Today it is hardly possible to find a person who at least once in a lifetime would not have a sore throat. At everyone it can have different intensity and arise for various reasons, which include viruses, fungi, bacteria. Thus, before the appointment of adequate therapy, it is necessary to understand what caused the development of painful sensations in the throat.

Local treatment of ENT diseases involves the use of lozenges for resorption. Today, some of the most effective drugs remain, such as Tharyngept and Lizobakt. Thanks to them, it is possible to effectively cope with the symptoms and alleviate the condition of the patient.


  • 1 Drug comparison
    • 1.1 Difference in composition
    • 1.2 Difference in effect
    • 1.3 Difference in price
  • 2 What is better for adults
    • 2.1 In pregnancy
  • 3 For children

Comparison of preparations

These medications are used for the therapy of infectious inflammatory pathologiesgums

, mouth and pharynx. Experts advise to use Pharyngitis and Lysobact in the treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Lizobakt is also used to eliminate erosion on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity or in the complex therapy of herpetic infection.

The difference in the composition of


Lysobakt on pharmacology refers to local antiseptics. Its task is to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms of bacterial origin. In the development of the drug, a combination of two components - lysozyme hydrochloride( 20 mg) and pyridoxine hydrochloride( 20 mg) was used.

The first substance is an enzyme that breaks the integrity of membranes of harmful bacteria. And the second one is vitamin B6, which serves for productive regeneration of damaged mucous membrane. Active components differ in hypoallergenic properties, but if there is an allergy when taking Lizobakt, then it should be replaced with an analog.

Pharyngosept is manufactured in the form of lozenges for resorption. In the role of the main component is ambazone. pharyngosept

And additional components are:

  • magnesium stearate,
  • polyvidone K3O,
  • gum arabic,
  • lactose monohydrate,
  • sucrose,
  • cocoa,
  • flavoring lemon.

The effect of these components is aimed at suppressing pathogenic microflora: staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. It has no destructive effect on the intestines, which does not provoke the development of dysbiosis.

The difference in the effect of the action of

The action of Tharingosept is aimed at strengthening the process of salivation and activating good bacteria to eliminate pests. Thus, it is possible to stop pathogenic microorganisms, reduce irritation and moisturize the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. what is better for a cold

As for Lizobakt, it is available in the form of lozenges for resorption. With its help it is possible to relieve unpleasant symptoms and achieve a soft, purposeful influence on the focus of the pathological process. In the same dosage, the drug is prescribed for adults and children.

If you draw an analogy between the two drugs for the effect, then Pharyngocept has a more pronounced antiseptic effect, but it does not affect the recovery of the mucosa. Tharyngept and Lizobact have similar contraindications and side effects. But the testimony of Lizobakt is more extensive. In addition, these two drugs are allowed to use for children who are already 3 years old.

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Difference in price

If we talk about price, then Faringosept is cheaper than Lizobakt. You can buy the first at a price of 80-125 rubles, and the second drug costs 300 rubles. Both drugs are on sale in the pharmacy and can be sold without a prescription.

What is better for adults

If a cold disease has struck an adult, then for him there is not much difference regarding the choice of the best drug. taking pills

Both Tharyngept and Lisobact effectively cope with the problem of the sore throat, stopping harmful microorganisms and unpleasant symptoms. The only thing that distinguishes them in this respect is the price.

Pregnancy is the most important event in the life of every woman. It was during this period that she was responsible not only for herself, but also for her future child. At this time, you can not get sick, but if it happened, then for therapy it is necessary to select only safe medications that will not have a detrimental effect on the formation and development of the baby.

taking pregnant tablets

It is possible to apply Lysobact or Pharyngocept when carrying a baby. Lizobakt can be used pregnant under any conditions for 2 lozenges 4 times a day. But Tharingesept can be appointed only at the doctor's discretion and only if the benefit to the mother is higher than the potential threat to the fetus.

This is due to the fact that the drug has much more contraindications than Lizobakt. A pregnant woman should always strictly adhere to all medical appointments and each of these drugs to use only in case of acute necessity.

For children

In the treatment of colds in children, the choice of a suitable preparation is a big challenge. It is necessary to choose the means that can eliminate the problem in a short time and do not harm the unformed organism. Both drugs can be used for children who are already 3 years old. Thus the doctor should be assured, that the written out means will not harm the child. taking pills for children

Lizobakt can be used on 1 lozenges 3 times a day for children 3-7 years. But patients 7-12 years old should use a medicine for 4 lozenges every day. After 12 years, the child can use the drug 2 tablets 4 times a day. The duration of the therapeutic course will be 8 days.

And here Pharyngosept children of 3-7 years can apply 1 lozenge 3 times a day. Patients 7-12 years of age can use the medication for 5 tablets per day.

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As for the duration of the therapeutic course, it will be 3-5 days. If necessary, the treatment time can be extended.

Today, such drugs as Tharyngept and Lizobakt are among the most effective in the treatment of diseases of the pharynx and oral cavity. They can be used by adults, children and even pregnant women. Their main task is to stop pathogenic microorganisms and alleviate the symptoms of the patient. And although the drugs in question have very similar effects, they have some differences, so before using this or that remedy it is necessary to consult a specialist.