthorn are irreplaceable for the treatment of influenza and cough. The maximum amount of vitamins is contained in sea buckthorn oil. This product is characterized by an excellent and valuable therapeutic effect.

Recipes for adults

The fruits of sea buckthorn are characterized by powerful antioxidant properties. Thanks to phytoncids, which are contained in berries, they can be used as an antiviral agent.

For inhalations of

For the implementation of this treatment procedure it is necessary to use St. John's Wort in the amount of 20 g and a couple drops of sea buckthorn oil. First, pour boiling water on the grass, and then add the oil solution. But only do it immediately before inhalation.

inhalation for adults

On the photo-inhalation for adults

Otherwise, the oil will begin to volatilize.

Infusion for internal reception

Prepare a decoction of chamomile, sea-buckthorn oil and St. John's wort. To do this, put 10 grams of camomile, 10 g St. John's Wort. All pour 200 ml of boiling water. Set the broth until it cools.

infusion of sea-buckthorn

On the photo-infusion of sea buckthorn

Filter it and add 10 ml of oil. Drink the drink during the day. Before going on a night rest, use 100 ml of sedative.

Tea from

juice To relieve the symptoms of cold, you need to drink as much liquid as possible. Replace water and regular tea can be sap from the sea buckthorn. Use it in a warm form, adding sugar or honey.

tea from sea-buckthorn juice

On the photo - tea from the sea buckthorn juice

It is possible to eliminate pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity with sea buckthorn juice, which should not be consumed inside, but used for rinsing. Dilute with water with a 1: 3 ratio.

With ginger

To get this therapeutic drink you need to use 20 grams of sea buckthorn juice and small ginger root. Then add 10 g of honey and 200 ml of water.

The ginger root used in combination with sea-buckthorn perfectly eliminates all manifestations of the common cold and strengthens the defenses of the body. It must be peeled, grated or cut into slices. Add all the ingredients to the container and cook for about 5 minutes.

juice of sea-buckthorn and ginger

On the photo of the sea buckthorn and ginger

If you use a fresh root of ginger is not possible, then the alternative will be a powder, which, in its therapeutic properties, is no worse than a fresh product. In this case, use it will have in the amount of 10 g. If you take this tea throughout the winter, you can not worry that the cold will affect your body.

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Recipes for baby cold

Eliminating unpleasant symptoms of colds in children is able to sea buckthorn and various options for its use. On its basis, you can prepare tea, jam, decoctions and jams.

Herbal infusion

It is necessary to send in the container in equal quantities such herbs:

  • oregano,
  • thyme,
  • mint,
  • sage;
  • St. John's wort,
  • leaves of sea buckthorn.

Then add boiling water and finely chopped sea buckthorn berries. Leave for 5 hours, and already ready to filter infusion, adding honey. Take the drug 2 times a day.


For the treatment of children's cold, you can use a drink that is obtained from the branches and leaves of sea buckthorn. Finely chopped, add boiling water, adhering to the calculation - 20 g of raw materials and 200 ml of boiling water. Leave the drink for 30 minutes, until it takes a golden tinge.

sea-buckthorn drink

On the photo - drink from seabuckthorn

Use 120 ml in a warm form 3 times a day. Long store the drink can not, because the cooling of the sea-buckthorn loses its properties.

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Means for bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs

To treat the ailments presented, it is necessary to consume 100 ml of sea-buckthorn juice a couple times a day. In addition, the sea buckthorn juice depresses harmful bacteria, since it is a natural antibiotic.

Cold treatment

To do this, take 100 g of berries and so much milk. If it is not, then you can use ordinary water. First, crush the berries to form a juice. Milk pre-warm. Pour the berries and use the infusion of 100 ml before eating. sea ​​buckthorn for colds

Treatment of the flu

To cure the flu in small patients it is possible, if you take 500 ml of vodka, 20 g of sea-buckthorn berries. Pour the fruit with vodka, wait a day. Determine the daily dosage to be based on the age of the patient and the symptoms that occur. Children use the drug in an amount of 10 ml 3 times a day.

Treatment of Sore Throat

Mash one carrot and the fruits of sea buckthorn. Collect the resulting juices and send them to warm milk. For this, it is necessary to observe this proportion: 200 ml of milk + 40 ml of carrot and sea buckthorn juice. sea-buckthorn from sore throat

Treatment of angina

It is necessary to take 1 liter of milk, add 200 ml of oats with husks. Set the container on the fire and keep it there for 1 hour. Filter the broth and add the juice of sea-buckthorn to it. Use 15 minutes before meals. In total for a day it is necessary to use a remedy 3 times.

Treatment of a cold accompanied by a cough

When a cold is characterized by a cough, you can eliminate it with the help of the following recipes:

  1. Take the dried berries of sea buckthorn and oats .Pour them with boiling water so that they are completely covered with water. Cover the container and install it in the oven. From time to time, the liquid will evaporate, so you have to add it. Cook the mixture until the berries become soft. The resulting composition is filtered and seized. Eat 50 ml before eating.
  2. Place in the container finely chopped sea buckthorn leaves, sage and dried berries .All take 20 grams, then add boiling water. Hold 15 minutes under the lid, then set on a plate and bring to a boil. Prepared the composition of the filter and drink before going to bed in a warm form.

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Cold is an insidious disease that is accompanied by symptoms such as coughing, fever, runny nose and general malaise. You can remove them at home using sea buckthorn. It is used in the form of tinctures, jam, decoction and rinse solutions. Combining such treatment with medication can bring the process of recovery closer and prevent relapse.