Glucophage - instructions for use

In this article, we'll talk about a drug that reduces blood sugar in cases of diabetes mellitus Glucophage.

Instructions use

« Glyukofazh » include to biguanide , he is means for reduce level glucose blood , but with this does not results to with hypoglycemic states . The reason for the of this action of is lack of effect stimulation of generation of insulin by islets of pancreatic gland .

Medicine manifests its action for by increase sensitivity to insulin receptors peripheral and system stimulates process on processing glucose cells.« Glyukofazh » so same lowers active runningaway liver glucose , it retards delivery glucose in body of intestine.

In addition to this preparation promotes increased cleavage of fats ( lipids ).

The tool causes to to , that the mass of the of the body of the sick terminates to increase or even starts to decrease .

Glucophage form release

    At the beginning
  • treatment used minimum dose of 500 to 850 mg with reception frequency to three times in day . Recommended take medicine in time food or after n ri control level glucose in blood, then dose may increase
  • Then designate supporting dose in the amount of from 1500 to 2000 mg in day . This dose share on 3 reception , that would reduce manifestation side effects from hand gastrointestinal - intestinal tract
  • If gradually increase dose , is will contribute to the improvement portability preparation
  • « Glyukofazh » can designate patients sugar diabetes second type , which was assigned metotrifan in amount 2 - 3 g in day , in dose of 1000 to 3000 mg
  • In combined treatment with using insulin ," Glucophage " is assigned in the dose of from 500 - 800 mg with with the partition at 3 of the reception . dose insulin adjusted at control level glucose in blood
  • In old age reception drug funds should pass under mandatory control nefropatologa ( not allow increase of the level level of the creatine in the of the blood )
    When discontinued using of the preparation, needs required consult with doctor
  • Tablets prolonged action is assigned to to take 2 times to day . These tablets required are accepted in time
This means
  • produced exclusively in pelletized form , having different dosage
  • Tablets circular or oval form , they covered shell . Dosage 500 mg , 850 mg and 100 mg
  • means very quickly absorbed in blood and extends on tissues , at this not contacting with proteins blood . displayed preparation kidneys and almost not cleaved

Indications for use

As and for all antihyperglycemic agents indicating the destination to serves disease diabetes mellitus. For preparation " Glucophage " is diabetes second type . has for with excess , did not receive the result .

For , adults of use in consisting of complex treatment of disease or as underlying treating preparation .

For children is used with 10 years as basic facility and in composed of combined therapy of sugar of diabetes .

Glucophage dosage

« Glucophage » for children

For children older 10 - summer age and teenagers proposed drug means applied in starting dosage , which is from 500 to 850 mg 1 time in day . Accept their in the time or after the of the food . The doses reduce or increase via 14 days , relying on the indication of the level of the glucose in the blood of the . Maximum allowable dose of in day 2000 mg , its share on breakfast , lunch and dinner .

Preparation with prolonged action not is shown in child age and not is recommended to designation for adolescents .

Glyukofazh contraindications

This preparation has large number states , not compatible with reception this medicament means:
Ketoatsidoznoe state , associated with diabetes
hyperglycemic coma
Hyperglycemic predkomatoznoe state
Insufficiency of the kidneys
The violation of of the work kidney
Tissue hypoxia and acute state , which may to it lead
Diseases in acute form , which can lead to renal dysfunction
Post-operative period and post-traumatic period in of severe form
Hepatic failure
Violations in work liver
2 days to and 2 days after of research radioisotope method
Lactic acidosis
Compliance diet low content calories
Period of gestation of pregnancy
Allergic reactions to components components of the preparation

By-products action « Glyukofazh »

Side action drug funds appear enough rarely , but their range enough extensive :
Nausea , vomiting , diarrhea , pain in the belly . The data effects in of the beginning preparation are shown. For then , to prevent them offensive drug recommended enter slowly with gradual increase dose .
Skin manifestation allergic reactions
In very of rare cases can break function of the kidneys or of the liver or of the liver

" Glucophage " overdose

If the dose of the reception does not exceed 85 mg , then overdose not will occur . However can observed at overdose preparation:
Pain in muscles
Nausea and vomiting
Predkomatoznye and comatose state

For treatment this state need necessarily stop taking medication , and patient state hospital to reshape the company of therapeutic manipulation and removal patient from this state .

Glucophage or Siofor ?

In network internet people often ask given question .

« Glyukofazh » and « Siofor » have same active substance , because only differences in them are trade names . The name depends from of the fantasy of the company - of the manufacturer , which patent its preparation .

Note , that " Glucophage " is original preparation and it price very acceptable .

« Siofor » is the generic ( analogue ) drug « Glyukofazh » and his price significantly below , than in domestic drug means.


" Glucophage " received the set of positive responses from . It is profitable for price and has regarding soft action of . Adverse drug action occur rarely , and even if present , the on initial stage receiving drug until the time the selection individually suitable dose .

have some people this drug found application in as means slimming, for by his ability limit receipt carbohydrates from bowel and cleave accumulated lipids.


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