Every person has had a sore throat. At the first symptoms of the disease, all turn to the doctor, and he prescribes the already proven means. To date, there are so many that it is sometimes difficult to understand what they are assigned and which one is the most effective. One of the new drugs in the treatment of the throat is Geksoral in the form of an aerosol.


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The drug has antimicrobial, antiseptic, deodorizing and analgesic properties. This remedy eliminates harmful bacteria, has an enveloping and styptic effect when it comes into contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth and larynx. Has a curative effect on the respiratory system for twelve hours. 1

It is used for various diseases associated with the throat:

  • Used as a symptomatic dru
    g in the treatment of purulent sore throat. Effectively fights against its pathogens - streptococci and staphylococci. It provides antibacterial therapy, reduces inflammation and pain, removes intoxication.
  • Geksoral - spray also perfectly treats stomatitis, in which ulcers form on the oral mucosa. He eliminates the cause of their appearance, and in due course thanks to him they completely pass.
  • It is effective for pharyngitis, gingivitis and glossitis.
  • Eliminates fungal infections, and even a disease such as candidiasis of the oral cavity( thrush).
  • Often used as a hygienic medicine.
  • Dentists practice its use in gum disease and aphthous stomatitis. It is also used when removing teeth: they are sprayed with an empty well. Used as an antiseptic before and after surgical intervention in the oral cavity.
  • For ARVI is used as a symptomatic drug.
  • Used in conjunction with other drugs in severe forms of febrile and purulent diseases of the mouth and larynx. Especially if antibiotics are prescribed.

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On the video - instruction on the use of Hexoral Spray:

For all its usefulness, this drug still has side effects:

  • , with its long-term use, there may be a temporary disruption of taste sensations;
  • in all cases there are allergic reactions;
  • it consists of 96% alcohol, so it is not desirable to get into the child's body, but this can happen only if the recommended dose is not observed.

In case of an overdose of Geksoral getting into the stomach, causes vomiting, and the body itself is cleared from it.


Hexoral - a spray of local purpose. It is a clear liquid without color, which has a smell of menthol. Produced in 40 ml aluminum bottles, packed in a cardboard box, along with it comes the nozzle - the sprayer. It can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription for 250 rubles.

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The main active ingredient of the drug is hexaethidine. Complementary ingredients include: saccharin, sodium hydroxide, lauryl ether, levomenthol, sodium calcium edetate, citric acid monohydrate, eucalyptus leafy leaf oil, sodium saccharinate, purified water, nitrogen and mint flavor. hexoral spray


Geksoral spray is used twice a day. When severe forms of the disease with the permission of a doctor can be used more often.

For the correct use of the medicine, you must first put a nozzle on the can with a tube, which should be directed away from you so that during this procedure the drug does not accidentally hit your eyes.

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Then in the oral cavity the dispenser is gently started and when it is pressed, the medicine is sprayed out. The jet of the drug should be directed to the affected areas of the mucosa. It is usually used in the morning and evening. After eating and taking all the hygienic and preventive measures in the oral cavity.

On the photo - instructions for the use of Hexoral Spray:

hexoral spray instruction

For adults

It is sprayed from a vertical position, by pressing the dispenser. It is injected into the mouth, it is desirable that the tube completely enter into it. This will ensure the directional action of the drug on the affected areas. It is injected for two seconds, while holding your breath. It instantly penetrates into the walls of the affected organs and begins to act without penetrating into the total blood flow and without affecting the body. It should be used after meals, no more than twice a day. hexoral spray adult

The course of treatment is prescribed by a doctor. Usually the results are visible on the third day. The minimum period for recovery is a week.

For children

Pediatricians recommend the use of this drug to treat a child in combination with other medicines. Under the instruction it can not be used for children under the age of three. But in rare cases, doctors still prescribe this drug for smaller babies. If you have this particular case, then the drug should be administered to the child not in the larynx, but behind the cheek - this will avoid the occurrence of laryngospasm( involuntary contraction of the larynx muscles, which can lead to a shortage of air).This spray is often treated with wounds in the mouth of small children, pre-sprinkling it on a cosmetic stick. hexoral spray for children

In pregnancy and breastfeeding

When carrying and feeding a child, Hexoral spray is rarely prescribed, since there is no definite information about whether it can be used or not during this period. In contraindications, pregnancy does not appear.

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But clinical studies that disprove the ability of a substance to penetrate into the amniotic fluid have not been carried out. Therefore, there is no exact answer. If the doctor prescribes such a drug, then it should be used with extreme caution and under his guidance. He should prescribe the dose of the medicine and the duration of the treatment.

Pregnant women use it the same way as all adults. Usually within three days it becomes clear to take it further with positive results or refuse. hexoral spray to pregnant women

During breastfeeding, the same pattern occurs. A woman should be guided by her condition and monitor the occurrence of adverse reactions. When they appear, you must immediately abandon its use.

During pregnancy and during lactation the following undesirable manifestations may occur:

  • allergic reactions in the form of redness, itching and swelling at the places where the drug was treated;
  • taste disorder;
  • change in the shade of tooth enamel.

Geksoral is contraindicated in pregnant women who have an individual intolerance to some of its components. In no case should women be engaged in self-medication during this period, all medications should be coordinated with the doctor.

On the photo you can see how much Geksoral Spray costs,

how much is hexoral spray price

Geksoral - spray is an effective antiseptic medicine. It is often prescribed for ENT diseases - organs due to its successful effect on the causative agents of these diseases. It is easy enough to use them, it is only necessary after each application to remove the dispenser and rinse it in running water so that the infection does not accumulate on its tip. This drug has no special contraindications, therefore it is suitable for children from three years old. As an analog, you can use Bioparox or pharyngosept( it is cheaper).


  • Marina, 38 years old: "The daughter had a fever by the evening, looking up the neck, it turned out that it was red. I called an ambulance and asked the doctor to prescribe the medicine more efficiently so that my baby would sooner recover. She was an athlete and in a week she had to go to the competition. The doctor, after listening, explained my explanation to us with an antibiotic and an aerosol called Geksoral. Literally on the third day my daughter stopped complaining about her throat, and she felt much easier to swallow. When we came to the doctor on the same day, she canceled this spray. Explaining that he had already fulfilled his destiny - he took off puffiness and redness. Since the drug is strong enough, it can not be used for long. And now we need an antibiotic with syrup to work and save the baby from coughing. I remembered the words of the doctor and the next time, as soon as someone in the family had a sore throat, I immediately resorted to help with Geksoral to get rid of the cold more quickly. There are certainly other analogues, but in fact they are more expensive, and this is the most good tool when choosing between price and quality. "
  • Ilona, ​​45 years old: " This aerosol is an excellent medicine for oral hygiene. Recently to me the tooth was removed, the wound for a long time did not heal and the hole from under it was constantly filled with blood. Naturally, there was on that side I could not and food with taste of blood to me was disgusting. I realized that I was like a vampire. The hand tools that were in the home medicine cabinet did not help, and rinsing with a mouth rinse gave a short effect. After the torment for two days, a friend of mine told me about Geksorale. I bought it and on the first day I splashed the place where the tooth was. The next morning, I stopped bleeding, and the unpleasant aftertaste of blood evaporated. I advise this drug for those who suffer from the same dental problem! "
  • Mikhail, 56 years old:" This summer I had to try it several times. In the spring he suffered a cold illness in an acute form and all the warm time it reminded of itself. In my opinion, this is really an effective drug. It eliminates the swelling of the throat, it is immediately felt. It's just not clear why the instructions wrote that he has an anesthetic effect. I did not notice anything of the kind. Its effect after injection is quite noticeable, accompanied by a feeling of "how the cat scratches", but after half an hour everything passes. And two days later the disease as a hand took off. "
  • Lydia, 53: " I met Geoxoral last year. Constantly I am excruciated by anginas in the various form. After the next time I went to the pharmacy and asked for a good new product. The pharmacist offered it to me. Of course, this medicine is not cheap, but I'm sick of being sick and I bought it. "

At once I will tell, that after the first application aerosol has cleaned an unpleasant smell from a mouth which often arises at collapsing tumors in a throat. They then pass into sores, and this drug dries them.

Also, it is good at stomatitis. Subtracted that it has antibacterial and antifungal effects. Therefore I am very happy with my purchase. He is like a wand for me. Despite its bitter aftertaste, I use it with pleasure, knowing that it is able to quickly remove the manifestations of angina.