Bioparox is a medicinal product that has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is, in a way, a polypeptide antibiotic that is highly effective in treating angina viral or infectious nature. It is allowed to apply for children and adults.

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This medicine is considered an antibiotic, which should be used topically. It is produced in the laboratory of Servier, which is part of the French pharmaceutical company. Bioparox is produced in the form of a spray, the number of doses is 400. The aerosol exerts its effect because of the presence of a physician in the composition.

bioparox with angina

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The principle of the drug is based on inhibition of the vital activity of microorganisms. He actively co

mes into conflict with bacteria that provoke the formation of nasopharyngeal disease. The main advantage of the drug is its resistance to infections.

On the video - the use of bioparox with angina:

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In addition, Bioparox has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. If you correctly approach the treatment of angina, then the medicine will be able to penetrate even the most inaccessible places of the nasopharynx. As a result, it can eliminate the inflammatory process, swelling, reducing the amount of discharge from the nose.

Applying Bioparox, its active ingredient is not absorbed into the blood. Due to this, the body does not have a negative effect. But there are cases when other components of the drug adversely affect the body:

  1. During pregnancy .When the components of Bioparox fall into the blood even in a small amount, it is very bad for the health of the baby.
  2. During lactation.

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But to treat angina Bioparoksom can not in all cases. A medication can have a positive effect only when the treatment passes at the initial stage of the development of the disease. If angina infections, which are sensitive to this medicine, were provoked, the inflammation can be stopped immediately at the initial stage of development. If, after 3 days, the patient's state of health has not improved, and if the temperature rises, medical help should be sought. The doctor will prescribe systematic therapy.

It is not recommended to use Bioparox for children under the age of 2.5 years. If there is a risk of allergy, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, then it is also not advisable to apply it.

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Instruction for use

It is very convenient to apply the spray, as it exerts its influence directly on the pathogens of the inflammatory process. But its use is only in case when the inflammatory process in the pharynx occurs at the initial stage. This is indicated by puffiness and reddening of palatine tonsils.

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In the photo - instructions for the use of bioparax in angina:

bioparox application instructions for angina

For effective treatment of angina, it is very important to apply Bioparox correctly. The kit contains 2 tips. They are necessary for the administration of the drug in the nasal and oral cavity. Before use, the vial must be activated. To do this, click on its bottom four times. To conduct inhalation of the oral cavity, you need to take the appropriate tip. Before the procedure, rinse the mouth to clean it from various "contaminants".For these purposes, you can use ready-made solutions or prepare their homes from medicinal herbs and all known soda.

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After this, insert the tip into the mouth, press the vial, inhale and press again. For one procedure, you need to press 2 times. With viral sore throat, adults are recommended to perform such manipulations 4 times a day, if there is purulent angina, then the number of receptions is increased up to 5 times.

Instruction for use in children

The use of this medication in small patients occurs on the same principle as in adults. With normal angina the number of manipulations should be 1-2, perform them 4 times a day, with purulent - 2-4 inhalations 4 times throughout the day.

The tip use field should be treated with alcohol. To do this, moisten the cotton swab and wipe the element.

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The course of therapy with bioparox in adults and children should not exceed a week. If during this time you did not manage to eliminate all manifestations of the disease, you must abandon this treatment and begin complex therapy, which is based on the use of tablets or injections. Also, you should not stop taking the first signs of improvement. If you do not continue treatment with Bioparox, then it threatens to relapse the disease and the formation of resistance of the viruses to the main component of the drug.

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It is necessary to refuse treatment with Bioparox in case of a patient's code visit severe itching, burning and plentiful sneezing. All these signs indicate the presence of an allergic reaction to a certain component of the drug.


  • Tamara, 34 years : "Does it help? My daughter was diagnosed with viral sore throat for 7 years. At first we were prescribed to use Bioparox. I did not think that one drug could help us somehow in our problem. I injected it 4 times a day, as indicated in the instructions. Already after 3 days my daughter became noticeably better: pain, swelling, redness disappeared. She began to eat normally, as before she did it was very difficult. Very pleased with the result, because with the help of Bioparox we were able to defeat the sore throat. "
  • Eugene, 32 years old : "I, on the recommendation of my friend, bought Bioparox from the pharmacy, because I have a sore throat. Began to apply the drug 4 times a day, but after 6 days of the effect did not come. When I went to the doctor and explained my situation, he told me that Bioparox should be used at the initial stage of the development of the disease, and I started using it a week after the appearance of the first symptoms. "
  • Angelina, 23, : "Bioparox helped my sister very much in the treatment of angina. This disease caused her many torments. But the rescue came when Mom brought this drug. Already after a day my sister became better, and after 4 days she again began to live the same life. "

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Bioparox is an effective tool in the fight against viral diseases, including with angina. If you follow the dosage and use it correctly, you will be able to achieve a positive result and forget about the unpleasant and painful symptoms that this disease caused you.