Cough - the most common phenomenon in colds, which is diagnosed in both adults and children. Cough can be an indicator of the stage of the disease, it also leads to serious complications right up to bronchial asthma. Therefore, the treatment of even an unobtrusive cough without the presence of other symptoms of catarrhal or inflammatory processes is extremely necessary.

You can use medicines - there are a lot of them on the market. But it is much more effective and safer to use folk remedies - many of them are approved by official medicine and possess rather powerful properties.


  • 1 Types of cough
  • 2 Drinking and compresses
    • 2.1 Decoctions
    • 2.2 Compresses
  • 3 Recipes for inhalation
  • 4 Expectorants for pregnancy
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Types of cough

expectorant for cough Doctors differentiate wet and dry coughs, the difference in which is the presence or absence of sputum / mucus:

  • dry cough - the patient complains of a paroxysmal c
    ough, which irritatively affects the pharyngeal mucosa. Sputum / mucus in the bronchi and upper parts of the lungs are absent;But how quickly to cure a dry cough in a child, you can learn from this article.
  • moist cough - with deep breathing, the patient is heard "gurgling" sounds in the chest, cough accompanied by the release of sputum / mucus. In some cases, sputum is too viscous and its output is significantly hampered. From this article you can find out what to do when a wet cough in a child does not pass.

According to the nature of the current doctors distinguish between acute and chronic cough. In the first case, the syndrome begins suddenly, lasts no more than 21 days. Chronic cough is diagnosed if improvement is not observed for 15-20 days of full-fledged treatment.

Note: dry cough always turns to wet, as soon as sputum begins to form. This process takes place just a couple of days after the onset of the disease. Therefore, cough treatment usually begins with the use of expectorants - this will help quickly get rid of the mucus in the bronchi, which provokes the development of the inflammatory process.

Drinking and compresses

expectorants of traditional medicine

A cocktail of milk with figs must be drunk during the day to achieve a strong expectorant effect

Traditional medicine as one of the most effective cough treaters treats milk - it is this product in combination with some components that can not only alleviate the conditionpatient, but also provide an expectorant effect.


  1. Milk with figs.
    In the "cocktail" is used a dark purple fig, which should be taken in quantity of 1 piece, cut along and put in a bowl with milk( 500 ml).Prepared mixture put on a small fire( on a large there is a risk of burning), cook for no more than 10 minutes. Then cool milk with figs to the maximum possible hot state( so that the patient can take small sips) and drink during the day. How to use milk with onions and honey from cough is indicated in this article. Cough expectorant recipes
  2. Milk with mineral water. An excellent expectorant - warmed milk and mineral water, mixed in equal quantities. Note : water for this recipe is taken only by
  3. Milk with garlic. 3 cloves of garlic grind and place in 500 ml of milk, heat, and then boil until the chopped denticles are completely soft. The broth is cooled, filtered and used on a tablespoon every hour. Important: before applying the milk-garlic "cocktail" you need to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the plant and digestive disorders.

expectorants of grass Very often folk medicine uses plants - as an expectorant will help the root of licorice. It is either purchased as a ready-made syrup, which is sold in pharmacies, or they prepare a decoction of dry raw materials. The recipe for an effective decoction:

  1. Take 100 grams of dry licorice root, chop and pour 500 ml of water.
  2. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil, boil for 5 minutes( over low heat!) And insist 60-90 minutes( you can do it in a thermos bottle).
  3. Take a decoction of 1 tablespoon 4 times a day( every 4 hours during the day and make a break for the night).

Can there be a cough with teething? Can cough appear when teething is indicated in this article.

What is the best medicine for asthmatic coughing is listed in the article.

than cure a runny nose in a 2-year-old baby is listed here: http: // detskoe-zdorove / nasmork-u-rebenka-2-goda-kak-lechit.html

Please note: the resulting medicine will have a strong enough bitter taste, thereforeto improve the taste, you can add sugar / honey / lemon to it.

Another recipe proven by years and approved by the official medicine: black radish juice mixed with honey. It is very easy to prepare this medicine - any way you can get the juice of a black radish( you can grate it and squeeze it or make a pit in the vegetable, put a teaspoon of honey in it and after 6-8 hours the medicine will be ready.) Recommended dosage: 1 dining roomspoon three to four times a day

effective expectorant

Thymus decoction is considered effective in coughing and is safe even for children

Thymus common - this plant is most often used as a product with anti-inflammatory properties, and fewthen knows that it also possesses an expectorant property! Thyme is considered to be an absolutely safe plant and can be used even for the therapeutic course of pediatric patients Brew it in the amount of 100 grams in 500 ml of water, like tea, insist and takesmall sips during the day( you need to drink the whole volume)

In addition, you can use broths from multicomponent herbal remedies to ease the output of sputum - for example, mother-and-stepmother + oregano / anise +Labrador tea marsh and others.

Medicinal plants are convenient to use as ready-made syrups, for example, from moist cough, Herbion with primrose is very helpful.


expectorants, vegetable Any compress consists of three layers:

  • wet - a cloth moistened with a decoction / solution( cloth, gauze, handkerchief, towel);
  • insulating - prevents leakage / leakage of liquid from the wet layer( polyethylene is used);
  • warming - any warm covering( scarf, scarf, terry towel).

Important: compresses are categorically contraindicated in the acute period of the disease, at high temperature. Also this method of treatment is not suitable for children younger than 2 years. Do not apply compresses to the heart area and in areas where there are skin lesions or develop a dermatological disease.

The following compresses can be used to obtain the desired therapeutic effect:

expectorants at home

Honey compresses greatly facilitate the condition of the patient

  1. Boiled potatoes. The easiest way to warm up the thorax, provide sputum liquefaction - boil potatoes "in a uniform", put it in a bag and mash. On the chest put a thin layer of any material( otherwise the patient is provided with a burn), put a bag of mashed potatoes and a warming layer on it.
  2. Med. Apply honey to the upper chest, rubbing and rubbing it into the skin. From above lay parchment paper( polyethylene in that case will be inappropriate) and insulate. Such a compress should be on the patient for at least 2 hours, then excess honey is removed with a wet napkin.
  3. Alcohol. Used vodka or diluted alcohol( proportion of 1 part of alcohol / 2 parts of water), the cloth is wetted in the resulting solution, it is applied to the breast and is insulated.

Both drinking and compresses are very effective in treating a protracted moist cough, but it is very important during this period to relieve the patient's condition - to relieve him of coughing attacks. And inhalations will help in this.

Recipes for inhalation

expectorants of traditional medicine A similar procedure can be carried out with the help of professional equipment - nebulizers are now absolutely available. But you can also use the old "grandfather" method - a teapot or dishes with a towel / blanket. Of the most famous recipes of folk medicine for inhalations can be identified:

  1. Herbal collection of mother-and-stepmother, common oregano and thyme - mix 1 tablespoon of ingredients and pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. Soda water - enough to dissolve in boiling water a small amount of baking soda - the proportion should not exceed a tablespoon per glass of water( you can also use a soda solution for rinsing the throat).
  3. Salt solution - dissolve in a glass of hot water 30 grams of salt( ordinary stone).

Of course, you can take advantage of the steam from boiled potatoes - this method was cured even 100 years ago! But remember some rules of inhalation:

  • the duration of the procedure should not exceed 10 minutes;
  • breathing should be deep: inhalation through the mouth, exhalation through the nose;
  • if the patient has hyperthermia( fever) - inhalations are contraindicated;

It is necessary to breathe smoothly and calmly, otherwise it can provoke the appearance of bronchospasm.

Expectorants in pregnancy

expectorants folk recipes Pregnancy is a condition in which the use of many drugs is prohibited - they can have a negative impact on the development of the baby's future. But what to do with a cough - after all, even pregnant women are not insured against the disease?

  1. Firstly, can accept a decoction and / or licorice root syrup. But do not forget to consult a gynecologist - it is possible to develop unwanted consequences, including allergic reaction. Remember - during pregnancy, even the usual products can trigger the appearance of a severe allergic reaction.
  2. Secondly, absolutely safe for the future child, but very effective in treating wet cough, will be inhalation.
  3. Thirdly, no one prohibits gargling - especially this method works when coughing, which irritates the pharynx / throat.

When pregnancy should be used with caution even grandmother's recipes for cough.


In this video about folk recipes from a cough the doctor will tell:

Folk remedies with expectorant action are really very effective and can be used in the treatment of adults and children. But before applying any of the above-mentioned method of therapy, you should get recommendations / permission from your doctor. And accurate diagnosis does not hurt - a simple cough can be a symptom of a serious enough pathology.