It would seem that in the modern world there are so many effective drugs actively eliminating cough in adults. But not everything is so simple. Not all of them have a positive effect, according to the manufacturer. And the reason is not that they are substandard, it's just that every person has a cold in their own way. Here you can find a list of medicines for dry cough. Here is described the allergic cough in adults.

A unique drug is a syrup based on licorice root. She actively struggles with the disease, reducing the intensity of cough and actively withdrawing phlegm.

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The effect of the drug and its constituents

Licorice root is a herbal preparation. In its composition, it is possible to detect such components as:

  • glycyrrhizin( 6 to 12%);
  • glycyrrhizic acid and its salts;
  • flavone glycosides;
  • isoflavonoids;
  • derivatives of kumestan;
  • hydroxy coumarins;
  • steroids;
  • essential oils.

root licorice syrup instructions for adults

A component such as glycyrrhizin, activates the ciliary epithelium, and enhances the secretory function of the mucosal upper respiratory tract. He actively removes accumulated sputum, liquefying it. In addition, it is characterized by the provision of antiulcer, anti-inflammatory action, reduced platelet aggregation.

On the video - instruction on the use of adults syrup root Licorice:

Licorice actively affects the body, resulting in a reduction in the amount of cortisone released. Glycyrrhizic acid and metabolites contribute to the achievement of a pseudoaldosteron-like effect. Lequiritoside can eliminate the spasms that have arisen in smooth muscles.

Licorice syrup refers to effective cough suppressants. As part of the syrup, you can find such components:

  • licorice root - 4 g;
  • alcohol - 10 g;
  • sugar syrup is 86 g.

This kind of composition will help to achieve a stable therapeutic effect. The taste is very sweet and pleasant. The syrup is characterized by a specific medicamentous odor. The shade at the root of licorice is brown. application of licorice syrup to adults

The presented medicine allows to successfully eliminate the mucus that has accumulated in the bronchi due to the defeat of the body by a cold disease. In addition, the syrup helps to strengthen the body's defenses, as a result of which it can overcome the inflammation that has arisen.

Its unique composition allows successfully to overcome all pathogenic microorganisms, microbes, viruses, which affect the human body during a cold disease.

Application of licorice syrup is indispensable during the winter-spring seasonal ailments. The reason for this wide demand for this drug is that its components actively increase immunity, as a result of which it becomes resistant to the vectors of the disease.

The presented medicine is very popular not only among the therapist, but also pediatricians. Many doctors prescribe a remedy for young children, even in the first days of life. It is not for nothing that this drug is called universal, because in addition to cough, it can be used to treat gastrointestinal ailments, and also acts as an antipyretic. The root of licorice and the syrup cooked on its basis is a natural product that can be given even to a baby and does not worry that this medicine will somehow harm him. application of licorice syrup to adults and not only

But not in all cases, licorice syrup should be used in the treatment of cough. There are a number of contraindications, in case of non-observance of which you can significantly aggravate your situation and cause a number of complications. Based on this, the medicine should not be used in the following diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • of the gastrointestinal tract( gastritis, ulcer);
  • is an allergic reaction that occurs on one of the constituent components of the drug.

With extreme caution, the syrup should be taken by women in the position and by those who are still breastfeeding their baby. If you have bronchitis and pleurisies, taking place in an acute form, then take the drug only on the advice of a doctor.

There are times when this medication can provoke an allergy, as well as cause an increase in blood pressure. Storage of syrup should be carried out in a cool place and inaccessible to little pranksters. Before using medication, be sure to read the instructions to avoid taking medication that has already expired.

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How to take, drink

Today, many people do not trust modern drugs and for this reason they start to prepare the syrup from the licorice root themselves. Many doctors do not support this idea. The reason is that home-made medicines do not have clear storage periods, and if they are not properly stored, they quickly deteriorate and lose their medicinal properties. It is better to go to the pharmacy and buy a ready-made drug. To survive for the naturalness of this medication is not worth it, since its composition contains only natural elements.

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To provide poisoning of the body, it is necessary to carefully study the instruction before use. In addition, the drug should be used exactly in the dosage indicated in the instructions or determined by the attending physician. Otherwise, you can earn side effects, which manifest as nausea and vomiting.

Adults should use this syrup in the amount of a tablespoon, which must be dissolved in a glass of boiled water.

Take the medicine for 7-14 days. When using this syrup, you must take into account that it contains ethanol. For this reason, prolonged use of the medicine may cause swelling.

Under the link you can read how to take licorice syrup to children. Store licorice syrup for 2 years, in a cool and dry place. Despite the fact that the preparation consists of natural components, it is necessary to consult a specialist before using it. If you strictly follow all the predictions and dosage, then you can heal your body from a cold, improve your mood and strengthen your immune system.

Licorice syrup is an effective cough medicine that is actively used not only in pediatrics. The drug has its effect during the treatment of colds in adults. The main advantages of the syrup are not only its naturalness and effectiveness, but also a low price, so each patient can buy licorice syrup and start treatment. Of the budget funds for cough treatment also use tablets with thermopsis( here you will find instructions), children's dry cough medicine, with angina use furatsilin. On the link, you can read how to gargle with throat furatsilinom with angina.