Paratonlesillar abscess or purulent tonsillitis is a complication that results from ineffective treatment of acute inflammation. For the pathological process under consideration, a purulent abscess is found that affects the proximal zone. As a result, the patient experiences a rise in temperature, an increase in lymph nodes. Treatment in this case should be appointed urgently. But the choice of the method of therapy will depend on the stage of the abscess.


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paratonsillar abscess

When purulent tonsillitis clinical picture is observed from the other side,on which the formation of a purulent focus occurred. Recognize the abscess mono for the following symptoms:

  • poor overall well-being;
  • temperature rise to 38039 degrees;
  • increase in the intensity of pain in the throat, as a result of which it becomes jerky and can hit the ear, jaw;
  • intensifies the pain when swallowing, and it becomes so pronounced that the patient is forced to abandon water and food;
  • abundant salivary secretion, which occurs as a response to irritation of the salivary glands;
  • is a nasty smell from the mouth, which indicates the process of vital activity of bacteria that caused the development of an abscess;
  • triasm of the chewing musculature - muscle spasm, in which the patient can not open his mouth wide;
  • slurred speech, nasal;
  • pain in the neck when turning head, which indicates the spread of the inflammatory process to the neck muscles and lymph nodes;
  • is a sore throat when trying to swallow food.

On video parathonsillar abscess in a child:

Treatment with medicines

In the treatment of paratonzillar abscess, the doctor can prescribe the following medicines:

  1. Antibiotics .For the treatment of purulent tonsillitis, antibacterial drugs of tetracycline and aminoglycoside groups are used. Amoxicillin may also be prescribed( but whether Amoxicillin should be used for colds is very detailed in this article) Amoxicilin-Clavulanate, which have a wide sect of influence, suppressing various kinds of bacteria.


  2. Macrolides may be used provided that there is no positive dynamics from the administration of the above drugs.
  3. Alternative antibiotics are cephalosporins of 2 or 3 generations.
  4. Anesthetics, vitamin complexes and immunostimulants.

As for local therapy, it boils down to gargle with antiseptic solutions and apply local antibacterial drugs in the form of a spray, tablets and an aerosol.


If the paratonsillar abscess is at the last stage of development, then it can not be cured by medication. Only the operation can help here. It is performed in a hospital by opening an abscess.

In video, how is the removal of the paratonlesillar abscess:

For this, the patient is initially treated with a local anesthetic - a solution of Dicaine, Lipokain. Then perform an incision on the most swollen area with further expansion of the area of ​​the abscess. For these purposes, use the pharyngeal tweezers. After cleaning the purulent cavity, the wound is treated with an antiseptic solution. To improve the outflow of pus in the opened cavity, establish drainage.

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Treatment at home

Of course, you can not cure purulent tonsillitis with home remedies alone. Apply them only if the pathology develops at the initial stage, and folk remedies act as additional methods of therapy.

Fir cones

fir cones for throat

Finely plow a handful of raw materials, add 2 cups of boiling water. Set on the stove so that the water boils. Then cover and wait for 30 minutes. After the time has passed, add a couple of drops of pine ether to the infusion. If this is not available, then any coniferous oil can be used.

Refit to the boiling plate. Now you can use inhalation, which lasts 15 minutes. Similar activities should be performed 2-3 times a day. The resulting solution can be used to wash the throat. Do this 5-6 times a day. Treatment is performed until the entire clinical picture is defeated.

Honey onions

Grind the onion, combine with 40 ml of honey. Warm up in the microwave. Take the medicine 5 g every 2 hours. Do not swallow, keep in your mouth until the mixture dissolves. But how to use onion syrup from cough and how effective it is is described in detail in this article.


In the fight against pus, the mummy is excellent. It can be bought in a pharmacy in a tablet form. To dissolve tablets it is necessary every day 2 times a day. Thanks to this drug can quickly cope with the infection.

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Propolis tincture

propolis tincture

This product has unique properties, because thanks to tincture it is possible to remove inflammation, fungal and bacterial damage, and even increase the defenses of the body. There are several ways to use, among which:

  1. Connect 200 ml of warm water and 20 ml of propolis tincture. The resulting solution should be used to rinse the throat. Conduct similar events several times a day.
  2. In addition, you can simply drink a tincture in the amount of 20 drops. Take it 2 times a day.
  3. Combine the tincture and vegetable oil in equal amounts. Moisten cotton wool in solution and process the place where the abscess is observed. Such actions should be performed as often as possible until recovery occurs.

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Features of the treatment of children

Treatment of purulent tonsillitis in a child is immediately by the method of opening abscesses and removing pus. Conduct such activities in the ENT department. Although there are situations when doctors prescribe small antibiotics to small patients. As practice shows, a positive effect in this case rarely occurs, so still have to resort to surgical treatment. After surgery, doctors prescribe antibiotics, thanks to which you can create protection against re-infection. than to treat paratonsillar abscess in children

For paratonsillar abscess characterized by a distinct tendency to repeat. And the relapse is observed within a year after an extract from the hospital. If abscesses are repeated often, then this is a serious reason for removing tonsils.

Purulent tonsillitis is a serious disease that affects both children and adults. The main reason for its development is untreated acute angina. In most cases, treatment is reduced to the rapid removal of pus. But if the pathological process was detected at the initial stage, then there are all chances to cure it, using medication and home remedies in combination.