The nebulizer is a unique device, thanks to which it became possible to obtain the maximum effect from such a procedure as inhalation. Such treatment is very useful for various diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. During the procedure it is possible to deliver the medicinal components directly to the respiratory system. Here you can read why an inhaler for children is needed. The nebulizer is an apparatus through which it is possible to convert a medicinal product into an aerosol. Inhalers can be of various types, but compressor efficiency is more effective, which will be discussed later.


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The most famous

compressor nebulizer which is better

What is a compressor inhalator for children and adults. Such devices are characterized by the spraying of the liquid medicinal solution, which is achieved by compresso

rs of compressed air. This device is considered the main device for inhalation. Thus, it is possible to spray 90% of the total drug solution.

The negative properties of the device include high noise level and large dimensions. Today in the pharmacy you can see a large number of compressor nebulizers, each of which differ in the type of nebulizer camera, the degree of reliability and power of the compressor. In addition, when selecting a device, an important role is played by a parameter such as the duration of the operation.

Omron Healthcare

Omron devices are considered to be the most popular inhalers of this type. The reason for this popularity is high reliability and low price. Such devices belong to the category of long-term functioning even under heavy load. Omron inhalers for children and adults are classic models, with low noise, portable and specially manufactured for the treatment of small patients. The cost of them can be 3400 - 6500 rubles. Omron Healthcare


This company is located in Germany. Such inhalers are characterized by a high price, but they have a high degree of reliability and an extensive model range, where there are instruments specially for children. PARI nebulizers can be equipped with additional devices. These can be prefixes for heating the drug solution, to improve the excretion of sputum, a system to protect against falling medication into the air of the room. There are such models as Paris Sinus, Paris Zola, which are designed specifically for the treatment of colds in children. The cost of them reaches 6,000-9,000 rubles. compressor nebulizer PARI GmbH

Flaem Nuova

Such nebulizers are presented by the Italian manufacturer. The assortment has a large number of effective devices for treating colds and other respiratory diseases in children. The cost of such devices is low, but they are very convenient to use, they are functional, the warranty period is 5 years. The disadvantages are a high noise level. The cost is 2500-4000 rubles. Flaem Nuova compressor nebulizer

Another model for the compressor nebulizers is the Microlife range, manufactured in Switzerland. They can be used in the treatment of respiratory diseases not only in adults, but also in children. Such a device costs 3500-5000 rubles.

The Respironics Porta-neb nebulizer has unique nebulizer chambers, which can be sprayed with bronchodilators, antibiotics and hormones. Suitable also for adults and children. Costs - 2500- 3500.

how to treat a cold with a nebulizer

Learn how to treat a cold with a nebulizer.

Here are described with solutions with which you can treat the common cold with a nebulizer.

Reviews for the Tantoum Verde spray: http: // tantum-verde-sprej-instrukciya-po-primeneniyu.html.

Which of them can be considered the leader of

So immediately you can not determine the best nebulizer. If you rely on the feedback of parents, the championship in this race deserves a compressor nebulizer company Omron. They are very convenient to use, they have a low noise level, so you can use them even for young children who are asleep. In addition to positive influence, such devices have a low price, so that anyone can afford such therapy.

The video tells what kind of nebulizer is better: compressor or ultrasonic:

If you approach the question of the best nebulizer for children from the point of medicine, then every device with a particular ailment has its influence. Determine the best compressor inhaler will only be the attending physician.

After careful examination of the patient, he will be able to diagnose him, and then to prescribe an effective medicine. After that, you can already choose a nebulizer, whose work can be performed with a prescribed medication. In other words, if you do not want to harm your child's health and get the maximum effect from inhalations, entrust the choice of inhaler to an experienced person.


  • Tatiana, 24 years old : "When my daughter was diagnosed with bronchitis, the doctor told us to go through inhalations using a compressor nebulizer. When I first came to the pharmacy, I was a little confused and did not know which device would have the maximum effect, but still worried about the compressor nebulizer which is better. After I on the Internet have poked out the inhaler, which work will be carried out on the solution appointed by the doctor. As a result, I purchased a compressor nebulizer from Flaem Nuova. What I liked about him is the ease of use, quiet work. In addition, after using it is very easy to wash. In a week my child felt much better. "
  • Christina, 28 : "Once I decided to buy a nebulizer just so that it was. I did not think it was so difficult. At first I decided on the type: I decided to use a compressor, because a large number of attachments allows it to be used by all family members. In addition, it can be used to treat not only a mild cold, but also chronic diseases. As for the firm, the trust in me earned the Omron nebulizer. It is inexpensive, but it has a tremendous effect. I felt it when my son had a cold. We did inhalations 3-4 times a day, and after 5 days this symptom of cold was eliminated. "
  • Love, 35 years old : "Since my daughter has bronchial asthma, the compressor nebulizer is an indispensable thing in our home. My friend also had such a device, so I did not bother and bought the same one. The company PARI GmbH.Although it is not expensive, but the effect is simply stunning. After such treatment my child becomes better, strong attacks of coughing go away. To take care of the device is also very simple, you must carefully wash all the details and allow them to dry out. Of course, noise during the operation of the inhaler is present, but it is not significant. "

Compressor nebulizer is a popular device for treating various respiratory diseases. Thanks to the presence of virtual valves, it is possible to evenly distribute the drug solution, and most importantly, to deliver it to the lower parts of the respiratory organs. The result of the inhalation is achieved very quickly, as well as the process of recovery. In addition to the compression, the ultrasonic inhaler nebulizer and the children's steam inhaler are also popular. Also read which is best to choose an inhaler for a child.