Almost everyone had carelessness with angina. Here the signs and methods of treating angina are described in detail. Survive all the symptoms of the disease in the form of: chills with a simultaneous temperature, acute pain in the throat and difficulty in eating. The general treatment of such a disease is based on the use of medications, but locally it can be cured with a conventional streptocid. Earlier vigilant grandmothers treated this tool of their beloved granddaughters when other pharmacy funds were unavailable. And, with proper application, it successfully eliminated the causes and symptoms of angina.

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Action of

A streptocid is known worldwide as Sulfanilamide. It is used to treat all forms of sore throat, except purulent( here you can see the photo and read about the folk remedies for treatment of purulent sore throat, the reference describes the

treatment of purulent sore throat in a child with folk remedies.).This drug belongs to the group of sulfonamides, the principle of which is to suppress the synthesis of pathogenic microbes, to exclude their multiplication. This leads to their early death.

streptocid with angina

The drug has a complex effect on the surface of the mouth: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Streptocide is able to eliminate pneumococci, meningococci, proteus, streptococci, Escherichia coli and other similar pathogenic microorganisms.

It is found in pharmacies in four forms: powder, suspension, tablets and ointment:

  • The tablet form of the preparation consists of sulfonamide. As auxiliary substances are: stearic acid, starch and talc. streptocid in tablets
  • The streptocidal ointment is on a vaseline basis. There are 5 and 10%.It can be purchased in tubes from 15 to 50 grams. Streptocide medicine Its 5% suspension consists of: streptocid, distilled water and emulsifier.
  • Powder is available in 0.5 grams. It dissolves easily in water, so it is used not only orally, but also injected intramuscularly, subcutaneously and intravenously.

As pharmacological studies do not end, and every year new types of sulfanilamide medicines are produced, the streptocide has receded into the background. However, it should not be completely discounted. After all, no one of its analogue can not be bought at such a low price, and the effect of this drug can not be called weak. Another popular and inexpensive method is rinsing with chlorhexidine in angina.

How to use

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The use of streptocides in the treatment of angina should occur with the direct involvement of a physician. This is due to the possibility of obtaining a strong toxic effect of the drug on liver cells. And also the expert will calculate the correct dosage, the number of doses per day and the duration of treatment.

This medicine can be taken in several ways:

  • in the initial stage of the disease it is better to use streptocide in the form of tablets .They must be crushed and mixed with 1 teaspoon of liquid honey. The mixture should be drunk before bedtime. Already after the first application in the morning it will become much better;
  • is in the progressive stage of the disease, but when the infection has not yet entered the internal organs, it is recommended to use the medicine in powder form .They need to prick the mucous membranes of the throat and tonsils. Wait ten minutes, taking nothing inside. And after the expiration of this time, the throat will need to be rinsed with a disinfectant solution. The effect will occur the next day, if the procedure is performed every two hours.

In parallel with streptotsidom it is necessary additionally:

  1. drink a lot of warm liquid for the fastest withdrawal of toxins from the body;
  2. to withstand bed rest;
  3. in parallel, you can apply and other folk recipes to strengthen the effect of the drug;
  4. carefully monitor food. Streptocide pills helper from sore throat

The last point should be taken with particular severity. With angina swallowing of solid food is difficult, so you should switch to liquid and warm food.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet acute sauces, so as not to irritate the mucous membranes of the larynx once again, and also to reduce the amount of spices. The most useful in the course of angina will be the intake of freshly squeezed juices from citrus.

Thanks to vitamin C, contained in them, there is a powerful effect on the immunity of the patient, and this contributes to faster recovery.

Dosage of

How to take? Before applying this medication it is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the microflora of the organism to it. Streptocide should not be administered to children under 3 years of age. In newborns this medicine may cause jaundice. In the instructions given only the maximum daily doses of the drug:

  • adults no more than 7 grams per day:
  • children a maximum of 2 grams. eleven

The doctor calculates the dosage for single use based on the patient's body weight and the severity of the sore throat. Usually adult patients are prescribed from 0.5 to 1 gram 5 - 6 times a day. During treatment, the doctor can adjust the dose depending on the changes in the course of the disease.

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Side effects of

Despite the fact that the drug is able to actively combat the disease, it can in parallel cause a number of complications. Their main cause may be an overdose of a medicine. It can provoke severe headaches, dizziness, allergies, palpitations may increase and nausea may appear.

A prolonged use of increased doses promotes the emergence of megaloblastic anemia, leukopenia, hematuria, crystalluria and agranulocytosis. If the above symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor who can reduce the dose or replace this medication with a safer one.

Streptocide is contraindicated in people who have the following diseases:

  • is allergic to some of its ingredients;
  • impaired renal function;
  • pathology of the endocrine system;
  • purulent sore throat;
  • hematopoiesis;
  • anemia. ointment streptotsidovaya whether it is possible to apply not outwardly, the answer is obvious

Streptocide is used in various inflammatory processes, as it is able to eliminate the microbes that caused them. Its effectiveness in angina has been checked by time and with careful carefully dosed treatment there should be no side effects. For the fastest cure, it should be used in conjunction with gargling( decoction of beneficial herbs or hydrogen peroxide).It will become indispensable at the first signs of angina. To treat angina, rinses are also used. Read how to make soda for gargling. The link describes possible complications after angina.


  • Nicole, 23 years old: "Arterium tablets" Streptocide "has been taken more than once. They are very cheap and are excellent at handling microbes. I know that this drug can treat angina since childhood. The taste of them, of course, unsweetened, but for a speedy recovery it can be tolerated. I advise them all. A very effective remedy. "
  • Katerina, 39 years old: "Now the Streptocide is undeservedly forgotten, but in vain. .. After all, its effect on the sore throat is simply delicious. This drug can be used to treat many diseases. His tablets are white, go without a smell. They have a bitter taste, and when chewed, grains are felt in their structure. After taking the first two tablets immediately, there is an improvement. He is able to replace more expensive sprays. And with the current increase in prices for medicines this is very important. It can be used to treat various cuts. If streptotsid powder sprinkled on the wound, then it will heal faster. Shelf life of this drug is 5 years. Special conditions for storage will not be required. "
  • Alexandra, 45 years old: "Many new-fangled brands first try to produce effective and high-quality medicines, and over time they are no longer as effective. This trend is not present in old and proven drugs of the past century, so I trust their action. Now there are a lot of pharmaceutical novelties, but well-known inexpensive tablets are able to put on feet faster than they are. Such drugs include Streptocide. This medicine is suitable for the treatment of sore throat. It is bitter, but it helps nicely with tonsillitis, so when I'm sick, I only take it. Unpleasant tablet should be chewed and swallowed without washing down. To sustain at least 10 minutes. You can also treat sores that occur in the mouth. He hears them and heals them well. I believe that you should not spend money on expensive medicines, if there is such a good alternative. "
  • Maxim, 54 years old: " This is almost free medicine. One blister is enough to get rid of sore throat. This drug must be chewed. Once you have tried it, you can not forget the nauseating taste of this medicine. Problems with my teeth flowed smoothly to my throat. Look, some kind of infection has got. I, with a fright, began to drink medicine and gargle with buckets, but nothing helped. In addition, stomach problems began. After I ran out of the next medicine, I rummaged through my home medicine cabinet and found the Streptocide. Remembering its unpleasant aftertaste, I did not begin to chew the pill in my mouth, but crushed it beforehand and sprinkled my throat with the resulting powder. Then he went to bed and immediately fell asleep. The morning met me with a wonderful mood. From my torment there is no trace. I have had pain, burning and inflammation. I was happy. Try this drug with a sore throat and understand me. "
  • Masha, 22 years old: "In our family, the Streptocide is respected. Mom has demonstrated his action since childhood. He was an indispensable helper for sore throats, for healing wounds, rashes, teenage pimples and, of course, with angina. I was ill once, but in my memory this disease remained. I was going to go on a tour for a class, and this is a nuisance. My mother reassured me that if I did everything right: chew the pill, and then stand for a while, so as not to wash it down. In two days I will be able to go with everyone. I, as an exemplary student, did all this every morning and evening. And really recovered. Therefore, I advise everyone this medicine when it is necessary to quickly recover. "