Raspberry jam is known to everyone since childhood, because for grandmothers there was no more effective way to treat colds than tea with raspberries. It is still popular, many can conserve in huge quantities to not only be treated by it, but also to enjoy your favorite sweetness. But does it really help with viral diseases or is it an exaggerated property? Let's understand.


  • 1 Than useful for colds
  • 2 How to take with a cold?
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  • 3 Vodka Recipe
    • 3.1 Frozen Berry Recipe
  • 4 Can Jam be Pregnant?
  • 5 Does it help with colds?

Than useful for colds

raspberry jam with cold

In raspberry itself, there are many useful vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

If we consider substances that can affect the course of recovery, we can distinguish:

  • Vitamins B, C, A, E and PP they strengthen the immune system.
  • A large amount of iron promotes tissue "breathing".
  • Tannins , which give berries color and have antimicrobial properties.
  • Fructose and glucose. They are quickly absorbed by the body and strengthen it.
  • Salicylic acid, , which gives the berry a diaphoretic effect, and due to it the patient begins to sweat intensely, the temperature decreases.
  • Organic acids have a supporting effect, help restore strength.
  • Antioxidants empower the cells of the body with stress protection.
  • Essential oil , inhaled which is useful for colds.

Raspberry jam for colds only helps, it can be given even to young children if they do not have allergies to it. Among the contra-indications of this product there is only an individual intolerance to its composition, as well as kidney disease, since the jam has a diuretic property.

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How to take with a cold?

Among the various options for the preparation of this winter medicinal preparation, the classic recipe, which is prepared from two components of raspberries and sugar, has not lost its relevance.

Classic recipe

For its preparation you need to pick or buy 1 kg of raspberries and the same amount of sugar. If the sweet component is added less, then the resulting jam will need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Berries need to be sorted, removed from randomly caught leaves, then the berries are washed under running water. After that, to remove from the fruit of a crimson beetle, which is often found on it, you need to place raspberries for a quarter of an hour in brine. It is prepared from the calculation of its constituent components so that 1 cup of water accounts for 1 tsp.salt. Then the aged berries are washed with plain water and dried.

On video, raspberry jam, cooking recipe:

In this way, raspberries are poured into half the indicated amount of sugar and leave to stand for 6 hours in a cool place. The resulting raspberry juice is poured into a prepared pan, the remaining sugar is poured into it and boiled. With welded syrup pour the berries and all together bring three times to a boil, while you need to carefully remove the foam. Still in a hot state jam is poured over cans and rolled up with lids.

Recipe with vodka

milina with vodka

This jam is also known as "drunk".It does not need to be cooked, instead of a preservative, vodka appears, only such jam in the refrigerator is stored, otherwise it will ferment.

For its preparation you need to prepare 1 kg of sugar, berries in the same amount and 3 tbsp.l.of vodka. Raspberries need to be carefully sorted, remove the remaining leaves and stems and leave only slightly undersized large berries.

Berries are laid out in a deep basin or bowl and covered with sugar to a small height, approximately 6 mm. Jam should be infused in this form for a couple of hours so that no dust gets into it, the top is covered with a towel. Then you need to mix the jam, neatly not crushing the berries. Again wait two hours and mix, not forgetting to cover it with a towel. When all the sugar has melted, and this is after about 6-10 hours, vodka is added to the jam and mixed for the last time.

Jam is spread to the brim in pre-prepared and sterilized jars. Close them with lids and place the containers in the refrigerator or cellar.

Recipe for frozen berries

frozen berry raspberries

This jam is prepared from two st.sugar and half a kilogram of frozen berries, the third ingredient is citric acid, it needs only a pinch.

Jam can be prepared in a multivariate:

  • fill berries in a bowl, then pour them with sugar;
  • turn on the "baking" mode and cook for 40 minutes;
  • during the preparation you need to mix the berries several times, so that melting sugar does not stick to the walls of the container;
  • after the end of cooking leave the jam until cooling;
  • again resume cooking on the same program, at the end add citric acid.

Pour the prepared jam into glass containers and close with lids.

Is it possible to make jam pregnant?

raspberry jam pregnant

For future mothers, such a sweet medicine is not only not contraindicated, but it is specially prescribed by doctors not to poison the baby's body with harmful medicines. Raspberry is useful for pregnant women, it helps to get rid of colds, and at the expense of its nutrients has a positive effect on the body:

  • folic acid is assigned to all future mothers. It affects the growth of cells and forms blood cells.
  • Aspirin relieves a headache that often appears during a cold.
  • Calcium helps to avoid vasodilation and swelling of the body.
  • Vitamin C with strengthens the immune system.

If the girl is on the last term of pregnancy, then it will be useful for her to take a crimson fruit drink in order to facilitate her childbirth. It is prepared as an ordinary jam, only the proportions are different: 100 grams of berries and half kg of sugar.

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Does jelly help with colds?

This is one of the most effective natural remedies for respiratory diseases. Useful in the jam and effective for cold substances have an antipyretic, restorative, diaphoretic and calming effect on the organism exhausted by the disease. If you drink tea with raspberry jam, you can not only bring down the temperature, but also sweat well, which will speed up recovery. But this medicine is forbidden to drink before leaving the house.

On the video - like raspberry jam helps with cold:

Raspberry jam at the initial stage of the disease is able to cure for cold without additional funds, but if it is already started, then the doctor can not do without, most likely, he will leave the jam as an additional remedy, butwill appoint medicines for its strengthening.