Tracheitis is an inflammatory disease, the treatment of which requires an integrated approach. It is important not only to overcome the cause of the pathology, but also to alleviate the patient's condition. In combination with traditional methods, recipes of traditional medicine are in high demand.


  • 1 Children
    • 1.1 Warming manipulation
    • 1.2 Broth and rubbing
    • 1.3 healing juices and
  • 2 drinks adults
    • 2.1 Expectorants
    • 2.2 cough Treatment of tracheitis
    • 2.3 Herbal inhalation


children beforegive the child any folk medicine, you need to get a pediatrician's permission. In this case, parents should understand that using non-traditional methods can develop an allergy.

Heating manipulations

Treatment of tracheitis in children can take place with the help of such warming manipulations:

  1. Mustard .This tool is considered one of the most effective. They must be placed on the sternum, after
    moistening in warm water. After that, hide the baby. After 20 minutes, remove the mustard plasters. Conduct such events can only be provided that the patient does not have a high body temperature. Useful properties of mustard are the presence of essential oils. It perfectly warms the affected area, irritates nerves. As a result, it is possible to reduce inflammation and stop pain.
    treatment of tracheitis with mustard

    mustard for the treatment of tracheitis

  2. Foot baths .This procedure is not just useful, but also very pleasant. To conduct it, you must take mustard and add hot water. Keep feet in water for 15 minutes, while pouring hot water. You can put mustard powder in your socks for the night and put the baby to sleep.
    Foot baths for the treatment of tracheitis

    foot baths for the treatment of tracheitis

  3. For the relief of symptoms, a compress can be used, for which it is necessary to use honey, mustard powder, olive oil. To 30 g of a mixture of 100 ml of water. Dip into a warm solution of tissue and attach to the affected area. Top with polyethylene. It is best to do a compress at night.
    honey, mustard powder

    honey, mustard powder for the treatment of tracheitis

Broths and grindings

If the child does not have a fever, then the treatment of the tracheitis can involve trimming the sternum, back. To obtain a healing mixture it is necessary to use pine oil - 10 ml, ghee - 20 ml, lard - 20 g. The obtained ointment should be rubbed into the skin to cause slight reddening. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve blood circulation.

In the treatment of pediatric tracheitis, it is recommended to use such decoctions:

  1. Decoction when using milk, honey and sage. You need to take a container, send there sage leaves, some milk. Set on the stove, boil for 10 minutes. Then filter, place in honey honey and again install on a plate. When the mixture boils, then leave it, sue and take it overnight.
    decoction of milk, honey and sage

    broth from milk, honey and sage

  2. Decoction based on eucalyptus .It is necessary to take raw materials in an amount of 20 g, add 2 cups of boiling water. Infuse 3 hours. This broth is universal, as it can be used for internal reception or as inhalations.
    eucalyptus-based broth

    decoction based on eucalyptus

  3. Decoction obtained with application of chamomile, plantain, althea .Take the raw material in an amount of 30 g and add 200 ml of boiling water. Filtered broth take 20 ml 3 times a day.
    broth chamomile, plantain, althea

    broth chamomile, plantain, althea

  4. When tracheitis should regularly rinse the throat .For these purposes, you can use the tincture of calendula. It can be bought at a pharmacy, and diluted with water. How does the throat rinse with furicilin in angina is described in great detail in this article.
    rinse throat with tracheitis

    rinsing of the throat with tracheitis

Health Juices and Drinks

In the treatment of inflammation, children can consume the following drinks:

  1. Carrot juice in an amount of 100 ml 3 times a day.
    carrot juice

    carrot juice to treat problems with tracheitis

  2. Combine honey and aloe juice. Eat 10 ml 3 times a day.
  3. Ginger is an effective remedy with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to him you can bring out phlegm and strengthen the body. To add ginger it is possible in herbal broths with lemon and honey.

than to treat tracheitis in children 4 years old But what to treat a tracheitis in children 4 years old, and what medicines should be taken, is indicated here in the article.

Which drug for tracheitis should be taken first, and what is the best, will help to understand this article.

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For adults

There are a number of ways of alternative medicine that must be used in the treatment of tracheitis in adults.


With tracheitis, most of the patients have difficulty in leaving their sputum. Thus, it is necessary to use special decoctions, which will not only warm up, but also exert an expectorant effect. Today, the most effective is:

  1. Take 100 g of honey, 150 g of chopped onion and 500 ml of red grape drink .All connect, wait for 10 days, filter, take a dose of 20 ml 3 times a day. How effective is tea with ginger and honey from cold, will help understand this information.
    honey and onions

    honey and onion for the treatment of trachitis

  2. This recipe should be used to relieve inflammation and achieve the expectorant effect of .It is necessary to take a bow in the amount of 500 g and grind it with a meat grinder. Then place 2 cups of sugar, a glass of honey and 1 liter of water to the slurry. Set it on the stove and cook for 3 hours. At the same time from time to time, stir, filter and take 20 ml 4 times a day.
  3. To alleviate the symptoms of the pathological process, which is characterized by shortness of breath, will help the product obtained according to the Siberian folk prescription. For this you have to take 10 lemons, 10 garlic cloves, 80 ml of sea buckthorn oil. From citrus get juice, garlic to pass through garlic. All connect, wait 10 minutes, filter and administer 40 ml once a day. How to make and use tincture of lemon and garlic for a cold, is described in detail in this article.

Treatment of cough for tracheitis

The most common symptom of tracheitis remains a strong cough. The reason for its development is a strong irritation of the respiratory tract. With the help of proven recipes of folk therapy, you can soften the cough, withdraw the accumulated sputum and ease your health.

To effectively use the following recipes:

  1. At the first manifestations of inflammation, you need to inhale pairs of onions and garlic, wrapped in gauze every day.
    onion and garlic

    onion and garlic for the treatment of tracheitis

  2. Drink 200 ml of carrot juice. Do this several times a day. With the help of juice, you can slow down the inflammatory processes, and also charge the body with the necessary dose of vitamins.
  3. When coughing, there is pain of an acute nature. To reduce it, you must use radish juice and honey. Connect them in equal numbers. Then use to rinse.
  4. Raspberry is one of the most effective means for treating a cough. It can be used in any way. You can take 100 g of leaves, add boiling water. The resulting broth put in a thermos, insist 30 minutes. Filter the decoction during throat rinsing.
  5. For relief of cough symptoms, it is necessary to perform inhalations from potatoes. Brew it together with the skin, drain the liquid, bend over the container, taking cover with a towel. Breathe over the potatoes for 20 minutes. But how effective is the potato compress of cough for children, this article will help to understand.
    inhalation from potatoes

    inhalation from potatoes

  6. Take the head of garlic, remove the husks, chop on a grater, send the gruel into the dishes. Place a couple of glasses of milk. Set on the stove, wait for it to boil, cook for 20 minutes. Cooled broth to take 20 ml 3 times a day.
  7. Cure with tracheitis can be cured with an infusion obtained from onion husk. Take it in the amount of 40 g and pour boiling water. Wait 4 hours, then apply to the gargle.

Herbal inhalation

In the treatment of inflammation in adults, inhalations using herbal medicines can be used:

  1. Take 40 g of eucalyptus, 20 g of chamomile, 20 g of sage, 20 g of mint, 20 g of pine kidney, 40 grams of rhizome and 9 grams of thyme. At 20 grams of collecting a glass of water. But whether the chamomile helps cough, and how to take it, is described in great detail in this article.
    eucalyptus and chamomile

    eucalyptus and chamomile for treatment and angulation

  2. Take 40 g of eucalyptus, 20 calendula, sage, chamomile, elecampane, licorice, linden and ledum. On 20 g of collection 200 ml of water.
  3. Take 10 grams of thyme, 20 grams of fennel, mint, plantain, althea, licorice and 40 grams of coltsfoot. For 20 g of collection take 200 liters of boiling water.
  4. Take 20 g of mother-and-stepmother, 40 g of plantain, 60 g of horsetail and 80 g of primrose. The method of preparation is similar.

Folk methods of therapy are in great demand when treating tracheitis. Thanks to them, it is possible to facilitate the course of the course of pathology, reduce symptoms and quickly defeat the disease. But applying these recipes, it is necessary to understand that they can lead to the development of allergies, so be sure to consult with the doctor about this.