In the treatment of cough very often used warming ointments. Today in pharmacies, they are presented in a wide range, so it is easy to choose for your case your tool. Among the whole variety of products, Turpentine Ointment is in great demand. It is allowed to be used to treat cough in children and adults.


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The effect of

turpentine ointment for coughs for children

Turpentine ointment against coughing has an irritating, distracting, analgesic and disinfecting effect. The product is based on turpentine oil. It is previously cleared of turpentine. With its application it is possible to achieve deep penetration through the skin and irritation of nerve endings.

For the production of turpentine, coniferous resins are used. Isolation of active components occurs under the influence of turpentine. They have an annoying effect. Histamine and other mediators, which cause the inflammatory process, c

an provoke reddening of the epidermis, dilate the vessels and lead to a small swelling. Enkephalins and endorphins possess analgesic effect.

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Distracting effect is achieved due to the effect of active components of the ointment on the nervous system. As a result, two excitation flows awake: on the skin processing site and from the internal organs. The presence of an expectorant and mucolytic effect allows the use of Turpentine ointment for coughing attacks.

The video tells about the use of turpentine ointment for children:

In addition to cough, ointment is actively used in the following pathologies:

  • rheumatism;
  • arthralgia;
  • radiculitis;
  • myalgia;
  • pathology of the respiratory system of acute and chronic form.

According to the instructions for use, turpentine ointment is prohibited for use in the following conditions:

  • skin disease with damage to the integrity of the epidermis;
  • pathological process in the kidney and liver;
  • pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding.

In addition, do not use the tool for patients whose age did not reach 1.5-2 years. The reason is that it is contraindicated any procedures that provide warming rubbing. But for adults to apply the ointment is very cautious. Until now, it is not known about the complete safety of the use of medicament in medicine.

Use for small patients

If the medication is used for a variety of joint and muscle problems, the affected area should be treated 2 times a day. After that, it is necessary to cover the treated area with parchment and a warming bandage. turpentine ointment for children with cough

When treating a child's cough, Turpentine ointment is used in the form of rubbing. The drug is rubbed into the epidermis of the soles and upper half of the trunk. Be extremely careful when performing the treatment, do not avoid getting the ointment on the heart and nipples. Upon termination of grindings of the child it is necessary to envelop and keep in heat. Already after 2-3 manipulations, the patient will become much better, and the cough leaves him for a long time.

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When using the ointment for the first time it is very important to mix it in the same proportion with baby cream. Thus, it is possible to prevent a burn on the body. Do not use the formula for children under 2 years.

But also for more adult children, the ointment should be used only after the permission of the attending physician, otherwise you can provoke a number of complications and achieve the opposite effect. In no case do not engage in treatment. In case of emergency it is necessary to apply the ointment to the little baby on the soles of the feet and wear warm socks on top.

During the cold, you can apply ointment to the fumes on your feet and chest in the area of ​​the bronchi. Turpentine ointment has a warming effect and soothes a severe cough. It is very effective to use such a medicine at the first manifestations of colds. With the timely use of ointment it is possible to defeat the disease at its initial stage.

Application for adults

Apply the ointment to areas that are susceptible to subcooling. As a rule, these are the heels, the wings of the nose, the thorax. But do not treat the left side of the breast, it is better to apply the medication to the middle or between the shoulder blades. turpentine ointment for coughing for adults

If there is still a runny nose, then you can smear ointment under your nose. Now after that, it is worth wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and taking mors, tea with raspberries. You do not need to remove the ointment at once, it is best to do it before going to bed.

Turpentine ointment is similar in its effect to mustard plasters. Thanks to her, it is possible to activate local blood circulation, warm and quickly remove all toxins and microbes from the body. It is necessary to carry out such procedures 2-3 times a day. In this case, after each manipulation, it is necessary to monitor the skin condition. If you suddenly find red spots, rashes and itching, then ointment therapy should be stopped and seek help from a pediatrician.

But before the treatment with ointment, you need to test for an allergic reaction. Just treat the elbow with a small amount of ointment. In a day, look at the condition of the epidermis. If there is no itching, erythema, then it can use ointment for further treatment.

But it is not recommended to use the medicine for an acute cold or flu. The reason is that the ointment will be powerless. It has the necessary effect only at the initial stage, for example, when you soaked the burden and a slight runny nose appeared. If already 2-3 days have passed, then Turpentine ointment will not have a therapeutic effect.


  • Tamara, 23 years old: "On one rainy day it got very wet at the bus stop. I came home, the weight was normal, but by the evening I began to feel mild ailment, cough, and a runny nose. I remembered how my mother treated me with her Turpentine ointment as a child. She wiped her feet well, put on her socks and wrapped herself in a blanket. I made such procedures 3, and after that I began to feel much better, and my cough and runny nose disappeared completely. "
  • Christina, 32 years old: "I always use Turpentine Ointment for the whole child, when I notice that he has the first symptoms of a cold. I'll rinse it thoroughly, wrap it in, and let it stay 2 hours. In a day I perform similar procedures 2-3 times. After such treatment my son became immediately active, and he does not have any cough. "

Turpentine ointment is very effective against cough. It can be used for children and adults, but before that consult a doctor. If you follow all the rules and conditions, then a positive effect will come in a couple of days.