Perforation of the tympanic septum is a pathological process in which the septum is broken. And it arises as a result of the development of inflammatory process, mechanical influence and pressure difference outside and inside the ear cavity. Perforation of the tympanic membrane is a disease in which the membrane has a hole or rupture, which contributes to the development of infection in the middle ear. If you do not start treating the pathology, then this is fraught with the development of otitis media.


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heal? Symptoms

You can recognize the ailment by the following symptoms: perforation of the tympanic membrane

  • earache that is acute;
  • spotting when injured;
  • purulent discharge that results from otitis media;
  • stihanie painful syndrome with a breakthrough of fluid through the membrane;
  • ringing in the ears;
  • hearing loss.

Often the pathological process leads to the development of complications, which include hearing loss, permanent deafness, a chronic form of otitis media of the middle ear, a rupture of the membrane. Complications arise as a result of penetration of the infectious process by other tissues.

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First of all, the classification of the preformation of the tympanic membrane assumes the division of pathology into central and marginal species. The first variant of the pathological process occurs against a background of chronic otitis media. By arrangement, the perforation is divided into the lower back and the front. But the marginal perforations are characterized by the defeat of bones and are combined with granulations and the formation of cholesteatoma.

perforation of the membrane

In the picture - perforation of the membrane

In medical practice, you can hear a term such as dry perforation of the tympanic membrane. If it is present, the hearing deteriorates sharply. There is a pathology against a background of a chronic infectious process. It can also be the cause of development of otitis cicatrix.

Perforation can be acute and chronic. The acute process is characterized by severe pain, fever and temporary loss of hearing. If treatment was provided on time, then the patient feels improvement after only 1-2 weeks. And here the chronic process is a result of not modern therapy of an acute inflammation. It proceeds in two stages - remission and exacerbation. During the remission, the symptomatology does not have a vivid expression, but at the time of exacerbation all symptoms return. If this condition is not treated, then chronic perforation of the tympanic membrane will cause loss of hearing for good.

Conservative treatment of

The formulated therapy should be aimed at arresting the inflammatory process in the middle ear. For patients who have this problem, it is worth keeping your ear out of the water, and also adhere to the hygiene of the ear canal. For these purposes, it is required with a sterile cotton swab dampened with alcohol, wipe the ear area, and then close it with a clean and dry fleece.

If there is a purulent otitis media, the treatment will necessarily presuppose drops with antibacterial effect.

The most effective are Normax, Otofa and Tsipromed.



Otof drops in the composition have a powerful antibiotic rifamycin. Adults drip 4-5 drops into each ear.



Drops for ears Tsipromed in the composition has ciprofloxacin. The drug is involved in the treatment of a purulent process. Apply 5 drops in each ear. In pregnancy and children under 15, the drug is prohibited.

drops for ears Tsipromed

Drops for ears Cipromed

Drops Normax in the composition contains norfoxacin .It is an antibiotic that successfully copes with pathogenic microorganisms.

The preparations considered do not have toxic effects, as a result of which the innervation of the ear is not damaged.

But such drugs as Gazaron, otinum otinum, Polidexa contain in the ototoxic antibiotics. It is strictly forbidden to use them in the perforation of the tympanic membrane.



Surgical treatment


It is the membrane that performs a protective role and does not allow infection to enter the brain. If after the treatment it is not fully delayed, radical measures will be required. It is necessary to perform the operation at the following indications:

  • complete rupture of the tympanic membrane;
  • partial hearing loss;
  • violation of mobility of auditory ossicles.

In the perforation of the tympanic membrane, the following operations can be used:

  1. Myringoplasty .The ruptured part of the membrane will be replaced by a patchwork of the membrane of the temporal muscle. It is sewed up with threads, the resorption of which occurs after 2-3 weeks.
  1. Ossiculoplasty .Surgical intervention of this type will restore auditory ossicles, as replacement of damaged areas with prostheses occurs. Local anesthesia works.
  2. Timpanoplatics .It involves the removal or introduction of a piece of auditory ossicles. Perform an operation when the mobility and integrity of the auditory ossicles are impaired.

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Features of the treatment of children

In the treatment of pathological process in children can use drugs, due to which it is possible to stop inflammation and to approximate the healing of the tympanic membrane. It is necessary to use drops, the development of which used antibiotics and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The following medicines are considered effective:

  1. Otypax. This drops contain lidocaine. They are used to stop the pain syndrome. Due to the presence of a steroid, it is possible to remove inflammation from the membrane. When otitis middle ear, it is necessary to drip 1 drop into the affected ear. But how correctly to dig in drops Otypaks in the ears, will help understand this article.


  2. Otofa .It is an effective drug that contains an antibiotic of wide influence. He does not relieve pain, but only heals inflammation. For those who want to learn more about drops in the ears of Otofa, you should go to the link and read the contents of this article.


  3. Sofraks. The drug contains neomycin. It penetrates into the inner ear, which has a toxic effect on the cells. But what is the price of the ear drops of Sofradex, this article will help to understand.


  4. Cardiobiotic .It is a drug that has a complex effect. It contains several antibiotics. It is necessary to take it cautiously, since allergies may occur.


  5. Amoxicillin. This medicine has a bactericidal and antibacterial effect. Therapy can last no longer than 7 days. And for those who want to learn about whether you can drink Amoxicillin for colds, you should go to this link.


How long does the


The timing of healing depends on various factors. If the inflammation takes up a large area, then the healing process will last longer. It is worse to heal the pathology, in which fluid enters the ear cavity. In total, the duration of the disease is 2-6 weeks.

Perforation of the tympanic membrane is a pathological process that can have acute and chronic course. It affects all people, regardless of age and gender. Treatment includes necessarily antibiotics, since the main task of therapy is to stop the inflammatory process.