The cyst in the nose is a benign formation that is characterized by strong walls and filled with fluid. Accept a cyst can have a variety of sizes and area of ​​localization. And although this kind of pathological process is not so common, it can not be ignored. Diagnosis of the cyst is possible only with the help of X-ray examination.


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    • 1.1 Symptoms
  • 2 Conservative treatment
  • 3 Operation
  • 4 Folk remedies

Description of the problem

The cyst in the nose consists of cells of the mucous membrane. Their development is influenced by penetrating viruses, allergens and bacteria, as well as inflammations occurring in the bones of the upper jaw. Given the type of fluid that is inside the build-up, it can be purulent, mucous or serous.

In this case, the cyst in the nose may not give any indication of its existence. A person can live many years with ailment, not suspecting his presence.

Symptoms of

Given the location of the cyst, the symptomatology of the pathological process may have a different character. But there are a number of common signs by which the patient can in time suspect the problem and seek help: cyst in the nose

  • difficult breathing with the nose;
  • nasal congestion;
  • persistent headaches and dizziness;
  • discomfort in the forehead, nose, upper jaw;
  • discharge from the nose, having a meager character;
  • frequent repetition of chronic ailments of the nose.

A characteristic symptom of the ailment in question is a sharp pain syndrome with changes in atmospheric pressure. This occurs when flying on an airplane or when diving to a depth.

Conservative treatment

What should I do? Most cysts in the nose do not require the use of urgent therapy. Doctors advise such patients to observe the build-up and the rate of its growth. If the cyst does not give any unpleasant symptoms, then it does not make sense to delete it.

When the process of formation of the build-up has arisen as a result of the damage to the roots of the teeth, it can disappear on its own if high-quality dentistry is performed. In the presence of a cyst in the maxillary sinus, the patient can not be assigned physiotherapy procedures that involve the effect of heat. The fact is that this can lead to a further increase in the formation and transition of the inflammatory process to healthy sinuses.

Conservative treatment is reduced to the use of vasoconstrictor drops, glucocorticosteroids and resorptive drugs. But applying such techniques, you can only slow down the growth of the tumor, and even lower the risk of recurrence of various inflammations in the nasal cavity.

On video symptoms and treatment of cysts in the nose:

The next form of therapy is puncture of the cyst and pumping out its contents. For this purpose, a special needle is used. But this method can not always be used, because the walls of the tumor remain, and it can quickly fill with a new liquid.

With conservative treatment, it is necessary to influence not only the cyst. Various inflammatory processes occurring in the nasal cavity also need treatment with medication.

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Today there are several effective methods for removing build-up drift. The choice of this or that method is carried out taking into account the size and area of ​​cyst concentration. The operation can be performed surgically or minimally invasively. cyst surgery in the nose

Not so long ago for the removal of cysts often involved the operation of Caldwell-Luke. The essence of the operation is that a small incision is made in the upper lip from the inside of the cyst that is extracted from the sinus of the nose. But today this procedure is used not so often, because as a result of the operation damage to the sinus walls is applied. This leads to a violation of the natural ventilation of the cavity and its operation. As a result, the patient develops rhinitis and sinusitis. In addition, the operation involves the use of general anesthesia, because the procedure itself is painful.

The next type of surgery remains the operation of Denker .Its essence is that access to the bosom is carried out through the front wall. To delete in this way, different cysts are possible, regardless of their size and location. After such manipulation complications in the form of a genyantritis can be formed. Such a treatment option is considered traumatic and performs it under general anesthesia. cyst surgery in the nose

The most innovative and low-traumatic surgical treatment remains the endoscopic method. The essence of it is that the doctor through the nasal passage in the bosom introduces an endoscope. With his help, he extracts education. Thanks to this technique, there are no incisions and other injuries. Behind everything the doctor observes through the monitor, because the input endoscope is equipped with a camera.

After such a procedure, there is a minimal risk of complications and injury to the nose. Removal of a cyst by an endoscope can be performed under local anesthesia. The rehabilitation process is simple and not long.

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Folk remedies

The use of traditional medicine costs only when the cyst does not bring any unpleasant sensations to the patient. With the help of proven prescriptions, it is possible to slow down the growth of a tumor and to enhance the therapeutic effect of medicines. Effective are considered such recipes:

  • Inhalations. Boil the potatoes with the peel. Then crush it, add 5 drops of rosemary ether. Bend over the container and inhale the vapors for 10 minutes. Swallowing .It is necessary to take a glass of warm water, dissolve in it salt and soda for 10 g. Inhale the vapor of the resulting solution with your nose and exhale with your mouth.
  • Drops .Take 10 g of juice of onions, as much juice of aloe and beet. Mix everything in one container. Use the obtained drops 3 times a day. In one nasal passage send them in the amount of half a pipette. Use only freshly prepared product.
  • Aromatherapy .Oils, which contain menthol or eucalyptus, have a positive effect on human health. For these purposes, it is necessary to drop a few drops of the selected oil into a special lamp and inhale the medical vapor.

A cyst in the nose is not such a dangerous ailment if the arising growths do not increase in size and do not prevent a person from normal living, working and resting. Completely get rid of them can only be through surgery. But conservative methods will only slow down the growth of the tumor and prevent inflammation from affecting other parts of the respiratory tract.