5 hormones of happiness, joy and pleasure: as they are called, from what are produced in the body, what foods are contained? How to accustom the brain to produce more hormone of happiness and joy of serotonin, endorphin, dopamine?

What are Hormones of Happiness? And can you develop more of these hormones and become happier?

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  • 5 hormones of happiness, joy and pleasure: the names
  • Female hormones of joy, happiness, pleasure and love: the list of
  • Male hormones of joy, happiness, pleasure and love: the list of
  • What products contain hormones of happiness: the list of
  • Hormonehappiness in chocolate and banana: what is it called?
  • From what and how is the hormone of happiness produced serotonin?
  • How to teach the brain to produce more hormone of happiness and joy of serotonin?
  • From what and how is the hormone of happiness endorphin?
  • How to teach the brain to produce more hormone of happiness and joy of endorphin?
  • How is the hormone of love and happiness produced in the body oxytocin?
  • What is the maximum level for happiness of dopamine and how is it produced?
  • What is the hormone of happiness produced during sex, a kiss, from chocolate, banana, sun, after training?
  • How to raise, raise the level of hormones of happiness in the body: advice
  • VIDEO: Documentary "Secrets of Love"

Everyone heard about hormones, but very few people could thoroughly understand how they work. However, this topic is very interesting, because the invisible subtle connections between the soul and body, food and mood, stress and insomnia, are due precisely to the processes at the hormonal level. Therefore, the temptation to take control of the situation, and learn to consciously control the level of certain hormones is very large.

Hormones affect the mood, and sometimes vice versa - the mood affects the level of certain hormones.

5 Hormones of happiness, joy and pleasure: as they are called, species

Hormones are chemical compounds that are produced by living organisms and can be obtained synthetically. In the human body, they are created by the glands of internal secretion, transported with blood and act on the target organs, which for each hormone are their own.

Hormones are chemicals

The pharmacological industry produces some hormones in the form of medications, as well as preparations containing substances necessary for the body to create this or that hormone on its own.

Hormones are chemicals

The same compounds are found in some food products. But "happiness pills" still do not exist, because pharmacy hormones are too crude and cause a lot of side effects, but certain foods really allow you to improve your mood gently and without any special consequences.

Food will help to cheer up

Hormones of happiness and joy only 5, this:

  • Dopamine is a hormone of joy and fulfillment. Developed when a person receives any positive experience in his presentation. If you like to look at a clean room after cleaning, it's nice to touch a loved one or you feel satisfaction, finally having finished the report, then at this moment dopamine
  • is produced. Serotonin is a hormone of self-confidence and satisfaction. If dopamine is a storm of positive emotions, then serotonin is a quiet joy. By the way these two hormones suppress each other. And this means that people who like to thrilled, usually are not very confident in themselves, but those who have high self-esteem rarely allow themselves to have fun from the heart.
  • Adrenaline - helps mobilize in a stressful situation and open hidden reserves. With the release of adrenaline, the heart beats more often, the sight and hearing become aggravated, the reaction becomes faster, even thoughts fly at the speed of light. Thanks to all this there is a feeling of a surge of strength and inspiration.
  • Endorphins - hormones that are produced in response to stress, and like adrenaline help mobilize, endorphins help to keep calm and hope for the best in any situation. It is believed that these hormones are actively produced at the time of tactile contact with a person who is pleasant. For example, during a friendly embrace, a handshake or a kiss.
  • Oxytocin is a hormone of attachment and trust. However, recent studies have shown that the tenderness caused by oxytocin does not apply to everyone. Under the influence of this hormone, a person is more anxious about those whom he considers "his", and as a result is inclined to zealously protect them from "strangers".Oxytocin plays an important role at the time of delivery and with the initial formation of the relationship between mother and child.
Chemical formulas of emotions

It is believed that not only the hormonal background affects the mood, but on the contrary, emotions affect the hormonal background.

The connection between hormones and emotions

Female hormones of joy, happiness, pleasure and love: the list of

Women have male sex hormones in their bodies, and men have female hormones, so the division into male and female hormones is conditional. Below, we list those hormones that are most related to the joy and love of women.

  • Estrogen - is considered the most significant female sex hormone. This hormone makes a woman attractive in the eyes of men. Thanks to estrogen, the figure looks feminine, the skin becomes more elastic, and the hair is thick and shiny. According to statistics, the level of estrogen is higher for natural blondes.
  • Testosterone is a male hormone, as it is produced in large quantities from the stronger sex. However, for women, testosterone plays a very important role. If it were not for testosterone, then women, probably, would be of little interest in relations with representatives of the opposite sex. This hormone of activity and determination turns a timid girl into a conqueror, and encourages women to take the initiative in personal relationships.
  • Oxytocin - this hormone has already been mentioned above, as it is significant for both women and men. But in the fair sex, the level of oxytocin is still higher. This hormone gives rise to tenderness, affection, need cares, and other qualities that are considered more feminine than masculine. It is also known that in women, oxytocin is produced at the time of stress. Therefore, if after a quarrel you feel a desire to take care of loved ones and prepare something delicious, then this is not a weak character, it is oxytocin.
Women are very different, but female hormones all work the same way

Male hormones of joy, happiness, pleasure and love: the list of

  • Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a leading role. This he makes men resolute and courageous. It is believed that the higher the level of testosterone, the more attractive a man looks in the eyes of women of the opposite sex.
  • Dihydrotestero is a male hormone that occurs when testosterone breaks down and is necessary in order to develop a new testosterone. Dihydrotestero is interesting in that it is associated with male alopecia, or in other words, previously baldness in men. From this we can conclude that the earlier a man began to grow bald, the higher his testosterone level.
  • Oxytocin - no less important for men than for women. In representatives of the stronger sex, the maximum amount of oxytocin is produced at the moments after physical proximity. Oxytocin makes a man loving and attached. Men with a high level of oxytocin are very committed and will never allow themselves to get involved on the side.
The higher the level of testosterone, the more a man likes physical activities

Which products contain happiness hormones: the

list For women, the estrogen often becomes a woman's hormone of happiness, because with its deficiency, the sexual desire decreases, depression and even the appearance deteriorates: the skin does not look so fresh, and the hair and nails become dry and brittle. Estrogen deficiency can be tried with such foods:

  • Flax seeds
  • Peas and beans
  • Bran
  • Coffee
  • Apricots
Coffee is an invigorating drink that raises the level of estrogen

But notice that excess estrogen is also sometimes undesirable. In particular, this hormone can prevent you from losing excess weight in the lower abdomen and on the hips. Therefore, if you have such a problem, then the reason may lie in the use of coffee in large quantities. But if estrogen surplus does not threaten you, pay attention to our article on how to choose a delicious coffee with a rating of brands.

Sometimes the cause of despondency - the deficit of female hormones

By the way in the last days of the menstrual cycle, all the representatives of the fair sex are inclined to experience a deficiency of female hormones and a bad mood for some arises exactly these days. And you can try to pick it up with products from the list above, and also with herbs that have phytoestrogens, it is:

  • Salvia
  • Licorice
  • Linden color
  • Camomile
  • Hops
Salvia - an incredibly fragrant plant with phytoestrogens

Hormone of happiness in chocolate and banana: what is called?

Chocolate and bananas contribute to the production of the hormone joy serotonin .But to say that serotonin from them comes directly, it would be wrong, these products are simply rich in substances necessary for the production of a hormone. Moreover, there are other foods in which tryptophan( a substance from which serotonin is rapidly synthesized) is much larger than in chocolate, and even more so in bananas. Therefore, the legend that there are "happiness hormones" in chocolate and bananas is only half true.

Bananas and chocolate contribute to the production of serotonin

. From what and how is the hormone of happiness produced by serotonin?

Serotonin is produced from the amino acid tryptophan. Interestingly, the most rich in tryptophan products, which are usually referred to as delicacies.

Hormone of happiness serotonin in food

How to teach the brain to produce more hormone of happiness and joy of serotonin?

About how serotonin works and our other hormones are written whole books. We suggest you pay attention to two of them. The author of the first is American Loretta Brauning, the second was written by Asya Kazantseva, a Russian scientific journalist and a biologist by education.

Books on How the Hormones Work

They are valuable in that they give an understanding of what hormones are for and how they work. Loretta Brauning argues that serotonin is a hormone of intrinsic significance, and its level is high among those who have a high social status. And in her book and on the web there are lots of recommendations on how to quickly raise the level of serotonin, for example:

  • Do sports and enjoy physical activities
  • There are nuts, chocolate, bananas and other products rich in priptofanom
  • Do auto-training and daily praise yourselfaloud, and also to be proud of their social status, whatever it is.

All these methods work and can help in a moment of despondency, but they give a short-term effect. And in order for the brain to learn how to produce more serotonin on an ongoing basis, one must really occupy the desired social status. Oh, and it's not superfluous to mention that a person constantly wants more, and therefore one must constantly move forward.

The level of serotonin depends on how much you are satisfied with your life.

. From what and how is the endorphin happiness hormone produced?

  • Endorphins are produced in the brain, mainly during sleep, so a full sleep is a pledge of a sufficient amount of this hormone.
  • Endorphins are able to accumulate in the body and stand out when there is an urgent need. Usually, endorphin is released in parallel with adrenaline.
  • The action of this hormone is impressive: endorphins allow you to not feel pain and think clearly even in case of serious trauma, nature has provided this mechanism to ensure a person's survival in a critical situation.

How to teach the brain to produce more hormone of happiness and joy of endorphin?

  • Trying to raise the level of endorphin, perhaps, is not worth it, its impact is too deafening, and too much energy expends the body, working at the limit. Similar to natural endorphins, opium affects the same receptors, but its destructive effect can not be said.
The release of endorphins is necessary only in a critical situation.

How is the hormone of love and happiness in the body produced by oxytocin?

Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus - it is believed that this part of the brain was formed in the course of evolution before all else and it is she who is responsible for deep motivation and primordial instincts. The hormone oxytocin also has a centuries-old history, it is not only in humans, but in all other mammals. Oxytocin is responsible for attachment to the group, and causes a sense of satisfaction when the individual is in the circle of similar individuals.

When a person feels like a member of a group, the hormone of love oxytocin is released
  • Tactile contact with a person that is pleasant dramatically increases the level of oxytocin.
  • In adults of both sexes, maximal levels of oxytocin are achieved during intimate proximity.
  • It is believed that oxytocin stimulates a person to become attached to members of their group and be loyal to them. But this is only so long as the indices of oxytocin are at an average level.
  • If the level of oxytocin goes off scale, then a person can neglect the interests of the group for more important purposes. More important can only be family members and especially children. The same situation is observed in nature, the female can leave the pride, if she has lost the baby, the representatives of both sexes leave their groups to find a partner and have young.
Oxytocin: more important than pride only children

What is the maximum level needed for the happiness of dopamine and how is it produced?

Dopamine is produced at a time when a person looks forward to receiving a reward and helps him to activate and be in good spirits to achieve the goal. In times of hunting and gathering dopamine played an important role in survival, noticing something special, our ancestors rushed to this object, and often thus found their food. However, the key feature of dopamine is that when the goal is achieved the pleasure lasts not for long, and the desire to again experience positive emotions pushes us to new achievements.

Probably, he already thinks about the fact that it is necessary to conquer another peak, and above

What is the hormone of happiness produced during sex, a kiss, from chocolate, banana, sun, after training?

  • During sex stimulation of the development of three "happiness hormones": dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, therefore intimate affinity causes such a storm of emotions.
  • However, even with a kiss, the same hormones are produced. And their number depends on how desirable and pleasant the kiss will be.
  • Chocolate stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, in addition there is an invigorating caffeine and a large amount of carbohydrates, giving a quick burst of energy. Therefore, chocolate is an excellent remedy for melancholy and sadness.
  • Under the influence of sunlight and when eating bananas in the human body, serotonin is more actively synthesized.
  • Regular sports activities stimulate the production of serotonin, as well as oxytocin and dopamine in moderate amounts. But if the role is about important competitions, then other hormones, adrenaline and endorphin, can join the course, which help to not notice obstacles on the way to the goal. And with the victory thrown out huge amounts of dopamine and oxytocin.
Perhaps, football players embrace because of high levels of oxytocin?

How to raise, raise the level of hormones of happiness in the body: tips

To the level of happiness hormones always been high try to follow these tips:

  • Choose foods high in tryptophan: nuts, seafood, cheeses, rabbit meat and veal, halva and sunflower seeds. If you eat something from this instead of a bun, this will have a positive effect on both the figure and the mood.
  • Do not shield yourself from physical exertion. Unfortunately, hypodynamia is a common problem in modern society.
  • "Enemy number one" for "hormones of happiness" - cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol is also very important, because the feeling of discomfort when it is ejected, makes us move forward. But if there are too many stresses and cortisol, then this is a problem requiring attention.
  • Learn how hormones work. Hardly, you will learn to manage this complex system consciously, but if you understand how hormones work, you can discover the true motives of those or other actions and stop worrying over trifles.

VIDEO: Documentary "Secrets of Love"

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