Frequent sore throats and inflammatory processes in the larynx bring a lot of trouble, and are also a direct threat to the cardiovascular system. In medical practice, tonsillectomy is used - surgical removal of the tonsils, but recently a much more reliable alternative has appeared.

Cryotherapy of the tonsils has a significant advantage over the operating method, so its application is now more popular. What is this procedure, the features of its conduct and important nuances are discussed in the information of our article.

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Description of procedure

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Description of procedure

Handling of tonsils is performed only in medical institutions by a qualified doctor. For this, a special tool is used, the surface of which is cooled by liquid nitrogen to a certain temperature. Upon contact with the tissue of the tonsils, it freezes, and s

ubsequently dies out. In this case, the treatment affects only certain areas and is not carried out more than 3 to 4 mm. cryotherapy of tonsils

Cryotherapy of tonsils has a number of advantages:

  • More gentle and bloodless method, in contrast to removal.
  • No healthy tissue is affected.
  • Immune-stimulating functions of the organ remain.
  • Treatment of scars after tonsillitis.
  • Elimination of the inflammatory process.
  • Stimulation of the endocrine system.

After each transferred tonsillitis, there are scars on the surface of the tonsils, which can later become clogged with food. This also causes rotting processes in the larynx and contributes to infection of the body.

Cryo freeze helps to smooth the scars and restore tonsil tissues. Despite the fact that under the influence of low temperatures, the inflamed areas die, the remaining healthy tissue takes over all the functions of the immune organ. After several procedures of such treatment, the patient can for ever forget about such diseases, therefore this procedure is very effective and in demand. cryotherapy of tonsils in the clinic

Despite all the advantages, the method is also not devoid of shortcomings. First of all, these are quite objective reasons: it is difficult to find a good specialist in this field and quality equipment. In addition, some patients, especially younger children, may suffer from the discomfort associated with the procedures. This requires the use of anesthetics, which is not always acceptable. After the procedure, several days will also have to suffer other inconveniences.

When the process of death of inflamed tissues begins to develop, complaints arise about unpleasant sensations, soreness and strong smell from the mouth. These are temporary phenomena that must be taken into account before the procedure.

The need for repeating the procedures several times also can be attributed to shortcomings, but in this case much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Despite the popularity of the method, its cost remains rather high, and the number of procedures only increases the possible costs. All these shortcomings, although quite objective, are solvable, especially if one considers the risk of consequences after tonsillitis for the heart and the body as a whole.

For video cryotherapy of tonsils:

Indications for

procedure Before contacting a cryotherapy specialist, it is necessary to consult an otolaryngologist and, if necessary, a therapist. The risk of occurrence of an allergy to used anesthetic preparations, as well as possible contraindications, is elucidated.

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When the cryodestruction method is applied:

  • Chronic tonsillitis .In this case, the risk of infection of internal organs is high due to the spread of pathogenic bacteria throughout the body.
  • Frequent sore throats .This disease is not as safe as it may seem. Predisposition and frequent occurrence of sore throat helps weaken the heart muscle. Prevention of complications risk .Tonsillitis can give a negative reaction in the work of internal organs. In addition, there is a strong intoxication of the body with the products of the vital activity of the pathogenic flora.

cryo excision of tonsils

Unlike medical and surgical solutions to the problem, nitrogen freezing has a small amount of contraindications. This is due, above all, to the relative painlessness and simplicity of the procedure. To avoid possible harm to the body, such treatment methods should be avoided in the following cases.

Contraindications for cryotherapy:

  • Immunodeficiency states.
  • Allergic reaction to low temperatures.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Damage of tissues in the oral cavity.
  • Blood diseases.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Inflammatory processes in other organs.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Oncology.

The procedure is not carried out for women for five days and during menstruation. During pregnancy and lactation cryo treatment is possible only after consulting a doctor. Usually this does not affect the baby, but a woman such procedure can cause discomfort and excitement.

How everything happens

Before carrying out cryopreservation of the tonsils, it is necessary to sanitize the oral cavity. The existing problems with the teeth and gums may become a possible focus of infection on the treated tissues. In addition, you can not eat and drink about four hours before the procedure. To rule out unpleasant situations, be sure to consult a doctor about carrying out the freezing.

Execution algorithm:

cryo tonsils price

  1. The patient sits down in an armchair.
  2. Local anesthesia in progress.
  3. The device for freezing is injected into the mouth and applied to sore spots.
  4. The treatment time is determined individually, depending on the degree and area of ​​the lesion.
  5. A large area of ​​inflamed tonsils is treated by repeatedly applying the nozzle.
  6. After 7-10 days, the procedure is repeated to fix the result.

If necessary, several sessions of cryosis are required. Soreness during swallowing lasts up to four days, then a white coating appears and gradually the pieces begin to tear off the surface of the glands. Accelerate this process is highly discouraged, because it can lead to scarring and tissue damage. Do not gargle or try to remove the plaque in another way. After a week, the mouth cavity is cleaned by yourself, after which the specialist will conclude that further treatment is necessary.

During the recovery period, a sparing diet should also be observed. It is necessary to exclude from the diet acute, salty, too coarse and hot food. This will help minimize the risk of irritation of the surface of the glands.

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The cost of cryo processing may vary depending on the location of the medical center and the equipment used. On average, it will be 850 rubles per session. Duration and frequency of procedures may vary depending on individual characteristics.

Cryotherapy of the tonsils is a very effective and safe way to eliminate chronic inflammation in the larynx. This is a more gentle procedure and an excellent alternative to surgical intervention. It has its own peculiarities and contraindications, which are necessarily taken into account before carrying out. This information is given in our article.


  • Alexander: "Did a course of frost frost a couple of years ago. Feelings are not too pleasant, in addition, very sore throat after the first session. Fortunately, there is also a result. Previously, every winter season I had two or three angina, now I forgot about such a problem. I heard that after a certain time, there may be a risk of the return of such predisposition, but so far everything has turned out. "
  • Alina: " Did cryo-therapy of tonsils to her daughter. Tonsillitis often occurs in us, the pediatrician advised this method. The procedure is not pleasant, we even offered general anesthesia, but it turned out. The child complained of pains in the throat for a long time, but the result was worth it. Now it is much less sick with these diseases, even at sea they went without consequences. "
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