Inflammation of the nasopharynx is a pathological process that can affect both adults and children. In medical terminology, it was called rhinopharyngitis. According to clinical manifestations, it has a similarity with two pathologies - rhinitis and pharyngitis, and arises due to their imperfect treatment.


  • 1 Symptoms
    • 1.1 Symptoms of acute process
    • 1.2 Chronic inflammation
  • 2 Treatment with
  • 3 folk remedies
  • 4 Treatment for children


The clinical picture of the disease under consideration differs according to whether it is acute or chronic.

Symptoms of acute

In the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx, the symptomatology can be both local and general. An infectious process can be accompanied by a rise in body temperature. In addition, the patient feels drowsiness, malaise and severe pain in the head.

Local symptoms of acute inflammation include: nasopharyngeal inflammation

  • dryness and itching in the throat;
  • Pershing;
  • slight cough;
  • swelling and increased pharyngeal mucosa;
  • mucus, which drains in large amounts along the back wall of the pharynx;
  • nasal congestion;
  • expressed rhinitis;
  • change voice timbre;
  • painful syndrome in the throat that occurs when swallowing.

Chronic inflammation

A chronic pathological process is the result of not treated acute inflammation. It can flow in several forms, among which catarrhal, hypertrophic and atrophic.

chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx

In the photo - chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx

Atrophic inflammation is a pathological process in which the patient feels weak pains in the throat, hoarseness of the voice. During the examination, the doctor discovers a thin, pale mucous .With the remaining two remaining forms, there is discomfort in the throat, and another feeling that there is an alien object. From the nose and throat, mucus can be released in large quantities. During the inspection it is possible to find out that the structure of the mucosa is loose, but it is enlarged and red.

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Treatment with

Preparations for any medications are necessary after the doctor has performed the required diagnostics. He then prescribes treatment, taking into account the form of the disease, the age of the patient and his individual characteristics.

If there is inflammation of the nasopharynx, the doctor prescribes inhalations and frequent rinses of the nasopharynx with medicinal products for the relief of unpleasant symptoms, among which saline solutions and herbal decoctions are in great demand.

On video-detection and treatment of nasopharyngeal inflammation:

In case of acute inflammation, it is possible to use sprays that have antimicrobial, antibacterial effect.

This includes:

  • Dexamethasone( how inhalations with dexamethasone are done with laryngitis, will help to understand this information);


  • Fusafungin.

To cure the pain in the throat, the dissolving pastilles are suitable

  • Diclonin,
  • Anti-angin( but is it possible to use Antiangin during pregnancy, described in this article);


  • Ambazon.

In complex therapy, it is necessary to include drugs that contain iodine. One of them is Povidone-iodine.


Povidone iodine

Esters and compositions based on herbs are also suitable - Sepptelet and Rotokan ( and how to do inhalation with Rotocan in a nebulizer will help to understand this information)



If during diagnostics it became known thatRhinopharyngitis occurs in combination with tonsillitis, then therapy can not do without the use of antibacterial drugs. Their reception is possible only under the condition that the bacteria could influence the development of the inflammatory process. The most effective drugs are the penicillin group.

As for the chronic form of inflammation, it can not be cured. The only thing that can be done is to ease the patient's condition during an exacerbation and prolong remission. It is important that breathing is always free and there are no complications. In chronic inflammation, doctors prescribe inhalation based on saline. You can also use drugs that contain sea salt.

Restoration of respiration can be achieved with vasoconstrictive drugs, which contain components such as phenylephrine( as used in the nose of Polidex with Phenylephrine, described in this article) or oxylometazoline.



If the pathological process involves a rise in temperature, then Paracetamol ( what is the effect of paracetamol in the Cold, described in this article) or Ibuprofen, , which effectively relieve fever, can be used.


Ibuprofen in tablets

For allergic form of rhinopharyngitis, antihistamines may be prescribed - Diazolin and Suprastin. To stop the swelling of the mucous membranes, it is necessary to take the Loratadine.


Loratadine in tablets

Folk remedies

They are allowed to be used as adjunctive therapy. The most effective are the following recipes:

  • Beet Juice .It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the vegetable, remove the peel, grind it on a grater. From the resulting gruel squeeze the juice and drip it into each nasal passage of 5 drops. In total, such procedures should be 3-4 per day. Still beet juice can be used when installing tampons. Millet to form a turunda from cotton wool, soak in juice and set in the nose. Such a drug effectively stops the inflammatory process. beet juice
  • Kalanchoe. This plant eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, providing a disinfectant effect. At the same time, there are no burns after it. All bacteria instantly die. When instilling the Kalanchoe juice, sneezing occurs, which lasts not so long. Due to this, the nasopharynx wall is cleared, respiration is restored. The main advantage of this plant is that it can be used even during pregnancy. To obtain medicinal drops, you need to take a leaf of the plant, wash it, cut it and add 200 ml of cold water. Set on the stove to make it boil. Then wait 3 hours, filter and drip during the day 3 times. And you need to do this until the runny nose is not defeated.
  • Calendula. This plant can be used to prepare a solution for washing the nose. Doing manipulation is necessary in the morning and evening. To get a healing solution you need 20 g of calendula juice, 400 ml of water. When washing, you must first open one nasal passage, draw in the medicine, and its remnants must go out through the mouth. With the regular conduct of such manipulation, it is possible to evacuate mucus, phlegm and arrest inflammation. tincture of calendula
  • Plantain tincture. This remedy is effective for those who experience perspiration and sore throat. It is necessary to take 20 g of raw materials, add 200 ml of boiling water. Wait 2 hours, filter and take 20 ml 3 times a day.

Features of the treatment of children

In the treatment of the pathological process in children, the procedure for washing the nose with saline is mandatory. You can buy it at the pharmacy or get it at home. saline rinse

For these purposes, you need a kitchen salt, preferably if it is iodized. Take 1 liter of boiled water, add to it 20 g of soda. With the resulting solution, drip the nose every 2-3 hours. With the help of such a device it is possible to evacuate mucus from the nose, and it can be applied even to infants.

Another scheme of therapy will necessarily include vasoconstrictive drops that eliminate nasal congestion. As for the dosage, for each age it has its own. This issue must be settled with the attending physician.

The duration of their use should not exceed 7 days. If the rhinopharyngitis is allergic in nature, then it is necessary to give the child antihistamines.

It is possible to stop the inflammatory process in the throat with the help of antiseptic agents.

These can be lozenges, lozenges, sprays. Before this, it is important to remove viscous mucus from the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. For these purposes, it is allowed to use a sage broth. It is necessary to take raw materials in an amount of 20 g and pour 2 cups of boiling water.

lollipops for children from the throat

Lollipops for children from the throat

The filtered infusion is used to rinse the throat. Do this procedure 4-5 times a day. This will normally leave mucus. To remove the swelling of the pharynx, Lugol or Povidone-Yoda, Yoks, will be used.

yoks for children

Yox for children

Inflammation of the nasopharynx is a rather serious pathological process, because it is characterized by sore throat, hoarse voice and nasal congestion. All these signs do not allow a person to work and rest normally. When treating a disease, it is important to direct all actions not only to stopping the clinical picture, but also to eliminate the cause that led to the development of this pathology.