Rhinitis is a very unpleasant symptom that causes many inconveniences to children. Doctors do not really trust people's treatment, but, as practice shows, there are a large number of patients to whom such therapy has an effective effect. But the use of folk remedies is only necessary provided that the treatment is controlled by the attending physician.


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Removing the problem

folk remedies for nasal congestion in children

Many parents, in spite of the common cold, send their children to the kindergarten and thus allow a largean error. Such a load on the affected respiratory system may result from the transition of the common cold into a chronic form. At the first manifestations of stagnation it is necessary to abandon walks in the fresh air and provide the child with bed rest. Thanks to such conditions, the body of a small p

atient can quickly cope with the disease. In addition, it will be possible to use folk remedies, which will be discussed later.


During the runny nose, congestion occurs because the nasal passages are filled with accumulated mucus. To remove it, it is necessary to carry out cleaning activities.

Many parents do not want to bother and drip their nose. Naphthyzin: Naphthysine

But getting a positive effect from such treatment is not always possible. In addition, these drops are considered vasoconstrictor, and therefore, they can not be used for a long time. The best option is to use the following folk recipes:

  1. Chamomile .To wash the nose should use decoctions based on herbs that have anti-inflammatory effect. A medicinal daisy is suitable for these purposes. It is it that helps to eliminate the stuffiness and facilitate the nasal breathing in a short period of time. Prepare the broth according to the instructions on the packaging. Then cool it to room temperature and rinse the daisy with the baby. Perform the procedure 3-4 times a day. Although the manipulation is not a pleasant one, it is necessary to persuade the child somehow. But use a decoction of chamomile can only be provided that there is no individual intolerance. If the child is allergic to chamomile, then a similar treatment can result from an edema of the mucosa. chamomile broth for washing the nose of a child
  2. Onions. The second most effective means to combat nasal congestion is the juice of a plant such as onions. Thanks to him, our grandmothers effectively fought against the common cold and the attendant symptoms. Peel the onion, squeeze the juice out of it, add water in a 1: 1 ratio. If you use juice in its pure form, you can apply a mucous burn. Also, the treatment of a cold onions in children is applied. onion juice
  3. Beet juice - no less effective in treating children's nasal congestion. To prepare such a medicine and treat the cold, it is necessary to take one beet, squeeze the juice and bury the nose. Already after the first application it is possible to facilitate breathing. Do not worry that your baby's nose will turn red, it's all beet juice. This can be quickly washed, but the result will pleasantly surprise you. beet juice
  4. Aloe . If you have indoor plants at home, then some of them can also solve your problem. One such plant is considered to be aloe. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice and drip their nose 3 times a day. Aloe vera juice is also used to treat colds. aloe for burrowing a child
  5. Salt is a very effective remedy for fighting colds. Use this product is necessary for the preparation of medicinal solution. They should wash their noses. Doing this procedure is very accurate, because you can achieve the opposite effect. If the liquid enters the auditory canal, it can provoke the formation of otitis media. nasal lavage
  6. Oily tincture .If nasal congestion - a symptom of angina and ARVI, then you can use the oil tincture. To get it, you need to prepare a glass container, put in it 100 ml of olive oil, 15 ml of alcoholic pharmacy tincture of the root of valerian. Close the bottle tightly and keep it for 10 days in a dark place. When the drug is ready, it is used as a drop. To bury the nose, it is worth using a pipette and pour in infusion of 2 drops.

Compresses and baths

Scientists have already been able to prove that the foot is a reflexogenic area. If it is affected by cold, the patient has a nasal congestion, and when exposed to heat, the nasal breathing is restored. On the basis of this, one of the main reasons for the formation of the common cold is the hypothermia. If you make compresses with the help of warm water, then the child will immediately begin to feel better.

The video tells about the folk remedies for nasal congestion in children:

As soon as the first manifestations of the symptoms of a cold develop, pediatricians prescribe to their patients such manipulation as steaming legs. When the runny nose runs without temperature, you can dip the baby's legs into hot water. After 10 minutes, put on warm socks and put the patient under the blanket.

It is allowed to add medicinal herbs into the water - chamomile, raspberry. Sea salt has an excellent effect.

using mustard plasters

The picture shows where you can put the mustard

The warming effect is achieved when using mustard plasters. Manipulation is very simple: take one yellow card and set it on the heels. The child is put on warm socks and laid in bed for 10 minutes. Very cautiously to carry out such procedure costs at small children, as their skin very gentle and such treatment will provoke a burn. They need to keep a mustard plaster for 2 minutes. If the mustard is placed on the calf muscles, it is possible to reduce the swelling of the mucosa.

Healing inhalation

Inhibition of nasal congestion in children can be inhaled with equipment such as a nebulizer. But the treatment is allowed to children, whose age has reached 3 years. Carry out manipulation is necessary provided that the runny nose is not accompanied by a rise in temperature. Read what medicine to add to the nebulizer with a cold. Also see the inhalation prescriptions for nebulizers for children.

If there is no nebulizer, then you can use an enameled container. In it, pour water, place a small amount of salt and a few drops of fir oil. The kid is obliged to inhale the medical pairs for 7-8 minutes. After that he must blow his nose. Carry out inhalation until the moment when the mucus does not cease to stand out from the nose.

The video tells how to remove nasal obstruction by folk remedies, about inhalations:

Use medicines for inhalation with the help of a nebulizer only after they are prescribed by a doctor. In addition, treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician. Before using inhalation on a child, first you need to test the temperature of the vapors on yourself. If the steam is very hot, it can promote burning of the mucous membrane, which will only complicate the healing process. Alternatively, a safer method can be used - inhalation with an ultrasound inhaler.

how to treat obstructive bronchitis in a child

Read how to treat obstructive bronchitis in a child.

Feedback on the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis: http: //prolor.ru/n/ bolezni-n /rinit/ vazomotornyj-simptomy-i-lechenie-u-vzroslyx.html.

Here you can read what bullous otitis is.

Quick measures

If you need to quickly and effectively relieve nasal breathing in a child, then you can use the following effective folk methods:

  1. Boil the potatoes in a uniform, together with the child bend over and inhale the vapors. Carry out inhalations together in order to control the temperature of the vapors and not burn the nasal mucosa. Also read how to breathe on a potato with a cold. inhaling steam over a potato
  2. In the container send grass yarrow, flowers of the immortelle, leaves of plantain against 1: 1: 2.All pour boiling water and wait an hour. After filter and carry out inhalation. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.

What else can I take

? In addition to medications, I can eliminate nasal congestion without a cold with the help of folk remedies. For the treatment of pathology in children, the following methods can be used:

  1. Warm up the nose with boiled eggs .They should be put to the nose, closer to the maxillary sinuses. Carry out the manipulation within 10 days 15 minutes. During treatment, it is possible to remove swelling. When the cause of nasal congestion - sinusitis, then apply heating is impossible. folk remedies for nasal congestion without a cold
  2. If the nasal congestion can be used massage .It is enough to act with pads of fingers circular movements in the field of wings and nose bridge. For 10 minutes you can do light tapping. After the massage, the nasal breathing significantly improves.
  3. Kalanchoe juice can be used as a drop. They can be used as much as necessary, but it is blocked in 2 days.
  4. Herbal Lotions .It is necessary to apply gauze tampons, processed in cooked broth. To prepare the infusion, you need to take a dessert spoon of lime, chamomile and St. John's wort. Cook the mixture for 20 minutes. Introduce a moistened swab alternately in each nasal passage for 5 minutes.
  5. To eliminate the swelling of the nose, you can use water with sea salt. Take a glass of boiled water, dissolve a pinch of salt and a drop of iodine. This means to rinse the nose 4-5 times a day.
    folk remedies for nasal congestion without a cold

    In the photo - the procedure for flushing the nose

Nasal congestion is not only a symptom of the common cold, so treatment should only take place after the cause has been accurately established. The given folk remedies actively struggle with the arisen problem and do not have a negative impact on the organism of a small patient. To obtain maximum effect, traditional treatment must be combined with traditional methods.