Tracheitis is a pathological process characterized by inflammation of the trachea mucosa. The peculiarity of this disease is the presence of a strong cough. Without appropriate therapy, inflammation will also damage other respiratory tract organs, and chronization will occur. There are several factors that can affect the development of tracheitis, so treatment should begin only after the cause has been clarified. If the development of inflammation is affected by bacteria, then the therapy scheme will necessarily include antibacterial drugs.


  • 1 Indications
  • 2 Admission Adult
    • 2.1 Augmentin
    • 2.2 Flemoksin
    • 2.3 Sumamed
    • 2.4 Fluimucil
    • 2.5 Bioparox
    • 2.6 Abaktal
  • 3 Children
    • 3.1 Augmentin
    • 3.2 Amoxiclav
    • 3.3 Flemoklav
    • 3.4 Berodual
    • 3.5 Biseptol
    • 3.6 Mukaltin
    • 3.7 Erespal

Indications for admission

Treat tracheitis with antibiotics only if the deve

lopment of the disease is associated with bacteria. With the viral etiology of the pathological process, taking antibiotics will be in vain.

Antibiotics may be prescribed with the following indicators:

  • Suspicion of inflammation in the lungs;
  • cough worries for more than 3 weeks;
  • constant temperature rise;
  • occurrence of symptoms of angina, sinusitis and otitis.

If you do not take all these signs of trachyte into account, then, most likely, it will pass from the acute form to the chronic one. Prescribe an antibiotic, its dosage and duration of admission can only be a specialist. In this case, the doctor must take into account the patient's age, symptoms, the presence or absence of concomitant pathologies, side effects and contraindications.

On video antibiotics for tracheitis:

For adults

In the treatment of tracheitis, it is necessary to choose only those drugs that will not only be effective, but also safe.


This medicine belongs to the group of penicillins. You can buy it in the format of tablets, powder for suspension, solution for injection. You can apply to both adults and children 12 years. Contraindicated medication for diseases of the digestive tract, during pregnancy and allergies to penicillin.


augmentin in tablets


This antibiotic also belongs to the penicillin group. Applied with the treatment of inflammation of the trachea in adults. Limit dosage in lymph is observed after 2 hours from the time of admission. Sold antibiotic in tablet format. But how to take Flemoxin soluteba with angina in adults will help to understand this information.


Flemoxin in tablets


The drug belongs to the macrolith group. It is common for nerg to accumulate in the respiratory tract. Sumamed can be involved in the treatment of various infectious pathologies, including tracheitis.



Both adults and children, as well as pregnant ladies can be involved. He has virtually no contraindications and side effects. Produce a drug in the form of dragees, capsules, powder for suspension and syrup. And here is how to take Sumamed at a genyantritis, and how much this means effectively.very detailed in this article.

how to treat tracheitis in children But how to treat tracheitis in children, and what is the most effective means, is described in great detail in this article.

How is the treatment of acute tracheitis, and what means are the best, is indicated here.

What to do when dry cough for tracheitis does not last long, is described here in the article: http: // bolezni-g /kashel/ pri-traxeite.html

But what to cure tracheitis in an adult, what should one take from drugs in the first place, will help to understandthis information.


This preparation is presented as a solution for injections. Has a mucolytic effect. It affects the mucous membranes, moisturizes them and softens them, inhibiting the pathogenic microflora. It is an antibacterial drug, but it does not cause negative effects on the digestive organs. And here is how to do inhalations with Fluimucil in genyantritis, and how effective it is.very detailed in this article.


Flumucil in

tablets Bioparox

It is considered one of the most common in the treatment of airway pathologies, among which is tracheitis. Applied for irrigation of the nasal cavity and throat. Bioparox is effective against many pathogens.


bioparox for the respiratory tract

It is possible to use the girls during the bearing of the child, but only it is necessary to do this under the control of the doctor. But what to replace Bioparox with genyantritis, and what medicine can be better for use, is described here in the article.


This medication belongs to the group of fluoroquinolones. Produced in the format of tablets and solution for injections. Do not use pregnant women and girls in lactation, patients under 12 years. Very often, Abaktal is used for inhalation.



Also in the pharmacy you can see the drug in the form of tablets for resorption. If you take this medicine correctly, you can eliminate the cough, lower the temperature and achieve a speedy recovery.

For children

In the treatment of inflammation in children, there is a certain number of antibiotics that can be prescribed by a doctor after passing the diagnosis.


The preparation is in tablet and powder form for suspension. When appointing a dosage, the doctor is guided by the body weight of the child. For newborns, a suspension is used. Maintain caution with poor liver and kidney function.

augmentin for children

Augmentin for Children


This medicine has a wide range of effects. Used in the treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract. The duration of therapy will be 5-14 days. You can use it for children, pregnant women and girls when breastfeeding. How is treatment of angina Amoxiclave, described in detail in the article.

amoksiklav for children

amoksiklav for children


This preparation is produced in the format of tablets. Has a bactericidal effect. When treating tracheitis in children, the dosage is 125 mg / 31.25 mg 2 times a day.

fleumoclave for children

femoclave for children in tablets


This medicine has a combined effect. It is produced in the solution format used for inhalations. Involving Berodual, manages to cope with spasm and an attack of suffocation. The positive effect of Berodual application comes instantly, 10 minutes after inhalation. And it lasts about 10 hours.

baby for inhalation

baby-child for inhalation

Use the drug for patients under 6 years of age, 10 drops, and for older patients, the dosage will be 20 drops.


This is another combined medication that is a representative of the sulfonamide group. It is a bacterial medicine that can be produced in various forms: a dragee, a solution, a syrup, a suspension. When taking Biseptol, there may be side effects such as allergies. You can not use an antibiotic with severe disruption of the liver and kidneys, patients up to 3 months, with bright heart failure and blood vessels.

Biseptol for children

Biseptol for Children

The dosage of Biseptol is determined on an individual basis and depends on the age of the child and the severity of the disease. Very rarely there can be such side effects as nausea, poor appetite.


This antibacterial preparation is of vegetable origin, since it is based on marshmallow. Effectively stops inflammation, exerts an expectorant and softening effect. With the help of Mukalitin it is possible to protect the respiratory tract from an irritating factor, to soften breathing.

mukaltin for children

mukaltin for children in tablets

They produce medication in the form of tablets. The duration of therapy is 7-14 days. For children under 6, the drug should be taken ½ dragees 3 times a day. For older patients, the dosage will be 1 tablet 3 times a day. Do not use on newborns. In addition, Mukaltin is contraindicated in the case of an acute ulcer or gastritis, with allergies to the active components of the medication. Take caution in children with diabetes.


This preparation is distinguished by its multicomponent. Has several effects at once:

  • antihistamine - reduces swelling of the mucous membrane;
  • stops inflammation;
  • elimination of spasm in the bronchi;
  • reduced viscosity and normalized production of mucus.

Produce Erespal in the form of syrup and drakes. The required dosage is based on the weight of the child. Receive 3 times a day. Erespal have no contraindications, in addition to individual intolerance. It can be used in the treatment of tracheitis in newborns, then only in the syrup format.

Erespal for children

Erespal for children

The treatment of tracheitis, which was influenced by bacteria, is impossible without the use of antibiotics. Thanks to them, it will be possible to neutralize the pathogenic microflora and improve the patient's condition. The choice of the drug and its dosage is determined only after the diagnostic methods have been carried out and the diagnosis is made.