To determine the degree of susceptibility to colds in adults is simple enough, it should not hurt more than six times a year. If this happens more often, it is necessary to identify the causes of such an unpleasant phenomenon and, after their elimination, strengthen their immunity. Although other factors leading to colds can influence a person.

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Reasons for

It often happens that adults simply do not have time to completely recover from a previous infectious disease and immediately get sick next. The rhythm of life dictates that you constantly stay in motion, but if you do not cure the disease in time, you can fall out of it for a long time. This is the most common mistake of all patients, it is faster to start doing things, but it is first of all to regret your body.

The video causes frequent colds in adults:

Common causes of common colds in adults are:

  • Disturbance of intestinal activity
    It can contain many microbes that adversely affect the microflora of the organ. Frequent outbreaks of mass illnesses occur during the winter period, this is understandable, since in the team everyone is sitting in enclosed spaces, which are very rarely ventilated, and if there is at least one person with colds, it quickly transfers its microbes to others. If he is in direct contact with other people, then the organisms of those accumulate pathogenic microbes that lower the immunity of a person. bowel disturbance
  • Insufficient protection during an outbreak. Some people, even knowing that many are ill with the flu or SARS hope that they will miss it, the body is strong enough to resist the infection, and are mistaken. From hygiene and compliance with basic rules of protection depends on the perception of the body of the disease. In the spades of the epidemic you need to protect yourself from stressful situations and excessive physical exertion. With prolonged stays in stressful situations, the nervous and immune system is completely depressed in the body, this affects the work of many important organs and even blood vessels.
  • Decreased immunity. This system is able to withstand any disease, it protects the body from infections. If a small amount of harmful bacteria gets into it, then the antibodies will immediately cope with them when they are massively and constantly influenced by the immune system, and they lack the forces to eliminate them from the body. Immunity can be reduced by the failure of organs such as: spleen, intestines, as well as blood and bone marrow. At its level also affects the presence of vitamins, stress and addictions.
  • Lack of sleep. A full night rest should be between 7 and 8 hours. This time is enough to fully restore strength and the next morning cheerfully to meet the day. If a person can not fall asleep or sleeps for hours in snatches, then it's worthwhile to reconsider your daily schedule and allocate time for rest. With insomnia, it makes sense to ask the doctor to prescribe an effective medicine. Perhaps, it will be soothing agents in the form of motherwort, hops, oregano or valerian. Relaxing baths and meditation before bedtime also help.
  • Bad habits. The indifferent attitude to alcohol, frequent cigarette breaks, the use of unhealthy food - affects the state of the capillaries, can disrupt the blood flow. They extinguish immunity and do not give him the full power to fight infections, so alcohol and tobacco addiction at the first symptoms of a cold should be deleted.
  • Age of the .A cold is considered a childish illness, for adults it is fraught with complications, it is not for nothing that many childhood illnesses are better treated before, because then they are accompanied by serious problems, they are not so easy to cure. In the elderly, you need to allocate time for prevention and monitor your health, otherwise you can be too predisposed to colds. bad habits
  • Antibiotics .Any of them by results of researches lower immunity more than on 50%.Treatment with them can be prescribed only by a doctor, if there is a hope to be cured without them, he will tell about it. We do not need to choose the active agent for ourselves, it threatens with side effects, even if the pharmacist advises the medicine, it will not be able to accurately assess the condition, and popular means can help one person, and the other can not act.
  • The lack of movement of the .Sedentary work or the choice of such a life can lead to hypodynamia, and this disease threatens with an oxygen shortage of organs, and those of them that are responsible for the state of the immune system. Respiratory organs become more susceptible to colds, which leads to an early illness from an infected patient.
  • Insufficient humidity in the room .It is important that in the room during the heating operation in the cold period, a sufficient level of moisture is maintained, otherwise the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose will dry out quickly and can not fully retard the bacteria. Even dental diseases can affect the development of the disease.

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How to improve immunity?


Of all the above reasons for the cold, it follows that the main opponent in the body is immunity, so you need to constantly raise it.

There are several methods to strengthen it:

  • Physically .Enter your daily routine of walking, cycling, swimming pools.
  • Observe sleep mode.
  • Quench the body of .Not necessarily immediately go swimming in the hole or pour water, it is enough to take a contrast shower, only the last should be a warm jet.
  • Elimination of foci of infection. This concerns the treatment of teeth and tonsillitis.
  • Reception of immunocorrecting agents , which include various balanced pharmacy vitamin complexes.
  • Ration .It should not have a lot of fried, smoked and canned food, it is worth introducing more greens, fruits and vegetables.
  • The intake of a sufficient amount of vitamins .Vitamin C is available not only in citrus fruits, but also in cranberries, dogrose, cabbage and cowberry. Vitamin A is present in greenery, grapes and carrots. Vitamin B in eggs, nuts and beans. Vitamin E can be replenished by consuming various vegetable oils( corn, sunflower, flax and olive).
  • Replenishment of the shortage of microelements .Zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium are found in legumes, meat, fish and liver.

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On video how to enhance immunity with frequent colds to adults:

To protect yourself from the common cold you can choosing a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Thus it is necessary to observe hygiene and less to communicate with sick people, and if you have to spend a lot of time with them, then try to ventilate the room or negotiate with them outdoors. Strengthening immunity in all available ways you can forget about the cold for a long time.