Myoma of the uterus during pregnancy: is it dangerous, what is threatening, what are the consequences for the child? Can myoma of the uterus be confused with pregnancy? Can uterine fibroids cover, ache, or resolve during pregnancy?

What is myoma of the uterus? Can I get pregnant and bear a baby with myoma of the uterus? How can I treat myoma of the uterus during pregnancy?

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  • Myoma of the uterus: symptoms and signs, contraindications
  • Myoma and pregnancy - are they compatible, is it dangerous, what threatens?
  • How does uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?
  • Myoma of the small uterus, subserious, submucous, interstitial, intramural, multiple, large and pregnant: consequences for the child
  • Myoma appeared during pregnancy and is growing: what to do?
  • Does myoma show a positive pregnancy test?
  • Can myoma cure during pregnancy?
  • Can myoma be sick during pregnancy?
  • Can myoma dissolve during pregnancy?
  • Can myoma be confused with pregnancy?
  • Comparison of the size of fibroids with gestational age
  • Treatment of uterine fibroids during pregnancy
  • Removal of fibroids in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy after removal of uterine fibroids: is there a danger to the child and the mother?
  • Myoma of the uterus: Video

Benign tumors in the uterus today have become a very common phenomenon. Almost every third woman is exposed to a similar diagnosis. Such patients should not despair and panic, because benign neoplasms of the uterus and cervix in most cases are able to resolve under the influence of hormonal changes in the body or with proper treatment. To this kind of diseases is the uterine myoma.

Uterine fibroids: symptoms and signs, contraindications

Classification of uterine myomas

Myoma of the uterus is a benign tumor that forms in its muscle layer - myometrium. Hence the name of the disease. Myomas are of different sizes and types.

Given the composition of education, it is classified into:

  1. fibroma( fibromyoma) - a tumor consisting of connective tissue;
  2. Leiomyoma is a tumor woven from muscle tissue;
  3. fibroid on the leg - a tumor that is attached to the uterus with a special support;
  4. calcified - myoma, covered from the outside by a protective calcium dome.

The second classification of myoma is based on its localization:

  1. interstitial( intramural) - located in the intermuscular space;
  2. submucous - localized under the mucosa;
  3. intraligamentary - formed in the intermuscular space;
  4. is subserous - appearing in the subperitoneal region.
Symptoms of uterine fibroids

Symptoms of uterine myoma are often absent. A woman can live a long time with this education, without even knowing about its existence. At the same time, a gynecologist on a routine examination is also not always able to see the presence of a tumor. This is the risk.

Symptoms of uterine myoma can be considered:

  • problems with monthly( delays, profuse and painful periods, unplanned menstruation in the middle of the cycle);
  • painful pulling sensations in the lower abdomen or in the lower back;
  • frequent and painful urination;
  • prolonged constipation;
  • pain in the heart;
  • anemia;
  • abdominal growth without an increase in the rest of the body weight;
  • long absence of pregnancy;
  • increased body temperature;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • impotence.
Contraindications for uterine myomas

Contraindications for uterine myoma can be considered:

  • massage in the uterus;
  • visiting saunas and saunas;
  • taking hot tubs;
  • visit the solarium and stay under the open sunlight;
  • use of warming physiotherapy procedures;
  • weight lifting( over 3kg);
  • overstrain and strong physical activity;
  • overstrain of abdominal muscles of the press;
  • stresses and experiences;
  • excessive intake of fluids before bedtime;
  • abortion;
  • use of certain hormonal drugs;

Myoma and pregnancy - are they compatible, is it dangerous, what threatens?

Myoma of the uterus during pregnancy
  • First of all, it should be said that women with fibroids in the uterus will be difficult enough to become pregnant.
  • Benign education can squeeze the fallopian tubes, which significantly complicates the process of moving the sperm to the egg, as well as a normal cycle of ovulation.
  • Patients with small-sized fibroids localized far from the child's place, have all the chances to become pregnant and normally bear the baby.
  • But not in all cases everything is so colorful and cloudless. In some situations, the presence of fibroids is a contraindication to conception.

How does uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

How can uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

Myoma can cause a number of irreversible and dangerous conditions:

  • If the myoma is located close to the placenta, it can disrupt its circulation and cause phytoplacental insufficiency.
  • Phytoplacental insufficiency is the cause of a lack of oxygen in the fetus( fetal hypoxia) and nutrients.
  • Myoma can provoke abruption of the placenta and premature termination of pregnancy.
  • Since the fibroid in the uterus occupies a certain amount of space, it can cause the development of the baby various pathologies( abnormalities in the development of the skull, small weight).
  • The tumor secretes certain substances that can provoke uterine contractions - at the early stages of pregnancy, the tone of the uterus can lead to miscarriage.
  • Myoma can cause fetal presentation, which entails prolonged delivery.
  • In some cases, such formations serve as indications for cesarean section.

Uterine fibroids of small size, subserous, submucous, interstitial, intramural, plural, large and pregnant: effects on the child

Subserous myoma

Subserous myoma and pregnancy
  • The subserous uterine myoma is a formation in the outer spheres of this organ.
  • This arrangement causes a minimal tumor effect on fetal development during pregnancy.
  • Risks only occur when the myoma reaches an impressive size and is located near the fallopian tubes - then it can become an obstacle to the fertilization of the egg.
  • Most often, such fibroids do not pose a threat to the health of the child and future mother.
  • Subserious myomas on the leg are considered dangerous.
  • Complicated situations are those cases when the myoma on the leg twists - around the formation may begin necrotic processes.

Submucous myoma

Submucous uterine myoma and pregnancy
  • This type of myoma is considered one of the most dangerous for pregnancy.
  • Firstly, such education will be a huge obstacle on the way to fertilization - a fetal egg it will be very difficult to attach inside to the affected areas of the uterus.
  • Secondly, with submucous myoma, the probability of miscarriage is very high, since it develops directly inside the uterus and provokes a large number of unfavorable pregnancies.

Interstitial or Intramural myoma

Interstitial or Intramural myoma in pregnancy
  • Since interstitial myoma occurs inside the muscular layer of the uterus, the risks of pregnancy, if it exists, will directly depend on its size, rate of development, and proximity to the placenta.
  • Too large interstitial or intramural myomas can cause the development of the fetus( deformation of the skull, torticollis, hypoxia, small weight) to be disrupted.

Multiple myoma

Multiple uterine myoma and pregnancy

With multiple fibroids, the likelihood that one of the myomas will be near the placenta or be too large, through the chur is high.

Small and large fibroids

Small and large fibroids in pregnancy
  • Often small fibroids do not carry a great danger during pregnancy.
  • The risks of their effects on the fetus and placenta will depend only on how closely they are located to the placental circle.
  • Large fibroids, especially localized not outside but inside the uterus, can cause insufficient space for the fetus.
  • Under the pressure of a large fibroids, the baby will be difficult to develop in utero - it will simply be cramped.
  • In later terms, fibroids may cause malformations of the bone marrow of the baby, as well as premature birth.

Myoma appeared during pregnancy and is growing: what to do?

What if the uterine fibroids appeared during pregnancy and started to grow?
  • Statistics show that often myoma begins to grow in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Most likely, this is due to the rapid increase in the size of the uterus and the stretching of its tissues and muscles.
  • In the third trimester, the myoma often begins to decrease, and sometimes even disappears altogether.
  • However, it happens that the fibroid does not stop growing, or during two trimester it has time to increase to inadmissible sizes.
  • This state of things can be dangerous, both for mom and baby.
  • The fetus may suffer from hypoxia and the tightness of the space within the uterus.
  • For the future mummy, the consequences of bleeding and necrotic processes developing against the background of crushing or twisting of fibroids may be fraught.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to resort to surgical methods for removing myomatous education, even during the period of the baby's bearing.
  • In any case, if a uterine myoma is found during pregnancy, the physician should regularly observe it and record any changes.

Does myoma show a positive pregnancy test?

Will a pregnancy test respond to a uterine myoma?
  • As everyone knows, the pregnancy test reacts to the presence of a hCG hormone in the urine.
  • After fertilization, the level of this hormone begins to grow rapidly in the female body.
  • Myoma of the uterus can not affect the production of hCG, so the test for this disease in the absence of pregnancy should be negative.

Can myoma be covered in pregnancy?

Can I provoke hemorrhage of the uterine fibroids during pregnancy? Yes, the fibroids located inside the uterus can cause bleeding.
  • As a rule, this state of things becomes the reason for surgical intervention and removal of fibroids.
  • Most of these operations end successfully for both the woman and the baby.
  • Can myoma be sick during pregnancy?

    Pain during pregnancy due to uterine fibroids
    • Very often uterine myomas cause pain in women.
    • This state of affairs is often only emotional and is not dangerous either for the future mother or for her baby.
    • In such cases, the gynecologist can prescribe a pregnant bed rest, a prolonged sleep, a cold compress on the stomach, a No-shpa reception.

    Can myoma dissolve during pregnancy?

    Can uterine fibroids disappear during pregnancy?
    • The disappearance of uterine fibroids during pregnancy is a fairly common fact.
    • Doctors do not yet know what caused this.
    • Most likely, myoma dissolves due to the hormonal boom occurring in the female body during pregnancy.
    • Also the cause of the disappearance of fibroids may be insufficient blood supply, as a result of which it begins to collapse and die.

    Can myoma be confused with pregnancy?

    Can I confuse myoma of the uterus and pregnancy?
    • Visually fibroids and early pregnancy can be confused.
    • Fruit egg 5 weeks after conception acquires size and shape, similar to uterine myoma.
    • Some gynecologists not only on visual examination, but also on ultrasound images, are not always 100% sure that they have a myoma or a fetal egg before them.
    • Therefore, in order to exclude myoma, it is necessary to assign a blood test for hCG or to purchase a pharmacy test.
    • If the level of hCG is overestimated, then a woman can be congratulated on pregnancy, but if the HCG is at an average, then the doctor is dealing with fibroid.
    • Also, with myoma, the periods remain, which is not typical for pregnancy.

    Comparison of the size of fibroids with gestational age

    Ratio of uterine fibroids with gestational age

    Treatment of uterine fibroids in pregnancy

    Treatment of uterine fibroids during pregnancy
    • Usually, it is only observed during my pregnancy.
    • The fact is that it is necessary to treat this education only with the help of hormonal preparations, the reception of which during pregnancy is strictly forbidden.
    • All that a doctor can do while wearing a woman with my baby's fibroid is to prevent the development of anemia by taking iron-containing preparations and foods, to balance the nutrition of the woman and prescribe her complex vitamins with a high content of folic and ascorbic acid, as well as B vitamins.
    • Only after the delivery, the doctor can be taken for productive treatment of myoma, if it is, of course, needed.

    Removal of fibroids in pregnancy

    Does the uterine myoma disappear during pregnancy?
    • In rare cases, when the growth of myoma during pregnancy is accompanied by unbearable pain, bleeding and risks to the health of the mother, as well as the baby, a decision can be made about the operation.
    • The removal of myomectic formation is by laparoscopy.
    • This technique allows to minimize all possible risks.

    Pregnancy after removal of uterine fibroids: is there a danger to the baby and the mother?

    How does removal of uterine fibroids affect subsequent pregnancy?

    With a small size, the myoma of a doctor is often inclined to her excision.
    There are several methods for removing uterine fibroids:

    • Laparoscopy is an operation performed using a special device that allows you to make only a small incision on the front wall of the abdomen.
    • Hysteroscopy is an operation that is performed by inserting into the vagina of a special apparatus capable of penetrating the inside of the uterus.
    • FUS ablation is a procedure for ultrasonic removal of fibroids.
    • Vessel embolization is an operation aimed at blocking the blood flow to the myoma.
    • Hysterectomy - removal of the uterus entirely with or without tubes.

    All methods, except the last, leave a chance for a woman to become pregnant.
    The problem is only in the bearing of the baby.
    The fact is that large scars, which are formed by the removal of large myomas, can cause uterine rupture during pregnancy.
    The best assistant for women who have removed fibroids, and the desire to give birth to the baby remains, it will be Time.
    The better and more reliable the seam will be after the operation, the greater the probability of a successful pregnancy.

    Lovely women, uterine fibroids - this is not a sentence, but just an unpleasant diagnosis. Never be discouraged! Treated, pregnant and give birth to healthy children!

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