Useful properties of flowers and linden leaves. How to brew lipoma for a cold?

The useful properties of linden have been known for ages. In the article - recipes of lime decoction and tea, as well as advice on how to use a medicinal plant in folk medicine and cosmetology.


  • Decoction of linden flowers: properties
  • Use and contraindications of linden broth. Treatment with decoction of lime
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  • How does the lime tree work on the heart?
  • Does the lindenum harm the stomach?
  • Lipa benefits and harm for women, children
  • Decoction of limes for slimming: prescription
  • Lime honey medicinal properties. How to determine the quality of linden honey
  • Lime decoction for colds: prescription
  • Is it possible for a lime for a cold to be pregnant? Whether it is possible for a linden at cold to children?
  • Lime tea, use
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  • Lime honey tea: recipe
  • Lime tea with chamomile: recipe
  • Decoction of linden for hair
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  • Lime and linden broth: tips and reference
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Lipa is the queen of summer, healer and assistant in beauty. Since ancient times, its properties are known to soothe, relieve inflammation, treat colds and reduce heat. In Eastern Europe, girls and women use decoctions and tinctures from flowers and leaves of plants for home care of hair, nails and skin. In linden babies are bathed, so that their skin is clean. Such a wide range of medicinal plant use is explained by its rich composition.

Decoction of linden blossoms: properties

Lipa - this is not an exot, the healing properties of which glorify Chinese healers or Indian shamans. The tree grows naturally in temperate latitudes, practically every inhabitant of Eastern and Central Europe can observe it in his yard, in the city park or in the park.

Each sign is a stunning scent of small yellowish flowers that literally cling to the lime tree at the end of June. And almost everyone has heard about their useful properties.
The fact is that the flowers and young leaves of the plant have a composition rich in substances useful to the human body. It includes:

  • ascorbic acid and other vitamins
  • carotene
  • talicine
  • flavonoids
  • essential oils
  • micro and macro elements

Lime flowers in the form of ready-made collection or tea in filter bags can be purchased at the pharmacy or can be procured independently.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to collect flowers together with adjacent leaves in ecologically clean places - outside the city, where there are no large roads and industrial plants. Two or three days they are dried in an open, but necessarily dry room, after which they are distributed into linen breathing bags. Dry flowers and lime leaves can be used for two years.

Benefits and contraindications for linden broth. Treatment with decoction of lime

A universal remedy for treating many diseases and solving cosmetic problems is a decoction of lime color. It has the following properties:
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • anti
  • antioxidant
  • detoxification
  • diuretic and diaphoretic
  • analgesic
  • weak sedative
  • expectorant

Therefore national drug use:

  • at cold for combating viral or bacterial infection
  • from
  • temperature to liquefy sputum andits removal from the respiratory system
  • in diseases of the kidneys and bladder as anti-inflammatory and urineonnoe means
  • at intestine disease to normalize digestive processes and as a mild
  • cholagogue
  • as a sedative with nervousness, other pathological conditions
  • psyche headaches

IMPORTANT: Decoction of linden can be used topically as compresses and lotions for wounds, burns, some dermatological diseases.

There are very few contraindications to folk and pharmacy products with linden. They can not be used for allergic people and people with an individual intolerance to this plant.

IMPORTANT: Harmful may be not so much the linden itself, as the poisonous substances that it absorbed into itself if it grew in a polluted place. Before applying decoction or infusion from her flowers and leaves, you need to make sure that they are environmentally friendly

Video: Lipa. The use of linden flowers

How does the linden tree affect the heart?

Lime decoction dilutes the blood and exerts a tonic effect on the blood vessels, so it generally contributes to the work of the heart. But we must remember that this plant is still medicinal, preparations based on it are used only on indications.

Unscientistic or excessive drinking of lime tea or decoction can cause arrhythmia, tachycardia, some increase in blood pressure, and other malfunctions in the cardiovascular system.

Does the lindenum harm the stomach?

Lime decoction or tea can be an adjuvant for the treatment of constipation, bowel flaccidity, diarrhea. But the plant rich in essential oils and organic acids is not recommended for ingestion with gastritis and peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Increasing the secretion of gastric juice, linden can aggravate the disease.

Lipa benefits and harm for women, children

Drinks with this herbal medicine help to improve women's health. They are recommended to drink in painful menstruation, menstrual irregularities, pre-menopausal and menopausal periods.

In addition, it is believed that the linden can affect the female libido. There is a belief that her broth promotes the harmonization of sexual relations between spouses.

Decoction limes for weight loss: prescription

By activating the metabolic processes in the body, removing from it excess water, cleaning the intestine, linden helps to lose weight. But you need to understand that the extra pounds will go only if you combine the reception of linden with proper nutrition and exercise. Recipe: Lime decoction for weight loss:
Ingredients: Linden color - 5 tablespoons, water - 250 ml
Lime blossom is pounded in a mortar and poured into a glass of steep boiling water, then tanned in a water bath for 30 minutes. A strained broth is drunk before eating. Single dose - 5 tablespoons or 1/3 cup.

Lime honey medicinal properties. How to determine the quality of linden honey

Honey has a huge number of varieties, linden is considered one of the most useful. It is quite high in calories. The energy value of 100 g of this product of beekeeping is approximately 310 kcal. Despite this, it is easily digested and in reasonable quantities is not delayed at the waist and hips, as it contains a mix of plant sugars - levulose, glucose, fructose.

A whole cocktail of nutrients( vitamins and minerals, enzymes and folic acid, natural antibiotics, bee jelly, etc.) make it a kind of panacea for many diseases. When losing weight with lime honey it is recommended to replace sugar.
When buying linden honey, you need to choose a quality product. It is necessary to pay attention to:

  1. Color. Fresh lime honey is translucent or opaque, from white to amber. Two or three months after the collection, it thickens and darkens
  2. Density. If the honey is ripe, it flows down the walls of the dishes with beautiful, broad, viscous strips. If the trickles are thin and drain, without lingering, there is a lot of water in honey. A good honey should also not drip from a spoon if it is turned over.
  3. The ratio of weight and volume. In a liter jar should be placed almost a half kilogram of lime honey. Its smaller quantity also speaks about excess water

Lime decoction for cold: recipe

For colds, doctors recommend taking a decoction of limes along with medication treatment. It has the property of affecting the disease immediately from several sides:

  • kills viruses and bacteria
  • increases immunity
  • exerts local anti-inflammatory effect by rinsing or rinsing the nose
  • lowers temperature
  • liquefies and removes phlegm, facilitates its coughing

RECIPE № 1: Sore throat:
Ingredients: lime flower - 3 tablespoons;water - 500 ml.
Lipu is poured into a glass jar and poured with steep boiling water, cover with a linen napkin and put in a dark place for 30 minutes insist. After filtering, wait, when it will cool down to room temperature. The broth rinse the throat five times a day until the symptoms of a cold pass.

RECIPE № 2: Expectorant:
Ingredients: linden blossom - 3 tablespoons, thyme leaves - 2 tablespoons, water - 500 ml.
Lipu and thyme are poured into enameled dishes, poured with boiling water, boiled on the slowest fire for about 15 minutes, allowed to cool. A strained broth of medicinal herbs is drunk three times a day after eating 2-3 tablespoons. This drug can not be stored for more than 36 hours.

Is it possible to have a lipoma for a cold to pregnant women? Whether it is possible for a linden at cold to children?

It is most difficult to treat children and pregnant women from acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, because most drugs are contraindicated for them. But lime tea can be given not only as a medicine, but also as a preventive agent. But, in any case, you need to discuss this issue with your doctor.
RECIPE: Decoction of linden for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza for children and pregnant women
Composition: linden color - 5 tablespoons, water - 250 ml.
Lipu is boiled over low heat, cooled for 30 minutes and filtered. Pregnant drink two tablespoons of broth on an empty stomach every day, and children - one tablespoon each.

Lime tea, use

Lime tea has the same properties as the broth, but it does not work on the body so actively. It is brewed in this way:

  • the most suitable cookware - a ceramic or earthenware teapot
    it is heated with boiling water, and then a lime blossom is poured in the amount of several spoons
  • lime is poured with hot water( about 95 ° C), but not with boiling water.
  • is insisted for 20 minutes.
  • can be diluted with limeblack or green tea, as well as oolong tea, add other herbs

Tea from linden and rose hips

Toning and immunity-improving drink is prepared as follows:

  • in a teapot 400 ml pour 1 tablespoon limeth color and 10 g of wild rose berries;
  • is poured hot water;
  • insists 10 minutes.

Linden tea with honey: recipe

Such a warm drink is drunk as ordinary tea.30 g of dried inflorescences of linden are poured with a liter of boiling water and insist 15 minutes. Honey is added to taste.

IMPORTANT: To keep the honey of maximum benefit, it should be added to slightly cooled tea or there is a snack.

Linden tea with chamomile: recipe

Tea with chamomile and linden can be drunk to calm nerves, from insomnia, and also with colds. Half a liter of boiling water is filled with 3 tablespoons of lime and chamomile flowers. Drink like regular tea, but not more than two cups a day.

Decoction of linden for hair

Decoction of linden can rinse hair of absolutely all types. It helps to accelerate their growth, eliminates fat content, helps to get rid of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.
RECIPE: Hair rinsing.
Ingredients: 8 spoons of dried linden flowers, 500 ml of boiling water.
In an enamel saucepan, bring the water to a boil, pour lime into it, continue to boil another quarter of an hour. Cooled and strained broth can be used to rinse hair after each wash.

Decoction of linden for the face

In home cosmetology, lime decoction is used to normalize the operation of the subcutaneous sebaceous glands, purify the skin of the face and restore its normal color, get rid of acne and other rashes. Also, linden color is a part of nutrient masks and masks from the fat content of the skin.

RECIPE № 1 : Lime ice from the fatness of the skin of the face.
Composition: linden - 5 tablespoons, mineral water - 300 ml.
Lime blossom is poured with mineral water brought to 90 C, insist, until the water cools. Filter the broth and pour into ice molds. Clean in the freezer for freezing. Twice a day gently rub the skin of the face.

IMPORTANT: Frozen ice should not come into contact with one skin area for longer than 5 seconds.

RECIPE No. 2: Nourishing cream with linden.
It is necessary: ​​lanolin - 4 tablespoons;oil of almonds - 3 tablespoons, water boiled - 1/3 cup.
The mixer is beaten with lanolin, cosmetology oil and lime blossom. In the process, water is added. Use twice a day. Store in the refrigerator.

Lime and lime decoction: advice and feedback

Lipa is an affordable and versatile tool. At forums dedicated to folk medicine and cosmetology, many discuss the features of cooking and using lime decoction.
There you can read various recipes of nontraditional drugs with linden, which can be used for colds and flu, gastrointestinal diseases, genitourinary, cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as obesity. You can verify their effectiveness on your own experience.

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