Colds occur for a variety of reasons, but are accompanied by symptoms such as cough, sore throat and runny nose. To eliminate the pain in the throat, it is necessary to use drugs that very quickly and effectively eliminate this unpleasant symptom. Such preparation is the spray Ingalipt spray application instruction is mandatory for study before using the drug. It refers to combined medications that cope with pain, but also help to eliminate germs and fungi.

How to use the Ingalypt cough spray, you can find from the article.


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The effect of

This medication has a local effect. Spray actively removes all germs and inflammatory effect.

Than gargle with purulent sore throat to an adult, is indicated in the description for this article.

To achieve a positive effect on the use of the drug is pos

sible because of the composition:

  • sulfatiazole;
  • sulfonamide, thymol;
  • eucalyptus oil;
  • oil component of peppermint;
  • glycerol;
  • additional ingredients( alcohol, sugar powder, water).

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Sulfanilamides can effectively eliminate the excretion of folate directly into the cell of a pathogenic microorganism. As a result, it can quickly and effectively cope with the disease.

Thanks to the presence of vegetable oils, it is possible to achieve an antiseptic and refreshing effect.
The use of Inglipte spray is very important in the treatment of cough syndrome. The special nozzle included in the kit makes it easy and evenly distributes the medicine to the tonsils.

When using a spray, you can achieve a cupping and analgesic effect. If there are severe attacks of cough, then you need to undergo a full course of therapy. Only then it is possible to obtain the maximum effect.

Than treats, when the throat hurts, it is painful to swallow, it is possible to learn from this article.

According to the instructions, the Ingalipt spray should be used in the following pathologies:

  • tonsillitis in acute and chronic form;
  • follicular or lacunar angina;
  • pharyngitis and laryngitis;
  • aphthous stomatitis.

In addition, the positive effect of this medication has been observed with the treatment of sore throat caused by viral pathologies, as well as influenza.

What to do when the throat and ear ache on the left side is indicated in the article.

Use of

To improve the effectiveness of the drug, you must remove the bacterial coating from the mucous membrane of the mouth. For these purposes, it is worth using a cotton swab. The spray is sprayed into the mouth, and therefore it is worthwhile to press the spray head and hold it for 2-3 minutes. When the procedure is over, wash the spray gun with warm water and allow it to dry. It is necessary to conduct the procedure within a week.

What to do when the throat hurts from one side when swallowing is indicated in the article.

On the photo - spray And ngalipt:

For children

Today in the pharmacy there is a special form of the drug, designed to treat the disease in children. This drug has a safe effect on the child's body and does no harm to it. But it can be used to treat children only if they reach the age of two. The reason is that it is not recommended for infants to use drugs in the form of a spray. Otherwise, complications such as choking may occur. And so Ingalipt is quite a safe way to eliminate painful sensations in the throat. Children should use the drug in a dosage of 2 injections 3 times a day.

This article shows how to gargle with sore throat to get rid of the problem.

In adults and during pregnancy

For adult patients, the dosage of the spray is 3 injections 3 times a day. Can I use it during pregnancy? If the drug is used during pregnancy, there may be health problems in the child, so the question always arises whether it is possible for pregnant women. For this reason, it is not worth using a spray in the period of bearing. There are cases when during pregnancy, drugs are used when it is justified. But be sure to observe the dosage indicated by the attending physician.

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In the pharmacy the drug is always available, the question arises how much it costs, its price can vary within 30-57 rubles. Everything depends on the region in which the drug is sold and its form of release. For sale Ingalipt without a prescription.

From the article you can find out whether it is worth heating your throat with angina or not.


If for some reason you can not buy Ingalipt spray, then there are certain analogues. The most effective are:

  • Adjicept;

  • Aldesol;
  • Anestesol;
  • Anti-Angin Formula;
  • Ascocept;
  • Astrasep;
  • Acebin;
  • Boromentol;
  • Bronchicum balm with eucalyptus oil;
  • Hexoral tablets;
  • Gorpils;
  • Dr. Theiss Angie Sept;
  • Doctor Theiss Sage extract with vitamin C;
  • Drapolen;
  • Drill;
  • Ingaphitol # 1;
  • Ingaphitol # 2;
  • ;
  • Iodinol;
  • Iodonate;
  • Yodopirone;
  • Cameton;
  • Lidocaine cage;
  • Koldakt Lorpils;
  • Laripront;
  • Lidocaine Asept;
  • Lidochlor;
  • Lugol;
  • Metrogex;
  • Neo-angina;
  • Newsept Forte;
  • Rince Lorcept Anesthetics;
  • Rince Lorcept;
  • Sebidine;
  • Septagal;
  • Sepptay;
  • Sepethlet D;
  • Sepptale plus;
  • Stopangin;
  • Strepsils;
  • Strepsils Plus;
  • Suprima-ENT;
  • Tarantum verde;
  • Tantum verde forte;
  • Terasil;
  • TeraFlu LAR;
  • TeraFlu LAR Menthol;
  • Travisil;
  • Tharyngopil;
  • Fucaseptol;
  • Eucalyptus-M.

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  • Tamara, 24: "When my child was diagnosed with a cold, at the initial stage of the disease it was very difficult for him to eat. The reason is that he had a sore throat. He was capricious, cried at night. When I asked the doctor for this problem, he advised Ingalipt. I used the medicine 3 times a day for 4 days. All the unpleasant cold symptoms were eliminated, and my baby became playful and cheerful. "
  • Egor, 26 years old: "When I fell ill with angina, I had very severe pain in my throat. It was very problematic for me to eat and drink. I can not even talk. That drug, which my doctor, prescribed to me, did not help me, pains still visited me. In the pharmacy I was advised to spray Ingalipt. I was amazed that after the first use it was possible to remove the heaviness in the throat. And after 3 days I managed to overcome puffiness, to remove hoarseness and pain in the throat ".
  • Tatiana, 46 years old: "I have a very sore throat during colds. I used to try to eliminate this unpleasant symptom with a solution of soda and chamomile. But my condition improved for a little while. When my friend advised Ingalipt, I immediately bought it and began to apply it. Within a day the pains decreased, I could normally talk and eat. I managed to overcome the ailment in a week, now this drug will be in my medicine cabinet. "

From this article it becomes clear whether it is possible to make an alcohol compress in angina.

Ingalipt is a unique drug that actively removes the main manifestations of colds. It can be used by children and adults, but only strictly in the indicated dosage. If there are side effects, the patient must consult a doctor without fail.