Jam from mint: the best recipes. Jam from mint: benefit and harm, reviews

Features of making jam of their mint with vegetables, fruits and berries. Reviews about the taste and useful properties of mint jam.

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  • Peppermint jam: benefit and harm
  • Peppermint jam with lemon: recipe
  • Strawberry jam with mint: recipe
  • Apple jam with mint
  • Raspberry jam with mint
  • Pear jam with mint
  • Cucumber jam with mint and lemon
  • Jam from gooseberry with mint
  • Cherry jam with mint
  • Jam from squashes with mint
  • Blueberry jam with mint
  • Jam from mint and needles: recipe
  • Jam from mint: отзывы
  • Video: how to prepare jam from mint?

Spicy herbs attracted our ancestors by their ability to improve the taste of traditional dishes, to give them originality and aroma.

Peppermint is valuable in any form. It can be both tea leaves, and a fragrant element for refreshing the room, and an ingredient for homemade jam

. We'll talk more about the features of cooking the latter.

Mint jam: benefit and harm

mint jam pot and fresh
mint leaves

An unusual mint jam besides the aroma, pleases the housewives with its rich green color. Try it once, you will want to prolong the weighty pleasure.

However, please note that mint jam is not useful for everyone, it has contraindications. Refuse to use if you have:

  • epilepsy
  • diabetes
  • serious heart disease
  • planned physical intimacy and you are a man

Use of jam from mint is as follows:

  • for colds like antipyretic and expectorant
  • soothingly acts when overexcited, stresses
  • relieves muscle spasmsmigraines
  • facilitates pain syndromes in diseases of the digestive system and treats the last

Read more about the benefits and contraindications of mint.

Peppermint jam with lemon: recipe

jars and plate with prepared mint of lemon and mint

You need:

  • leaves and stems of mint - 0,4 kg
  • a pair of large lemons
  • water - 2 glasses
  • sugar - 1000 g
  • food coloringgreen
  • thickener for jam, for example, agar-agar
  • parchment paper


  • chop mint and lemons with rind
  • put into a pan and cook for 10 minutes
  • remove from heat and leave for 24 hours
  • pour sugar and water well stir
  • tomiteonslow heat for 2 hours, stirring the future jam
  • enter the thickener and stir well
  • prepare the cans, sterilize them
  • from parchment paper cut the mugs with the diameter of the neck of the jar
  • put them in the lids before blocking the poured mint jam

One of the variations of this recipe looks like this:

  • chopped lemons and peppermint pour half the norm of sugar and leave the juice
  • for a day. Dissolve the second part of sugar in water and boil
  • pour the mint-lemon mixture and setStrawberry jam with mint: recipe
    jar with strawberry jam with mint and fresh berries next to it

    You need:

    • ripe medium-sized strawberry - 1000 g
    • same amount of sugar
    • medium bunch of fresh mint without damaged leaves


    • pour the strawberry with water and separate the pedicels
    • rinse it under a gentle stream of water and add to the colander
    • pour into the jam for cooking jam, sprinkle the berries with sugar
    • cover with a lid / towel and leave for a night or half a day to form the syrup
    • add mint leaves wholeor crushed into the future jam and put it on the fire
    • , remove the foam, but bring the mint back to the jam, if it comes across
    • stir gently to ensure that the berries of strawberries are kept to the maximumце whole
    • 5 minutes after the beginning of the boiling jam remove it from the fire
    • cover with a towel and leave to rest for the night / half-day
    • return the future jam to the fire, bring to the boil
    • 7 minutes after the quiet boil, turn off the heating of the container under the strawberry-mint mixture
    • pour jam on sterile jars, roll them
    • turn the jars on the lids and wrap them for a day.
    • transfer to a cool storage place until winter
    • to make the jam thick, leave it closed for 4esyatsa

    Apple jam with mint

    banks prepared apple jam with mint on table

    piquancy give apple jam mint. If you want to enhance the taste - add the leaves of fresh basil.

    To cook a sweet and fragrant treat, proceed as follows:

    • cut any sour-sweet whole apples with slices, after removing the core,
    • fill with sugar, taken twice as much as apple mass, leave
    • for half a day to form juice or pour half a cup of waterand put the container on the fire,
    • bring the jam to a boil over moderate heat, remove the froth in the process,
    • remove the sweet apple paste from the plate and leave it under the lid until completely cooled,
    • again cook the jam on a slowfire, gently stirring it,
    • from the moment of a quiet boil, prepare to turn off the heating under the tank after 7-10 minutes,
    • 5 minutes before the end of cooking, throw the washed and dried leaves of mint and basil taken over a lush bunch, and pour in a spoonful of fresh lemon juiceor a weak aqueous solution of citric acid,
    • , dispense the prepared jam over sterile cans hot and roll,
    • is stored in a cellar after 24 hours.

    Raspberry jam with mint

    aromatic raspberry jam with mint on the table in the jar

    A fresh mint will give a light note of freshness to the raspberry jam.

    Take the minimum ingredients needed to cook raspberry jam in a classic way. Add a few mint leaves for every 0.5 kg of raspberries.

    Step by step order:

    • pour fresh raspberry berries on sugar. Proportion 1: 2,
    • wait for the appearance of the juice in the future jam
    • put on the fire the container with the fragrant berry in the sugar
    • adjust the moderation of the fire under the container with the future jam
    • after boiling and removing the foam, leave it to cool completely
    • add the mint during the second cooking, when the sweet mass starts to boil again
    • remove the jam from the plate 5 minutes after boiling
    • remove the mint and spill it over sterile jars
    • store as usual preservation

    Pear jam with mint

    arne pear with mint in a jar surrounded by ripe fruit

    special freshness and zest you get if you cook the jam pears with mint and lime.

    Proceed as follows:

    • cut into cubes or slices of pear, remove the cores and dark spots from the
    • skin and put into the cooking bowl and fill with sugar, taken slightly less than the fruit slicing
    • , wait until the juice is formed, then send the pears with sugar
    • cut the lime into 4 parts, remove bones
    • chop it in a blender and pour into the pear mass after it boils
    • reduce the fire under the jam to a minimum and melt its hour
    • add washed mint leaves, mix the mass
    • remove the foam with jamI disconnect heating
    • after half an hour, turn off the heating
    • leave the container with the jam to cool
    • before pouring into the jars remove the mint leaves
    • the jammed jars with fragrant jam after a day move to the basement for storage

    Cucumber jam with mint and lemon

    picture with the inscription "from cucumbers with mint »

    An unusual combination of vegetables, fragrant herbs and citrus will give gourmets a taste of pleasure.

    To make this jam, proceed as follows:

    • wash the cucumbers and mint leaves,
    • the first chop in large pieces, and the second pour half a cup of boiling water,
    • the cucumbers into a pan with a thick bottom and sprinkle with sugar in a 3: 1 ratio,
    • after a quarter of an hour of infusionmint chop it with water in a blender,
    • put a saucepan on the fire with cucumbers that let the juice, bring
    • to a boil and after a third of an hour pour in crushed peppermint, a solution of gelling agent, for example, zhelfix, sugar residue and limo juiceand,
    • boil over low heat the entire mass for half an hour,
    • let cool jam,
    • if you like lemon flavor, add the grated zest of half a lemon.

    Jam from gooseberry with mint

    in open jar jam from gooseberry with mint

    To make an unusual jam from gooseberry with mint, proceed as follows:

    • without tails, wash the gooseberry pour with water so that it does not cover the berries
    • add the lemon juice at the rate of 1 lemonfor every 400 g of gooseberry
    • put on a moderate fire
    • from the moment of boiling let the weight sink for a third of the hour
    • remove the future jam from the fire, add whole mint leaves and sugar
    • mix the contents of the shotsyuli and bring to boil
    • after 5 minutes take out mint
    • Tomate jam for another quarter of an hour
    • pour over sterile jars
    • after 24 hours move the jam to the cellar before winter

    Cherry jam with mint

    bowl with cherry and mint jam
    • Take the washed cherrywithout petioles and ossicles. If you like whole berries in jam, then leave them with bones.
    • Pour sugar in a 1: 1 ratio and let the juice run overnight.
    • Put on fire to boil for half an hour-hour.
    • Cool and put a couple of twigs of fresh mint.
    • Boil the cherry mass with mint and turn off the fire after half an hour.
    • Remove the mint leaves and boil the jam a third time. If you like mint flavor, strengthen it, adding a fresh branch of grass for 5 minutes with the third cooking.
    • Pour on the sterile jars of cherry jam with mint, but be sure to remove the leaves of the last.

    Jam from zucchini with mint

    ready jam from courgettes and mint in a jar before wrapping with a lid

    To give the originality of taste to this jar, add the packaged fruit jelly, for example gooseberry, as an ingredient.

    Prepare zucchini:

    • remove skin and inner flesh with seeds
    • wash them
    • cut into cubes
    • fold in a cooking bowl

    Add a little water and simmer until it evaporates completely.

    • Pour sugar at a rate of 100 grams for every 1 kg of chopped zucchini.
    • Add crushed mint, lemon juice and jelly from the package.
    • Boil all the third hour, spread out on sterile cans.
    • Roll the jam, turn it over the covers to cool.
    • Move through the day in a cool room for storage.

    Blueberry jam with mint

    finished blueberry jam with mint in the bowl and jar on the table

    Bilberry jam with mint boil in a manner similar to any berry-fruit fruit, discussed in the previous sections. The difference is only in the duration of the heat treatment:

    • 5 minutes for liquid jam
    • third of the hour - for a more dense consistency

    The second feature is cooking blueberries, sugar and mint leaves in only 1 set. That is, you:

    • pour pure blueberries with sugar in a proportion of 1: 0.7 and slowly wait for the complete dissolution of the white ingredient
    • add whole or chopped mint leaves
    • boil on low heat the desired amount of time

    You can get mint if you do not grindits leaves.

    Roll the jam in sterile jars, or serve it cooled to tea.

    Mint and Needle Jam: recipe

    emerald jam from mint and pine needles in a bowl and a clogged jar

    A fragrant, tasty and extraordinarily useful jam of pine and mint leaves will adorn the aroma of any kitchen and will assemble the whole family for a useful tea party at any time of the year.

    You need:

    • young spruce shoots with needles 1000 g
    • granulated sugar 1500 g
    • water 3 l
    • large lemon
    • bunch of fresh mint


    • wash the sprouts with needles and put them in the cooking bowls
    • fill with water, put in the sugar, mix everything,
    • can either leave for half a day / night to infuse, or build a water bath for slow cooking,
    • from the moment of the formation of small bubbles - a sign of the boiling of the spruce mixture, watch for the next 3 hours for future jam. Raise the water, as it will evaporate,
    • remove from heat, let cool,
    • strain jam, sprouts and needles discard,
    • return the jam to the plate, add the washed whole mint bundle,
    • boil all 10-20 minutes and take out the mint,
    • removefrom the fire, the ready-made jam and spread over the jars,
    • roll them up and move them through the day to the cellar until winter.

    Peppermint preserves: reviews

    collected fresh mint leaves for making mint jam

    Natalia, a young mother in the decree

    My mother loves to preserve, because this passion was transmitted to me. Especially to unusual sunsets.
    I liked the mint jam that my mom fed me in my student years. It seems that it gave me strength during the sessions.
    Now I pamper my home with this fragrant and healing jam. Her husband disappeared unpleasant sensations in the stomach, which often arose because of an irregular meal before we met.

    Victoria Sergeevna, cosmetologist

    My grandmother is from Siberia. She knew well the healing properties of all the plants that grew in her land. And perfectly cooked jam from them.
    I learned how to make mint jam with pine needles and cones. It's just a storehouse of valuable substances that help immunity cope with colds.
    Because my jam always saves our family from a lengthy hospital because of ARD.

    Violetta Stepanovna, retired

    I like to pamper children and grandchildren with home-made delicacies. Especially they like my jams and salted canned food.
    I like experiments with flavors, because I wanted to add a fragrant note to fruit and berry jams and jams. It's amazing, except for the unique gastronomic pleasure, my health features began to be transferred easier. I take my friends and share with them recipes for mint jam. They also note the improvement of mood and well-being after several of his spoons.

    So, we have considered useful qualities of mint jam and contra-indications, have learned it correctly and tasty to prepare, combine with vegetables, fruits and berries. Read the reviews of women practicing cooking jam from mint.

    If you have a taste of home-made sweet canned food, expand the list of ingredients - add mint. There is a high probability that in the future you will become an adherent of a new way of making jam at home!

    Stay healthy!

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