When blood loss from the nose in a child, parents should be concerned. Of course, there is no need to panic either. You just need to see a doctor right away, if you notice that such a phenomenon is common. In adolescents, bleeding can occur suddenly and is often injected into the ENT department.

Although the reason for the occurrence of such a symptom can be stopped at home. Most often, blood from the nose is caused by anatomical features and physiological processes in the body of a teenager.


  • 1 local causes
    • 1.1 Injuries
    • 1.2 Colds
    • 1.3 degenerative processes
    • 1.4 Tumors
    • 1.5 Brittle vessels
    • 1.6 Heart failure
    • 1.7 angiasthenia
  • 2 Common causes

local causes

Before you send youraction to eliminate bleeding from the nose, it is necessary to understand what triggered the pathological process. Local causes include injuries, diseases, tumors, and much more.


This cause of nasal bleedi

ng is considered one of the most common. In this case, injury can be, either production or household. They are a huge number, resulting in a violation of the integrity of the nasal mucosa. why there is a blood from a nose at the teenager

Foreign objects can also penetrate into the nasal cavity, which also damage the tissue of the nose. Another mucosal is disrupted when performing various diagnoses, performed for therapeutic purposes - puncture, sounding .Often, trauma occurs in adolescents with the usual nose picking. Thus, the vessels are damaged and burst.

Catarrhal diseases

If a red liquid emerges from the nose, then this may indicate the presence of various colds. For adolescents, this may indicate adenoids, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.

Dystrophic processes

Various abnormalities arising on the nasal mucosa can lead to bleeding in adolescents. Today, such pathologies are the curvature of the septum organ septum and the atrophic rhinitis. blood from the nose


Factors contributing to the development of a tumor or cysts in the nose, can be very different. But in this case, each growth is accompanied by the flow of blood from the nasal cavity. And it is plentiful and long. It is very difficult to stop without medical assistance. And there is blood loss for the reason that under the influence of the tumor, the nasal mucosa collapses.

In such a pathological process, blood can be released from the adolescent even during a night's sleep. Periodicity of its occurrence once a week.

The peculiarity of such a bleeding is that it literally beats with a stream. In the bloody masses you can see the impurities of mucus and blood clots. In addition, the child lays a nose, but it arises because of the barrier overlapping of the airways with build-up. The teenager's voice changes and the head hurts.

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Very often parents confuse this ailment with a common cold and use local drugs for treatment. But you can not get a positive result from such therapy. When blood flows for about 10 minutes, and the patient himself is at rest, this is the reason for going to the doctor.

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Vessel capacity

This pathology is formed against the background of an acute shortage of vitamin C in the body of a teenager. This is due to the active participation of the element in the production of a special protein, due to which the walls of the blood vessels acquire elasticity. The aggravation is observed during the off-season and in winter.

Heart failure

This pathological process develops in the adolescent as a result of chronic disease. Most often, the culprit is heart failure. He can be innate and acquired. At the initial stage of the disease, there may be another symptomatology, and already with the subsequent development of heart failure, blood from the nose begins to be allocated. heart failure in adolescents

Bleeding from the nose for cardiac pathologies last no more than 5 minutes. There is also a stagnation of blood, an increase in pressure in the vessels, as a result of which it is destroyed and blood is released from the nasal cavity. The formation of nasal bleeding in adolescents can occur at any time of the day. But the frequency of their occurrence is a couple of times a week.

With insufficient heart function in adolescents, the blood given out has a dark color. In this case, it can flow both from the nose and from the oral cavity. In addition, the patient may attend symptoms such as a fear of death .A similar feeling is associated with the fact that the child is simply afraid of bleeding.

Auxiliary symptoms are cyanosis of the skin, cough, shortness of breath. These signs should alert the parents to seek medical help immediately. Curing acute heart failure is not always possible, so it is better to take therapeutic measures when the pathological process is at an early stage of development.

Vessel Filling

This is another reason that a nose runs from a teenager's blood. Influence on this can dry air. So it is necessary to regularly ventilate the child's room and use special air humidifiers.

Common causes of

As for general reasons, the following factors can influence nasal bleeding:

  • Continuous exposure to bright sunlight .This leads to an increase in temperature and a sunstroke, overheating. The result of this phenomenon is the discharge of blood from the nose. bright sun rays for teens
  • Cardiovascular system failure. As a rule, here it is necessary to attribute atherosclerosis, hypertension. Lead to the nosebleed may developmental defects, in which there is a rise in blood pressure.
  • Infectious pathologies, which are characterized by a rise in body temperature. If they are present, bleeding from the nose in the adolescent is not excluded.
  • Often, the development of the children's organism in adolescence can often influence the formation of this unpleasant symptom. And this is due to the unstable hormonal background.
  • If a teenager goes too deep into the water during a voyage, participate in mountain trekking, then with a sharp drop in external pressure, his nose may bleed.
  • Strong physical activity often causes bleeding from the nasal cavity.
  • Allergy .When the allergen penetrates the nasal mucosa, they destroy the vessels, as a result, the mucous membrane swells and blood from the nose arises.

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Blood from the nose in the younger( 12-14 years) and older( 15-17 years) teenagers is a frequent occurrence. There are different reasons for this, so parents should not leave it without proper attention. Only timely treatment will allow not only to stop the main symptom, but also will give rise to more severe pathologies.