The presence of any, even the most innocuous disease, should not be left without treatment. Otherwise, it can take a difficult course and lead to the development of consequences. In case of a cold, the patient is visited by severe pain in the head, in the muscles. To ease the condition and protect against complications, you can take Nimesil.


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Nimesil is a medical device that belongs to a non-steroid group. Thanks to him, he can remove pain, inflammation, and lower the temperature. You can buy the product in any pharmacy without a prescription. Presented Nimesil in the form of granules or powder, based on which you can get a suspension for oral administration.


On the photo-nimesil in powder

Powder simply needs to be diluted with water, and the therapeutic drink is ready. It is very pleasant to t

aste and has a citrus aroma. The role of the main component is nimesulide.

In addition, the drug contains such ingredients:

  • orange flavor,
  • maltodextrin,
  • citric acid,
  • ketomacrogol 1000.

With the help of Nimesil, it is possible to relieve pain, inflammation and lower temperature values. The drug acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme cyclooxygenase, which is responsible for the production of prostaglandins. This enzyme in the human body can be of two types - COX I and COX II.The role of the first is to create reliable protection of the gastric mucosa from adverse effects, and the second is to provoke the development of inflammatory reactions.

On the video, everything about the use of the drug Nimesil:

Active components of the drug are perfectly absorbed into the lymph after 1-2 hours after ingestion. It exerts its influence for 8 hours, and the elimination half-life is 3 hours. In a day, the drug leaves the body almost completely( 98%).Thus, Nimesil can be taken for a long time, because it does not have the property to accumulate and cause harm.

When Nimesil is taken, the following therapeutic effect can be obtained:

  • to lower body temperature;
  • to eliminate myalgia;
  • to restore general weakness and fever;
  • cure rhinitis;
  • relieve dry and productive cough;
  • to relieve nasal congestion;
  • to stop inflammatory processes.

After taking the drug, the patient's condition begins to improve, he can safely work and do his own business.


The drug should be used in the category of people who need to treat acute pain of various origins, obtained with stretch marks and joint dislocations. Also Nimesil is indispensable in the symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis, characterized by pain. Another drug is prescribed for symptomatic treatment, reducing pain and inflammation in colds. nimesil for temperature removal


When treating colds take Nimesil 2 times a day and after eating. But the children who are not yet 12 years old, take medicine is not worth it. Adolescents receive the same amount of admission as adults. The medicine is presented in the form of a powder, it should be diluted in a glass of warm water.

If there is a pathology of the kidneys, but the stage of the disease is not severe, then you can take the drug in the usual dosage. For people of the elderly group, the daily amount of Nimesil may differ depending on what other medicines the patient takes. The duration of therapy will be 2 weeks. But if you take Nimesil for a long time, then the dosage is reduced.

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Does it help with cold

As is known, in treating colds, people often take paracetamol or Ibuprofen. But when the symptoms of a cold are severe, and the temperature rises, these medicines do not have a therapeutic effect. In this case Nimesil comes to the rescue. Thanks to him you can get an antipyretic effect. nimes in bags

In addition, with a cold, Nimesil solves the following problems:

  • stops the headache;
  • eliminates pain in the muscles;
  • relieves sore throat and redness;
  • relieves pain in the ear.

From here it is possible to believe with accuracy that the effectiveness of Nimesil in the treatment of colds is high.

Comments of doctors

  • Andrey, 37, ENT doctor: "In the autumn-spring period, people with cold symptoms are increasingly coming to me. To each of them, of course, I form a separate therapy regimen, taking into account the symptoms, the cause of the development of the disease and the age of the patient. But there is one drug that I call universal - Nimesil. Its composition is selected so that the medicine can have a complex effect. When it is taken, the patients take pain, aches, the temperature decreases and the mood improves. The duration of its admission is 2 weeks. But this is subject to the normal course of the common cold. In more severe cases, I extend the duration of therapy. "
  • Inna, 57, therapist: "I very often prescribe patients a drug like Nimesil. And although many believe that he cures only a cold, this is far from the case. Thanks to him you can remove the pain of a different nature. In the treatment of acute respiratory infections or flu, Nimesil quickly stops the inflammatory process, thereby facilitating the patient's condition. Side effects occur extremely rarely and then only when the patient has exceeded the indicated dosage. If all my recommendations for admission are observed, it will be possible to notice the relief immediately after the first use. "

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Patient Reviews

  • Michael, 34 years old: "about a month ago I caught a cold. When I went home, I stood for a long time at a stop in the rain. The next day I had a whole bunch of symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, fever, sore throat. I did not go to the doctor, because nothing terrible happened. I went to the pharmacy, where I was advised by Nimesil. I drank it 1 packet 2 times a day. After the first intake, my temperature dropped, my aches and pain in my throat went away, and after 4 days all the symptoms were eliminated, and my condition improved noticeably. "
  • Svetlana, 23 years old: "With colds, I had severe headaches and a sore throat. The temperature did not increase, there was no rhinitis. I decided that while it is not necessary to go to the doctor, Nimesil, who is always with us in the medicine cabinet, began to take. All members of our family use it to eliminate pain of a different nature. I took one powder of medicine first, and after 8 hours the second. The next day I was like a cucumber. All the symptoms were defeated and no longer disturbed me. "
  • Margarita, 42 years old: "With the help of Nimesil, I treated angina. Until that moment, I was not familiar with these drugs, since I managed with pain with Analgin's help. But when the pain began to increase, and my medicine did not help me, Nimesil became a real help for me. It has a positive effect immediately, and the effect is preserved for a couple of hours. Of course, it is not worth taking it for people with gastrointestinal pathologies, since the condition may worsen. I also noticed such a disadvantage as the high price, but you can get a stable and fast effect. When treating angina, I needed to drink only 1 packet of the drug per day. But do not think that Nimesil will fight with the cause of the pathology. His task is to relieve unpleasant symptoms, but other drugs should be treated as a fundamental factor. "

Nimesil is an effective drug, with which you can quickly defeat the unpleasant symptoms of colds. Take it with colds are necessary in tandem with other medicines, the purpose of which is to eliminate the cause of the pathological process. It must be remembered that Nimesil is used for symptomatic treatment, so that he can not overcome the root of the problem.