Nasal bleeding is a common phenomenon that can be seen in both adults and children. And the intensity of bleeding can be different. Subdivide nasal bleeding into two types - hind and fore. They differ with respect to the physiological features of the blood supply to the nose. Today, there are various reasons for influencing nosebleeds. It is after determining the underlying factor that it will be possible to proceed to therapy.


  • 1 Injury
  • 2 Hypertension
  • 3 Morning phenomenon
  • 4 Pregnancy
  • 5 polyps in the nose
  • 6 Pheochromocytoma
  • 7 Cocaine use
  • 8 Colds
  • 9 Thermal effects
  • 10 Hormonal disorders Fatigue
  • 11


nasal trauma

Mechanical injury - is the most common cause of nasal bleeding. Bloody discharge can occur when a person picks up in the nose or blows with a special effort. And there is a bleeding as a result of trauma to the vessels of the nose, which then swell and burst.

Increased pressure

This problem is most familiar to older people today, as the rise in blood pressure in them happens very often. But this does not mean that it does not concern young people. Since the pressure of lymph increases with increased pressure, the fragile walls of the vessels can not withstand this and are torn. From here the blood begins to flow from the nose. If this phenomenon is permanent, then it is necessary to inform the doctor about it, so that he can appoint a complex treatment.

With high blood pressure, blood discharge is observed not only in the morning, but throughout the day. After the cause of nasal bleeding has been eliminated, dryness is felt in the nasal cavity. Sometimes the mucous membrane can be cleaved. At elevated blood pressure, bloody discharge follows a slow trickle.

Morning phenomenon

bleeding in the morning

If spotting from the nose is a morning symptom, this is most often observed in men. And the reason in the curved septum, which arose as a result of smoking, overwork or harmful working conditions.

Though it is not necessary to exclude also more serious reasons are tumors in a nose, system pathologies of a blood. When bleeding from the nose occurs often in the morning, and pain is felt, it would be advisable to visit a doctor.


When a child is born under the influence of hormones, the total volume of blood rises, which increases the load on the cardiovascular system. In a pregnant woman, the nasal mucosa becomes brittle and thin, and as blood pressure rises, blood begins to flow from the nose. This phenomenon should be told to the doctor in charge, as high blood pressure has a negative impact on the child's condition.

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Polyps in the nose

Polyps are formed on the mucosa of the nasal cavity. If they are available, they are not able to function properly. The arisen formations do not allow one to breathe normally, as a result of which pressure is created on the capillaries.

polyps in the nose

Polyps in the nose

If there are appendages in the nose, blood flows often, and most often it happens in the morning. The dryness of the mucous membrane and the presence of crusts in polyps can cause severe bleeding. Eliminate the polyps really only surgically. But what is polyposive etmoiditis and how it is treated will help to understand this article.


This pathological process implies the presence of a tumor of the adrenal gland. It is under her influence that stress hormones are produced in increased concentration. This leads to a sharp increase in blood pressure, which results in blood from the nose. Such a disease is not often diagnosed, nevertheless is the cause of frequent bleeding. To reduce the intensity of bleeding, you need to see a doctor. In addition, with pheochromocytoma there is dryness of the nasal mucosa.

Cocaine use

To date, it has not been possible to determine the causes that lead to cocaine use. Most often this can be traced in young people. Cocaine is a fairly toxic product that slowly destroys the nasal mucosa. cocaine use

As a result, it is vulnerable and at every touch the blood begins to flow. In the nasal cavity a terrible dryness is formed, not only after the blood has gone, but almost constantly.


With such diseases as influenza, SARS, runny nose shell is exposed to a strong puffiness and inflammation. This is fraught with the appearance of dryness in the nose, as a result of which the capillaries quickly break down. At the same time with colds, it is accompanied by blood clots. Their presence indicates that the inflammatory process is progressing. As a rule, with a catarrhal illness, the red liquid flows slowly and drops. Purulent masses can dry up, forming painful crusts. But how the cold cures a child 1 year, is described in detail in this article. cold

Thermal action

However strange it may be, heat stroke often causes bleeding from the nose. The fact is that under the influence of high temperature in the nose there is dryness and dehydration. The capillaries become thinner and become brittle. And the result of their fragility and becomes bleeding.

Hormonal disorders

Blood from the nasal cavity begins to be troubled mainly by internal changes in the body. These kinds of symptoms most often occur in adolescence, when the hormonal background is reconstructed. At this time, it periodically shifts to different poles. With an excess of a certain hormone, an increase in blood pressure may occur, and this directly leads to the release of blood from the nose. It can also occur in women during menopause or impaired menstruation.

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Do not be surprised when the blood from the nose went to a man who does not know how to rest and gives his work a lot of time. Because of severe overwork for work, study, lack of fresh air, lack of sleep and stress, blood from the nose is a common occurrence. overwork

Under the influence of all these factors, the walls of the capillaries become thin and brittle, so they burst. To prevent this, it is necessary to follow the image of your life, fully rest and eat well.

Bleeding from the nose is the result of a certain disorder in the body. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the cause of such a phenomenon on its own, because there are many of them. Only an experienced physician can do this after diagnosis. And to tighten with this is not necessary, because bloody discharge is a symptom of a certain disease, which must be treated.