Some believe that a dry cough is less dangerous than a wet cough. Explain this primitively by ignorance: there is no phlegm - there is no danger. In fact, dry cough is much more dangerous and traumatic. Wet easily separates the pathogenic mucus, removing it from the bronchi. And the more such mucus, the more all the airways are cleared.

With a dry cough of productivity, zero for two reasons: there is no sputum in the bronchi or there is a lack of active reduction in the shock. Cough is not really a disease. It is a reflex, mechanical reaction of the body to the penetration of foreign bodies or objects into the respiratory tract.

Respiratory tracts contain a kind of small villi, which work in the manner of "wipers" on the glass. As soon as something has got inside, villi diligently push out an object with the help of a cough. The appearance of dry cough is an accurate sign that your respiratory tract is injured in attempts, and pathogens remain in the bronchi themselves.

It is important to minimize the likelihood of injury and help the body by making the cough more active and productive.


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Drinking and compresses from dry cough

All treatment is directed to the solution of one task: increasing the sputum smear .Folk remedies, the so-called grandmother's recipes for cough, actively help to solve such problems, especially in combination with traditional therapy. In general, coughs are extremely sensitive to home remedies. That's why the patient has about 7-10 days to independently try to get rid of a dry cough. If coughing is not a sign of serious illness, then usually a few days are enough.

very dry cough than cure

Many herbs, for example, oregano, licorice and St. John's wort, have a pronounced antitussive property. Do not forget to add drinking lemon and honey.

Infusions of herbs are becoming a dangerous weapon in this war. Do not forget the basis of life: we are children of nature and she, like a good mother, has already created medicines. A number of herbs have a pronounced antitussive property that can dilute sputum:

  1. calendula;
  2. marshmallows;
  3. oregano;
  4. licorice;but how to take an expectorant for licorice root, you can learn from this article.
  5. St. John's wort;
  6. mother-and-stepmother.

Broth from these herbs can be mixed or brewed separately.

You can alternate the techniques of these herbs, from this the result will only accelerate.

dry cough treatment at home

The effect of milk with honey will be noticeable almost immediately

Honey and milk are historical helpers in many diseases. Warm milk mixed with a piece of butter, add a spoonful of honey and you can drink at night. The effect will make itself felt almost immediately. Especially if you alternate with the use of honey and black radish. It is made simply: in a radish cut an aperture or two. Then honey is poured in there, it is better than May. Night this "exposure" insists the night and then try to eat a spoon several times a day. Not particularly pleasant, but the power is unlimited.

than to treat thick snot in a child Than to treat dense snot in a child, is indicated in the article.

What to do when dark brown snot appeared, this article will help to understand.

How to treat snot like water, is indicated here: http: // lechenie-n / sopli-kak-voda-u-rebenka-chem-lechit.html

Compresses complete the picture, enhance the effect of infusions and decoctions. Some recipes deserve special attention:

  • potatoes in uniform. Mnem and do compresses;
  • "cough mixture": black radish juice, honey and dry mustard. All in equal shares at night;
  • hot honey for the night.

Important: removing the compresses, immediately roll yourself a bathrobe so that the heat goes away slowly. Compresses can be done on the chest, back.

Recipes for inhalation

dry cough treatment with folk remedies The simplest option is to breathe the steam of native potatoes. Potatoes in uniforms, for efficiency add a little mint or a couple drops of fir oil. Vapors of essential oils help well to soften the dryness of cough and increase the mucus compartment:

  • eucalyptus;
  • mint;
  • lavender;
  • cedar.

Inhalations from infusions of herbs chamomile or licorice can be alternated with inhalations based on mother-and-stepmother. It is important only to understand that herbs can cause allergies. This is especially true for licorice, so ask a specialist about the appropriateness of the application.

Treatment of dry cough during pregnancy

dry cough folk remedies

Treatment of cough during pregnancy should be as safe as possible

When pregnancy is rarely prescribed traditional therapy involving medications. Unconventional conditions are necessary to allow a pregnant woman to take pills. Usually such practice is only if the probable harm from taking is lower than from the disease.

Dry cough causes spasms, the uterus can contract and provoke early childbirth. But folk medicine should be circumspect. For example, licorice is strictly prohibited as a provoker of edema and hormonal disorders. Here you can not do without a doctor. Only he can correctly recommend the treatment of dry cough herbs, without medication.

Moms should know: they are not allowed to drink infusions of herbs. The best cough medicine for pregnant women is inhalation and rinsing, in some cases you can compress.

Inhalations are useful with: dry cough treatment at home

  1. boiled potatoes;
  2. infusions of thymus and St. John's wort;
  3. of chamomile and sage.

With these herbs you can do inhalations for the night. Sometimes a doctor makes exceptions, allowing to drink infusions of chamomile or thyme.

Make infusions fresh, do not stand for long. You need to cook on a water bath.

For pregnant women it is important to follow the basic rules of treatment:

  • moist air in the room;
  • more fluid( if there is no edema);
  • quiet mode;
  • frequent cleaning;
  • removal of all animals and possible allergens at the time of treatment.

For pregnant women, many recipes from dry cough for children, their effect is as soft and safe as possible. Remember that burnt sugar with a dry cough is also effective.

Probable complications of

dry rending cough cure

The stronger the cough, the more difficult the probable complications of

Complications can cause a violent cough without separating the sputum. Because of the powerful contractions, the brain ceases to receive the necessary enzymes, the blood flow is markedly reduced. The stronger the dry cough, the heavier the disturbance.

Dry cough may become chronic, then it will begin to provoke more severe conditions:

  1. syncope;
  2. prolapse of the uterus;
  3. poor sleep;Fatigue fractures of the
  4. ;
  5. appearance from attempts of hernia;
  6. voluntary and uncontrolled emptying of the urinary and intestines.


The best folk recipes from dry cough you will find in this video:

Speaking of cough, one can not miss the fact that it can be just a sign. Cough can occur along with other symptoms that indicate a possible disease. Therefore, before you treat it, listen to yourself. Perhaps there is still fever or pain in the chest, problems with urination or speech. The situation should always be evaluated completely, otherwise while you are intensively treating a dry cough, you develop pleurisy or something worse.

And these are only superficial changes that will entail further changes in the functioning of the body. A saddening, agonizing cough can reach such a pitch when a man starts tearing, sometimes even with blood. Therefore, it is important to treat dry cough at once, directing all treatment for sputum liquefaction and its exit outward.

If you can not cope and the cough is still stubbornly dry, then it's time to introduce "heavy troops" in the form of antibiotics and other medicines, which can only be prescribed by a specialist.