Spring avitaminosis. How to make up stocks of vitamins A, B, C, D, PP?

In this article, let's talk about how to avoid spring avitaminosis. In addition, it will deal with serious diseases caused by a shortage of certain vitamins in the body.

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  • What is vitamin deficiency and what are its main symptoms?
  • Varieties of avitaminosis
  • How does hypovitaminosis differ from beriberi?
  • Why does avitaminosis occur in the spring?
  • How to prevent the appearance of spring vitamin deficiency?
  • Video: Fighting Avitominosis
  • What diseases can be caused by vitamin deficiency?
  • A scurvy is a lack of vitamin C. Symptoms of scurvy
  • How to treat scurvy at home
  • Chicken blindness is a lack of vitamin A. Symptoms of night blindness in a person
  • Treatment of night blindness in a person
  • Bery-beri is a lack of vitamin B. Symptoms of beriberi
  • Methods for treating beriberi
  • Rickets - lack of vitamin D. How is rickets manifested?
  • How to treat rickets in a child
  • Pellagra is a lack of vitamin PP.Symptoms of pellagra in humans
  • How to treat Pellagra in order to avoid complications
  • Diet for beriberi
  • What vitamins should be taken with a severe vitamin deficiency?
  • Differences between vitamin deficiency of adults and children's vitamin deficiency
  • How to cure spring avitaminosis: advice and feedback
  • Video: Dr. Komarovsky about rickets and vitamin D

Poor quality products, fast snack foods, inadequate intake of fruits and animal products do not pass unnoticed for the body. As a result of an unbalanced diet, avitaminosis may begin.

It is believed that avitaminosis is a seasonal phenomenon that appears only in early spring. In fact, avitaminosis can accompany a person all year round, in the spring there may be an exacerbation. We will understand what is avitaminosis and how to deal with it.

What is vitamin deficiency and what are its main symptoms?

Avitaminosis is a disease that occurs as a result of a lack of vitamins in the body.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency:

  • Apathy, a tendency to fatigue, reluctance to work, to enjoy life
  • A tendency to frequent colds
  • Scaly skin of the face, hands
  • Lifeless hair
  • Cracked lips that can not be restored with balms and creams

Varieties of avitaminosis

There are two conceptsvitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis. They differ among themselves, and often one is issued for another.

How does hypovitaminosis differ from beriberi?

In people, vitamin deficiency is called the lack of any vitamins in the body. But in medical terminology, the concept of beriberi means the complete absence of certain vitamins.

The lack of vitamins is hypovitaminosis .Avitaminosis is typical for people who have lived in the far north for a long time. In most cases, in our country, people manifest hypovitaminosis.

Why does avitaminosis occur in the spring?

In winter, the consumption of fresh fruit is getting smaller. And the fruits that fall on our table are often devoid of enough vitamins. Most of the fruit on store shelves in winter comes from foreign countries.

Important: overseas fruits and vegetables are sent to us in an underserved form, besides they are treated with chemicals to preserve the presentation. As a result, fruits do not bring the expected benefits.

In addition to this, we are not much in the open air and practically devoid of solar heat. By spring, the supply of vitamins in the body is depleted, and it is not possible to complete the reserve in full, and therefore there is a hypovitaminosis.

How to prevent the appearance of spring vitamin deficiency?

Video: Fighting Avitominosis

What diseases can be caused by vitamin deficiency?

Serious consequences as a result of vitamin deficiency in developed countries are extremely rare at the present time. Scientists have long been able to clarify the relationship between vitamins and their effect on the human body. However, even today, in countries with nutritional deficiencies, the following diseases develop:

  1. Polyneuritis( beriberi)
  2. Pellagra
  3. Scinti
  4. Rachite
  5. Paresthesia
  6. Nictalopia( night blindness)

People with very poor living and nutritional conditions are affected by these diseases, alcoholics.

A scurvy is a lack of vitamin C. Symptoms of scurvy

Scintillas is a seaman's disease. In times of long ship hikes, sailors ate scanty food. Basically, it was corned beef( salted horse meat) and dried grains. For a long time sailors did without fresh fruits and vegetables.

Symptoms of scurvy:

  1. Gum disease. The gums begin to bleed, get cyanotic color, become friable, painful
  2. Hemorrhages. In the lower extremities, internal hemorrhages occur, which are manifested by a hard swelling and skin coloring in blue, yellow

scurvy in past centuries was considered a fatal disease.

It was later found that citrus fruits help prevent scurvy. Citrus contains a large amount of vitamin C( ascorbic acid).

How to treat scurvy at home

Scurvy will never affect those people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C:

  • Lemons, oranges, grapefruits
  • Black currant
  • Red Bulgarian pepper
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Brussels sprouts

Important: most people mistakenly believe that the highest content of vitamin C in citrus fruits. In fact, the proportion of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits is not as high as in some other sources. For comparison, 100 g of the product is: rosehip - 650 mg;red sweet pepper - 250 mg;currant - 200 mg;orange, lemon - 50 mg.

Patient's mouth:

  • with broth of oak bark( 1 tsp for 250 ml of hot water)
  • with hot water with formic alcohol( 5-6 drops per 200 ml of water)
    horseradish tincture on vodka

Chicken blindness - lack of vitaminA. Symptoms of chicken blindness in humans

Chicken blindness is a disease that affects about half a million people a year in the world. Symptoms of night blindness are very poor visibility in low light. Sufferers of night blindness may even stop seeing in the dark. Even the ancient Egyptians found that the disease is successfully treated when introduced into the diet of the liver. The liver is rich in vitamin A.

The treatment of night blindness in humans

The treatment of night blindness is the use of foods rich in vitamin A( retinol):

  • Liver of marine fish and animals
  • Pumpkin
  • Tomatoes
  • Green onions
  • Carrots

Take-up - shortagevitamin B. Symptoms of beriberi disease

At present, beriberi disease or polyneuritis is extremely rare. There is another name - rice disease .Previously, it was a common disease in Asia. The reason for the appearance is a lack of vitamin B1.

Symptoms of the disease:

  1. Mental disorder
  2. Fatigue
  3. Nausea
  4. Pain in calves when walking
  5. Pain in the feet, legs
  6. Appetite deterioration

Interesting: Rice disease has overwhelmed the rich people, and the poor people have passed. The fact is that the rich thoroughly washed the rice before cooking, and the poor ate with the husks. Rice husk, as it turned out, is rich in vitamin B1.

Methods for treatment of beriberi

Treatment is medicated:

  1. Intramuscular injections with 5% thiamine chloride solution
    Intra-injections with proserine, nicotinic acid
  2. Also shown are coniferous baths, special massage, physiotherapy, UV irradiation, diet

To prevent diseaseit is necessary to eat foods with a vitamin B1 content:

  • Beef, pork
  • Beans, peas, soybeans
  • Potatoes, cabbage, carrots

With timely treatment with beriberi successfully sprvlyayutsya. If you start the disease, it flows into a chronic form.

Rickets - lack of vitamin D. How is rickets manifested?

Rickets is a disease that occurs today among children. The reason for the development of rickets is a lack of vitamin D. The peculiarity of vitamin D is that it is contained in a small number of foods and can not make up the necessary amount, entering the body with food.

But vitamin D can be obtained by taking sun baths. In places where the sun appears rarely, the most frequent cases of rickets. That is why pediatricians recommend that children under the age of three take several drops of vitamin D daily in the winter. Vitamin D can be purchased at the pharmacy.

The first signs of manifestation of rickets are:

  1. Increased sweating
  2. Intermittent sleep
  3. Excessive crying

After a while after that, flabbiness of muscles and a flat stomach is added. With further development of the disease, bone tissue affects and deforms:

  • Legs can assume O-shaped or X-shaped
  • Disproportionately large skull, large forehead
  • Breast protrusion or admission
  • Deformity of pelvic bones in girls

Deformity of pelvic bones in girls canprevent further normal labor activity.

How to treat rickets in a child

To prevent congenital rickets, the expectant mother should often walk outdoors, eat right. A good prevention for a newborn baby is prolonged breastfeeding, massage, swimming.

In rickets, medical treatment and the organization of the right daily regimen are indicated. With drug treatment the doctor calculates the necessary dose of vitamin D, prescribes preparations with calcium and phosphorus. Also it is necessary to do a special massage, visit the pool, organize proper nutrition.

Pellagra is a lack of vitamin PP.Symptoms of pellagra in humans

Pellagra develops due to a lack of vitamin PP and proteins.

One of the main causes of pellagra is the lack of amino acid treptophan.

This disease manifested itself in people, the main food of which was corn. Today, pellagra is common among chronic alcoholics, as well as in African countries. Symptoms of pellagra are:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Insomnia
  • Dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Paralysis of the extremities
  • Weakness
  • Alopecia

Pellagra is called a disease of the three D: dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia( acquired dementia).

How to treat Pellagra to avoid complications

Pellagra is treated under the supervision of a physician in a hospital department. On average, the course of treatment lasts a month and a half. During this time, the patient is prescribed vitamins and nicotinic acid. If the patient is exhausted, then blood transfusion is possible. Vitamins can be injected into the body in the form of injections and droppers.

Important: Complication of pellagra is the transition of the disease into acute form and subsequent death. Disease can kill a person in 4-5 years, if not start treatment.

Diet for vitamin deficiency

To avoid problems associated with vitamin deficiency, you should eat a variety of foods every day:

  1. Freshly squeezed juices( carrot, apple, orange)
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Sour-milk products
  4. Meat, liver

Food should be varied and useful.

Choose seasonal vegetables and fruits. In winter it is necessary to eat sauerkraut, beetroot, seasonal apples, nuts, pumpkin, etc.

It is better to cook dishes on steam or in the oven, so more vitamins will remain. Avoid fried, spicy, salty.

What vitamins should be taken with a strong vitamin deficiency?

If the symptoms of beriberi are too troubling, you should consult your doctor. By results of the analysis of a blood it becomes known, which vitamins do not suffice in an organism. The doctor will appoint a complex of multivitamins, which will bring the greatest benefit to your body.

Differences in avitaminosis of adults from vitamin deficiency in children

Signs of vitamin deficiency in children are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Poor memory and school performance
  • Tearfulness
  • Lack of interest in what is happening
  • Weak mental and physical development of

Unlike adults, vitamin D deficiency is manifested by bone deformation. In adults it is: sleep disturbance, decreased vision, frequency of fractures of bones.

How to cure spring vitamin deficiency: advice and feedback

Alina, 23 years old : March-April is just awful months for me. Everyone is happy with the sun and heat, and I suffer from beriberi. At me constantly during this time hair, the skin is shelled, lips burst. Salvation for me was the reception of complex vitamins. Also I try to walk more often in the winter and eat apples all the time.

Ivan, 40 years old : there will be no beriberi if you eat a lot. I have been doing sports all my life, both in summer and in winter, I eat right. Therefore, the arrival of spring, no negative changes in the body do not observe.

Oksana, 29 years old : I am the mother of a five-year-old child. To us the pediatrist has written out multivitamins. I noticed that my daughter was drowsy, irritable, weak. Of course, it worried me a lot. It turned out that this is due to a lack of vitamins. And we live in Moscow, you can not buy any natural products.

Eat vegetables and fruits, try to eat a variety of foods, more often on the air. Then the spring can be met in a good mood and with a surge of strength.

Video: Dr. Komarovsky about rickets and vitamin D

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