Due to the constant stuffiness of the nose in a person, the brain does not get the necessary amount of oxygen, it gets tired all the time, it gets harder and harder to fall asleep at night. The result is his irritability and inhibition, and the quality of life decreases. Take measures to eliminate nasal congestion urgently and to direct all efforts to combat this disease.


  • 1 Treatment of children
  • 2 Treatment of an adult
  • 3 Elimination of a problem in pregnant women

Treatment of children

severe nasal congestion in a child than treated

When parents notice that their child breathes through the mouth, the cause of this condition may be hypothermia or cold. The question always arises when the child has a strong nasal congestion, than it is treated. To help cope with the problem, vasoconstrictive drops help: Sanorin, Tysin( here you will find the instruction for drops in the nose of Tizin), Naphthyzin. But to apply them for a long time is not worth it. In addition, babies can be prescrib

ed only by a pediatrician.

When the nasal congestion of a child is affected by mucosal edema, then anti-inflammatory drops can also have a therapeutic effect. In the treatment of sinusitis, the course of antibiotic therapy remains mandatory. Runny nose is very often the result of a malfunction in the hormonal system.

To cure the arisen zalozhennost not without hormones. To facilitate nasal breathing helps sanitation of the nasal cavity. Thanks to purification measures, it is possible to completely overcome the bacteria that caused the development of the pathological process.

When nasal breathing is difficult for a child due to an allergy, the first thing to do is to limit contact with the stimulus. Typically, an allergic reaction occurs on house dust, pet hair, pollen of plants. When parents are not able to understand the provoking factor, then during therapy it is necessary to use antihistamines. clean the child

When drug therapy does not give the desired result, then you can use folk methods. Such treatment is considered the safest, because it does not cause allergies, addiction and side effects. Many techniques are familiar from our grandmothers, therefore their positive influence was proved by time and practice.

The most effective include:

  1. Impact heat on the nose .For these purposes, you need to use boiled eggs or a bag of warm salt. Applying is necessary to various sides of the nose. The length of the procedure depends on how quickly the eggs or salt will cool. In the course of treatment, it is possible to overcome swelling and relieve congestion. But the application of heating is necessary for children only provided that the cause of shortness of breath is not sinusitis. And in this article it is indicated, whether it is possible to warm a nose at a genyantritis or it is necessary to refrain from it or this. pouch with hot salt on the baby
  2. Home-made drops of not only effectively fight with nasal congestion, but also save your money. It is necessary to take aloe juice, dilute it in the same ratio with the reins and drip the nose to the child. A new solution must be prepared before use. Another drip the baby can onion juice diluted with water. Here you can find reviews about the aloe juice from the common cold. aloe juice for the nose

Treatment of an adult

How to get rid of the stuffiness of adults? When an adult complains of shortness of breath and does not have a runny nose, then it is important to visit the otolaryngologist to find out what triggered this condition and to prescribe an effective treatment to detect a provoking factor. Typically, therapeutic interventions suggest the following action plan:

  1. When nasal congestion is the result of polyps or adenoids, then almost the only way to eliminate them is surgery. After a short period of time after the intervention, a person will be able to feel considerable relief. On the link it is possible to read, whether it is possible and how to cure polyps in a nose without operation.
    polyp removal

    In the photo - surgery to remove polyps

  2. With an allergy, the nose can be clogged during contact with the allergen .In addition to eliminating such contact, the patient must take antiallergic drugs. Here you can read what drops in the nose can be used for allergic rhinitis.
  3. If nasal congestion does not involve mucus secretion, then it is worthwhile to involve cryotherapy in the process. Under the influence of low temperatures, it is possible to break the affected nerve fibers. After that, the patient is relieved. In the course of deep freezing, the vessels narrow, and the air freely mixes through the nasal passages. Cryotherapy can be performed many times, since there are no scars and ulcers after it.

price of tablets from the cold Cinnabsin What is the price of tablets from the Cinnabsin Coryza, indicated in this article.

The ears are filled with a runny nose, what to do and what to treat, is indicated in the article.

The best way to wash your nose with a cold is indicated here: http: //prolor.ru/n/ lechenie-n / chem-promyvat-nos-rebenku-pri-nasmorke.html

In addition to the suggested tips, old and proven methods can help to eliminate severe stuffiness. The most famous of them are:

  1. All known balsam Zvezdochk a, containing in its brew essential oils, allows you to get instant results. The benefits include fast effect and harmlessness, but to the minuses - a sharp unpleasant odor. balm Asterisk
  2. Nasal drops based on Kalanchoe juice .The result of their application is frequent sneezing, thanks to which the human body leaves harmful viruses. Drops in the nose based on the Kalanchoe juice
  3. Essential oils based on mint, lemon or eucalyptus can overcome the stuffiness of the nose. It is enough to place 1-2 drops on a pillow or napkin, breathe, as the condition immediately improves. Essential oils based on mint
  4. Seawater perfectly cleanses nasal passages and eliminates pathogenic microorganisms. It is necessary to drip 1 to 3 drops in each nasal passage. Although it will not be possible to get an instantaneous effect, but all viruses and microbes will be destroyed. About how to rinse the nose of a child with Aqualor, you can learn from this article. sea ​​water for washing the nose
  5. Drinking drink .Here you can use decoctions of medicinal herbs, warm milk, raspberry tea.
  6. Massage and warming up the feet .Such measures significantly improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling of the mucous membrane.

Eliminating the problem in pregnant women

When a woman is in an interesting position, but she is bothered by a problem associated with a stuffy nose that does not go away for a long time, then the cause of pathology can be not only an infectious disease, but also a rhinitis of pregnant women. If this is the case, then special therapeutic measures should not be taken, since after the delivery the nasal breathing will be restored.

But future mothers can take certain actions to relieve nasal congestion, since the baby needs a certain portion of oxygen. If he does not receive it, then it is fraught with such complications as inhibition in development, as well as underdevelopment of organs and systems.

In this case, you can drip your nose with saline solution or spray irrigation with a moisturizing spray. What is characteristic of such funds is the use in unlimited quantities.

If nasal congestion is a common occurrence in pregnant women, then it is necessary to use vasoconstrictive drops or spray. But it is very cautious to apply them: occasionally and in a minimal amount. vasoconstrictor drops or spray for pregnant women

It does not matter, for exactly what reasons there was a strong stagnation, you need to direct all your efforts to overcome it. This pathological process gives everyone a huge inconvenience. It is best in this situation to see a doctor, because from not knowing the provoking factor to overcome the stuffiness is simply impossible.