A thoracic elixir from a cough is a medicinal product with a combined effect. It is based on components such as licorice extract and aqueous ammonia. Due to these substances, the preparation makes sputum less viscous and withdraw it from the respiratory tract during infectious and inflammatory processes.


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    The effect of

    The breast elixir is now widely used in the treatment of cough of any origin. The medicinal properties of the drug are determined by the components of its composition:

    1. Licorice .This is the main component in the thoracic elixir. It has a lot of useful substances in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract: anti-inflammatory, a
      ntiseptic, antihistamine, spasmolytic and immunostimulating. In addition, the licorice contains a substance called glycyrrhizin. Its action is aimed at enhancing the secretory function of the bronchi and stimulating the work of the ciliary epithelium. In medical practice, only the roots of the plant are involved. Children should be given a preparation containing licorice carefully, as with increasing dosage, a negative effect on potassium metabolism is created. But how to take licorice syrup to children and in what proportion, is described in great detail in this article.
      Syrup Licorice

      Syrup Licorice

    2. Aniseed oil. This is an aether that has a sweet aroma. To obtain it, seeds of anise are used. The ether contains a lot of useful components, so the product calms, inhibits inflammation, has an antispasmodic effect and makes mucus less viscous. The peculiarity of anise oil is that it can disinfect the mucous membrane and, thereby, normalize the work of the respiratory tract.
      anise oil

      Anise oil

    3. Water ammonia .It is a liquid with a strong aroma and pronounced effect on the respiratory system. Thanks to it, a powerful antiseptic effect is achieved, the excitation of respiratory centers, stimulation of the nerve endings of the respiratory tract, as a result of which the evacuation of the secret is normalized.


    thoracic elixir of cough

    The thoracic elixir is a combined expectorant that is of vegetable origin. It is used in the treatment of cough with difficulty in evacuating sputum with tracheitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis.

    The elixir contains active ingredients such as licorice thick, aniseed oil and ammonia solution. To additional components it is necessary to include water and ethyl alcohol.

    How to take an adult

    Admission of the elixir adults are carried on 30 drops 3 times a day. If the pathological process has passed into a chronic form, then the dosage should be increased to 40 drops. Drink the medicine inside before eating.

    Therapeutic course can last 7-10 days. To prolong the duration of treatment and to undergo a second treatment can be after a while. But here the doctor already takes into account the severity of the pathological process.

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    How to take care of children

    taking syrup by the baby

    This drug is considered an excellent tool for treating cough in small patients. Give it allowed to children from 2 years. Children are well tolerated, and the presence of a natural composition can cure a cough in such situations when taking other medications is contraindicated.

    The medication is administered in a dosage according to the child's age: 2-6 years - 2-6 drops 3 times a day, and 6-12 years - 15-20 drops. Before giving an elixir to children, it must be dissolved in water.

    How to take pregnant women

    You can use the elixir for future and nursing mothers, as there are no restrictions. But as far as dosage and duration of admission is concerned, it should be clarified with your doctor. He will be able to choose a safe dosage that does not harm the baby and will bring the desired result.

    Recipe for a remedy for chest elixir and cough tablets

    pills for cough

    This magic recipe is perfect for those who are constantly ill with bronchitis or tracheitis. Despite the fact that it is budgetary, it has high efficiency and quickly stops coughing. To do this, you need to buy a "Cough Tablets"( they are called) in the pharmacy, as well as "Breast Elixir".

    Take a glass, send there 2 tablets, 10 ml of elixir and 40 ml of hot water. All stir and use at a time. On the day to perform 3 of these techniques. Such a recipe is suitable for adults and children over 12 years of age, but kids and pregnant women from homemade elixir should refuse. After taking the medicine, you can not eat and drink for 20 minutes.

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    • Oksana, 29 years old: "The breast elixir helped me more than once when I was ill with a cold. The matter is that my work assumes my being on the street, so it's common for me to be sick. I learned about the Thoracic Elixir from a friend who, thus, quickly cured a cough and recovered in a short time. I took the medicine for a week. This was enough for me to make the cough wet, and all the sputum along with the microbes favorably went out. I give the Thoracic Elixir to my daughter when a dry and irritable cough torments her and does not allow her to fully engage in her own affairs. "
    • Maxim, 43 years: "I learned about the existence of the Thoracic Elixir from the doctor. A dry, agonizing cough prevented me from living normally and resting. And at night he literally strangled me. There was no serious illness, an ordinary cold. I decided to consult a doctor and he appointed me this drug. Took it for 10 days, after which the cough completely receded. This is an amazing medicine, which, despite its low cost, has such a powerful therapeutic effect. "
    • Irina, 35 years old: "I used the Thoracic Elixir in the treatment of coughing with pneumonia. He was appointed to me by my doctor. The disease was mild, so I managed to get rid of unpleasant symptoms in 1.5 weeks. Elixir 100% copes with the tasks. Thanks to him, I began to sleep peacefully at night, as suffocating dry cough passed into the wet. During expectoration, sputum was excreted, along with harmful microbes. In addition, the composition of the medicine is completely natural, so there is no reason to worry about the harmful effects on the body. "

    Thoracic Elixir is a common drug in the treatment of cough in children and adults. It is made exclusively on a natural basis and allows not only cure cough, but also to withdraw from the lungs accumulated sputum with microbes, to disinfect and to remove inflammation. If, however, when you take the medicine, you find signs of an allergy, then treatment should stop and visit a doctor.

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