Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the bronchi. This disease can occur in different forms and forms, in the absence of treatment complications develop. Symptoms of bronchitis in an adult should be diagnosed only by a doctor, but the treatment of certain types of the disease in question can be carried out by folk remedies.


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Types of bronchitis

how to treat bronchitis with folk remedies in adults The classification of the disease occurs according to several factors. By the nature of the inflammation distinguish:

  • the catarrhal form of - differs in the accumulation of a large amount of mucus in the bronchi, which is heavily receding;
  • purulent - Outgoing sputum is characterized by purulent contents;
  • fibrinous - sputum contains a large amount of insoluble protein, which greatly complicates its release. This species is char
    acterized by a "blockage" of the bronchi;
  • hemorrhagic appearance - there is blood in the sputum.

This article describes the symptoms of bacterial bronchitis and how to deal with it, as well as by what means.

Inflammation of the bronchi can also differ in the place of localization of the pathological process:

  • tracheobronchitis - trachea and large bronchi are affected;
  • bronchitis - small and medium bronchi suffer;
  • bronchiolitis - inflammation occurs in the smallest bronchi.

In addition, there are acute, chronic and obstructive bronchitis, differing in the degree of severity of leakage.

What is the most effective antibiotic for bronchitis indicated in this article.

Treatment with folk remedies

If bronchitis occurs without high temperature and there are no conditions that are dangerous to the health / life of the patient( for example, obstruction with suffocation), it is possible to treat the disease also at home. There are a lot of folk recipes that are not only tested by time and our ancestors, but also approved by official medicine.

Drinking, compresses and rubbish

treatment of bronchitis with soda

Milk, soda and honey are the best combination for the treatment of bronchitis

It is believed that it is necessary to differentiate the treatment of folk remedies by acute and chronic bronchitis. In an acute period, it is necessary to quickly take measures that in a short time will remove the inflammation and bring relief to the patient. Recommended:

  • Milk "cocktail". The most effective recipe for cough is milk with soda. It is necessary to drink unlimited amounts of milk( heated to the maximum hot state) with honey and baking soda - the "cocktail" is prepared in the proportions of 200 ml of milk / 30 g of honey / teaspoon of soda.

Important: before you put honey in the milk, it should be boiled - only then the expectorant effect will be given.

What is the treatment for chronic bronchitis in the stage of exacerbation indicated in the article.

  • Serum. Warm the serum until hot and drink half an hour every third of the glass. This simple and affordable tool will help "organize" the output of viscous sputum.
  • treatment of bronchitis with honey and aloe Aloe. Mix aloe juice( 10 ml), butter( 100 g melted) and not sugar-coated honey( 100 g), put the mixture in a dark, cool place and stand the night. Then the finished medicine is taken at 30 g( tablespoon) 4-6 times a day.
  • Oregano. A teaspoon of dried herbs is poured into a glass of cold water, boiled and infused for 2 hours. The resulting infusion is taken on a quarter cup twice a day.
  • Garlic. You need to take a few garlic heads, peel and grate( grind in a blender or pass through a garlic squeezer) them to the state of gruel. Then the received mass for the night( just before bedtime) rub your feet and put on woolen socks.

Note : for acute bronchitis is important to quickly get rid of high temperature( this is a mandatory symptom).It is recommended to provide the patient with a plentiful drink - decoctions of twigs and raspberry leaves( components are taken in an arbitrary amount), lime-colored tea, with a kalina / raspberry.

After reading this article, it becomes clear how to treat obstructive bronchitis in adults.

In case of exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, the following folk recipes can be used:

  1. acute bronchitis treatment with folk remedies Black radish is turned into "gruel"( on a fine grater) and squeezed out the resulting juice. Mix it with honey( enough 200 grams) and drink on a tablespoon three times a day.
  2. Mix leaves of mother-and-stepmother( you can take fresh ones), berries of black elderberry and asparagus stems( each component of 5 gr) and pour boiling water in a volume of not more than a glass. Insist the mixture in a thermos and drink instead of tea.
  3. In a glass of cold water, insist pine buds, leaves of plantain and mother-and-stepmother( take in equal parts, mix and allocate 20 grams).Then boil and allow to cool to room temperature. Drink this remedy during the day through a third of the glass.
  4. Decoction of a mixture of ledum( flowers), coltsfoot flowers, herb spores, black elderberries prepare in the proportion of 1 part dry mass and three parts water. Take a quarter cup three times a day. Especially good this broth helps with viscous sputum, quickly and effectively relieving the patient's condition.
  5. Infusion of elecampane high. Take dry material in an amount of 200 grams, pour a liter of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 3-4 hours. This infusion will be bitter enough, so consuming it half a cup twice a day, you can add honey to improve the taste.
how to treat bronchitis with folk remedies in adults

Cabbage leaf attached to the chest, facilitates the condition of the patient with bronchitis

Excellent effect and give various rubbers / compresses:

  1. Apply to the upper part of the chest( almost under the throat) mustard for just 15 minutes - breathing easier, spitting out immediately.
  2. Honey can be used for spreading on the chest. In this case, no scarves and compress paper should not be used - just wait until the product is completely absorbed.
  3. Take boiled potatoes "in uniforms", mash it( not in mashed potatoes!) And put it on a napkin. This "pie" should be placed on the top of the chest, warmed and left for the night.
  4. When purulent bronchitis helps cabbage leaf - it is simply applied to the chest and fixed with a bandage. Do not forget to "cut off" the thickened parts of the sheet before use.
  5. A good effect gives badger fat - they rub their breasts and leave them open for the night( they still need to cover the patient with a blanket).

After reading the article it becomes clear whether it is possible to cure chronic bronchitis or it is not possible.

Important: : it is strictly forbidden to conduct warming procedures at elevated temperatures!


how to treat bronchitis with herbs For inhalations, you can use the following folk recipes:

  1. Eucalyptus. Prepare a decoction from the dry leaves of eucalyptus in the proportion of 200 g of leaves to 2 cups of water( boil 20 minutes / insist half an hour).You can use 40 ml per inhalation.
  2. Propolis. 3 g of bee products are mixed( grate on a fine grater) with 40 ml of saline solution. The resulting mixture is poured into a nebulizer, the indicated amount is enough for one inhalation.
  3. Calendula. Prepare an alcohol tincture from marigold - take three tablespoons of flowers of this plant, pour in 100 ml of pure alcohol( medical) and insist for a day. One inhalation requires 20 ml of tincture.

How to breathe properly over a potato with bronchitis, you can understand reading this article.

Before using any recipes with herbal ingredients, it is necessary to conduct allergens and exclude individual intolerance / hypersensitivity. It is extremely cautious to treat the products of beekeeping( honey and propolis) - it is possible to develop a strong allergic reaction.


The treatment of badger fat from cough and bronchitis is indicated in the contents of this article.

Some more video-prescriptions how to cope with bronchitis at home:

After reading the article, it becomes clear how to cure bronchitis in a child without antibiotics.

If inflammation of the bronchi passes without medical treatment, then the acute form of bronchitis quickly turns into a chronic. There is a high risk of developing bronchospasm, bronchial asthma - a disease that requires lifelong treatment of .That is why it is important to start treatment in time, including folk remedies.