Top Ten Charges for the Lazy

Looking good, but not exhausting yourself with heavy physical exercises? Charging for the lazy is the perfect solution! The best selection of lazy charge.


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Morning charging for the lazy

I want to look good, be cheerful and healthier, but at the same time there is absolutely no desire,th time and spend a third of life in the fitness center? Charging for the lazy is what you need. Spending on it you need very little time, you will not feel fatigue after it, but the flush of strength and blush is already assured for you on the first day. A week will pass, and you will notice prettier forms, a month - tightened musc

les. We picked up the top ten pick for lazy people, or opposite the insane people who want to look great, but do not spend too much time on fitness.

Early to get up and on charge to have time

Charging for the lazy in bed

The most important thing in this charge is to get the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you wake up normally and do not turn it off, falling asleep again in a sound sleep. And for this to happen, you have to go to bed 7-8 hours before this alarm clock starts ringing.

Charging for the lazy on the back

Charging on the back

Open your eyes, look around, take a deep breath-out and proceed to the first exercise. EXERCISE # 1 .Twice tightly squeeze your hands into fists. In this way the brain will receive a signal that the body is awake and has begun physical activity. The blood flow to accelerate, and despite the fact that a minute ago did not want to move even a little finger, now the forces appeared on the remaining charge. EXERCISE # 2 .Now we wake our feet. The left foot is pulled as far as possible and fixed, now the right pull in the opposite direction. We change the position, the left as far back as possible, the right one as far forward as possible. Slowly repeat 20 times. The muscles stretched and the blood flow in the legs improved.
EXERCISE №3 .And now, at the same time, we clench our fists and move our legs as in the previous exercise 20 times. Have noticed - on the face there was a smile. It is difficult to do this exercise and not to smile. EXERCISE # 4 .Pull your arms along the trunk. Raise the right up and down, now left. For each hand 20 times. EXERCISE # 5 .A fun bike, but do not rush, exercise carefully, each time bending the knee to 45 °.All the same 20 times for each leg. EXERCISE # 6 .And now the fun. Makhi with his hands eating with a bicycle and a smile. Only 20 times. EXERCISE # 7 .Bend and connect the knees, the heels as close to the pelvis as possible. Raise the pelvis and waist so that the spine is maximally straightened, stay in this position for a few seconds and lower. Repeat 20.
EXERCISE # 8 .Raise both hands on the pillow, straighten your legs. On exhalation, lift the even right leg and left arm, try to cross them and lower them. Repeat with the left foot and right hand. Total repetitions 20 times. EXERCISE # 9 .Vacuum. The legs are bent at the knees, the body is relaxed. Deep breath in through the nose and a sharp exhalation through the mouth, while the stomach is drawn as much as possible inward. We freeze for 5-10 seconds. On how much you will suffice. Repeat 15-20 times.
EXERCISE №10 .All right, you're ready to get up. Smoothly sit in a "Turkish" bed with your legs crossed, and slowly draw your head a circle 5 times in the right side, and the same in the opposite direction.

Charging is complete. You can have breakfast, get together and start a work day!

Funny charging in bed

Funny charging in bed

MASSAGE .Opening your eyes is best to wake yourself up with an easy massage.

Kindle the fire in your hands - rub one on one, as if you are trying to kindle a fire in the forest. After that, massage hands, forearms. Go to the person - smoothly spend warm palms on massage lines.

Everything, the body is warmed up and ready to be charged.
EXERCISE №1 . Crip the feet and palms clockwise and counterclockwise. Now try the right side clockwise, and the left versus. EXERCISE No. 2 .Sit on the bed. Rotate your head as if the neck is the earth's axis, and the head is the faithful companion of the Earth.
EXERCISE №3 . Now we go to swimming, it will be calm and smooth or with storms depends on the smoothness of your movements. It is necessary to lie down on your stomach, grasp your ankles with your hands and bend back, forming a nice little boat with your body. Imagine that there is a quiet lake around and you are slightly rolling around the waves back and forth. Total swing should be at least 20 times.
EXERCISE №4 . All known scissors. Raise the level legs 15 cm from the bed and quickly cross them for 2 minutes. It is important to ensure that the legs do not rise higher and do not fall lower.
EXERCISE # 5 . A bicycle. Now twist your legs as if you roll along the alley on a bicycle on a day off. Just a few minutes every day and your legs will be much more attractive in just a few weeks.
EXERCISE # 6 .In this exercise, if necessary, grab the head of the bed with your hands, pull it out and lift your legs like a pair of scissors and write beautiful large numbers from 1 to 10. If it's hard, you can stop at 5-ke.
EXERCISE # 7 . The airplane is preparing to take off. Sitting on the bed straighten your arms to the sides - it's your wings, and shoulders - blades that need to be rotated quickly to fly. Forward one minute, then back. Did not take off? So you need to practice some more.
EXERCISE №8 . Pose "in Turkish", arms crossed, palms on the shoulders. Swing from one side to the other. Only 15-20 swings. EXERCISE # 9 .Rise from the bed, pull your hands to the ceiling and inhale. On exhalation, lean forward and touch the feet with your hands. In this case, the legs remain even.
Everything, charging is over, you can hurry on your business.

And in the end video video lesson of morning morning yoga

Video: Yoga in the morning - gymnastics in bed

Charging for lazy slimming

You are an office worker who does not have time for fitness, for full sleep. Increasingly, the neck and back ache begin to ache, the belly is difficult to hide under the shirt, and the hips are no longer as attractive as in the student years? Constantly visits the idea that you need to go to the fitness center, but the question arises when?

This complex of exercises should be done 7-8 times a day, in the very 10-minute, when you need to tear your eyes from the monitor. Allocate time to it simply: the first time is the morning, the last time is before bedtime.

Rest the remaining times so that they alternate not more than once per hour, and not earlier than two hours after lunch. B
Start an alarm clock so you do not forget and in the way to a slender figure.
Thanks to this complex you can lose weight, tighten muscles, and improve the condition of the body in just a few months. EXERCISE # 1 .Stand up straight, hands on waist. To rise on носочки, to fix position not 3 seconds and to fall. All approaches in this complex are 20 times.
EXERCISE # 1 .Now we stay on the heels, lifting the socks and fixing the position for 3 seconds. EXERCISE # 1 .Stand up smoothly and squeeze the buttocks as much as possible, fix for 5 seconds and relax. As before, repeat 20 times. The simplest exercise with regular repetitions will transform your roundness and even greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite.
EXERCISE # 1 .We pass to the hands. Straighten the arms across the width of the shoulders so that the letter "T" is formed. Hands stretched and tense. With force, we clench the fists and fix for 5-7 seconds, unclamp.

EXERCISE # 1 .Makhi straightened his hands upwards down. The right hand alternates with the left hand.
EXERCISE №2 .Now we put our hands in front of the chest with the palm of the hand. Only fingers touch. We stretch our arms and squeeze our hands with force, as if between the palms of the ball, which you need to crush. After 5 seconds, relax and repeat.
EXERCISE # 3 .Hands at the seams, trunk, head and hands themselves in this exercise are not mobile. We turn our hips like hinges to the right and left. The exercise is dynamic, you do not need to fix the position.
EXERCISE # 4 .We squat 20 times. The legs should form an angle of 90 °, the knees should not extend beyond the toe line.
EXERCISE # 5 .And finally the slopes. Legs are shoulder width apart, knees do not bend, legs are perfectly even. Tilt to the right toe, lift, tilt the center, rise, tilt to the left toe.

With this complex, you can just get rid of the annoying belly in just one month and go on vacation with a chic waist.

Video: Exercises for lazy slimming belly

And following this fun infographics you can bring yourself to the physical norm, not really that and straining. What you need for the lazy.

Charging for the lazy in the office

Today, a healthy lifestyle is actively supported in offices and production. Many managers introduce small workouts during the working day. If you have not already done so, it's time to offer this charge.
One of the cheerful complexes was developed by the leading trainers and got the amusing name "Surprise colleagues"

. For a young team, a cheerful charging of a five-minute session will work, just a few minutes and the team will continue to work fun, and will not complain about fatigue and back pain at the end of the day.
Another fun charging for losing weight in the infographics, but already a home version.
Well, for those who want to keep fit during the day, but still hesitate to perform sit-ups or mahi hands in the office, we can recommend a morning charge, and during the day, only slightly "lazy" to warm up.

Charging for the lazy: tips

In conclusion we will add some tips for charging:

Enter charging as an obligatory part of the morning and day. You do not go to work with unclean teeth, or uncombed hair, just because you really want to sleep for 5 more minutes.

Charging is fun, you do not need to force it. Teach yourself to think about charging with pleasure

Do not exercise for 4-5 hours before sleep. Risk not to fall asleep.

Video: Charging for the lazy

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