Natural gel-balm from varicose Renovan: user manual and reviews

Varicose is a disease in which swollen, twisted and dilated veins are visible under the skin. Often these vessels are red or blue. Observed on the legs, rarely - arms, back, neck.

As a rule, women are more likely to suffer from an unpleasant illness. The veins of the lower limbs have special valves that do not allow blood to descend downwards under the influence of gravity.

If the valves do not work properly( do not close), the blood accumulates, forming stagnation in the vein or capillary meshes.

Risk factors:

  • elderly;
  • hormonal failure;
  • congenital defect of valves;
  • is overweight;
  • pregnancy;
  • hereditary predisposition.


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Symptomatic disorders

Changes in mild disease:

  • sensation of severity, and sometimes pain in the legs;
  • visible swollen veins;
  • is a mild itching swelling of the ankles.

Severe symptoms:

  • swelling of entire leg or calf
  • Obvious pain after prolonged sitting or standing position;
  • change in color of the skin;
  • skin - dry, irritated, scaly, easily prone to cracking;
  • thickening and hardening of the skin in the ankles.

In the first stages of the disease can be treated with various creams, ointments, and rubbers.

In other cases, only surgically. It is important to choose a truly qualitative and effective remedy. Fight the scourge better at the stage of origin.

Novelty in the field of varicose treatment

Renov gel is a remedy for varicose veins, including herbs collected in ecologically clean Siberian forests. Inside the jar is a powder.

To obtain a creamy consistency, you need to add pure water. That is why the manufacturers indicated - the drug is handmade.

What is included in the balsam

You can store the diluted formula for a week. After Renova and the truth contains only herbs, without additives and preservatives.

Let us consider which plants the healers from the Siberian territories and the creators of balsam offer for combating varicose veins.

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In the composition of balsam such ingredients:

  1. Aloe is a well-known plant, many grow on window sills. But in this case it is collected on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Has anti-edematous properties and favorably affects the skin. Helps get rid of itching and cracks on the epidermis.
  2. Mint , more precisely, essential oil from it. Need to maintain the tone of the veins, capillaries.
  3. Horse chestnut , growing in the Trans-Urals. Prevents rapid clotting of blood. Removes swelling of tissues and inflammation.
  4. Agar-agar , obtained from algae of the Pacific Ocean, rejuvenates and moisturizes.
  5. The leaves of the grapes come from the Republic of Khakassia. Does not give varicose veins to develop thrombophlebitis. Contains antioxidants that slow down aging. Reduces the risk of vascular obstruction.
  6. The main component is Ginkgo Biloba from Kamchatka. Increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels. Has an effect on increased blood circulation in blood vessels.

How does balm

As the creators say, Renovene is a gel from varicose with a complex effect. He simultaneously fights with many manifestations of the disease:

  • restores function of valves;
  • restores elasticity to the walls of the veins;
  • immediately after the application relieves the patient of uncomfortable sensations;
  • stimulates the outflow of lymphatic fluid;
  • helps to reduce and completely get rid of the vascular network;
  • clears vessels of toxic substances.

First, the gel moisturizes the skin and makes it susceptible to the components of the drug. Further, it penetrates into the skin at the cellular level and begins to improve blood circulation and strengthen the walls of the vessels.

Thrombi under the influence of the components of the drug are destroyed, and their re-formation is prevented.

Apply Renoven, advised not only at the stages of development of varicose veins, but also as a preventive measure. For example, if there is a predisposition at the genetic level to an ailment or work is associated with lifting heavy objects.

Suitable for almost all

All components of the drug are natural, without adding any chemistry. Therefore, there are practically no contraindications for the use of balm.

If only there is no allergy, the plants are part of the balm.

It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, due to the lack of any information on the effect of the drug on the baby and the fetus.

How to apply a vegetable harvest

The best time to apply Renewen cream is evening time. It is important after applying to take a relaxing pose and put your feet on the ottoman.

Preparation of

Directly in the jar with powder, add 120-160 ml of purified water, it can be mineral.

The main thing that it was warm, but not hot. We must wait five minutes.

This time is enough for the agent to turn into a gel, and the components are activated. Apply balm to a clean surface affected by varicose veins. Do not need to save on the thickness of the layer. To wash out a preparation it is not necessary.

What doctors say

Experts, like in many other cases, are not unanimous in their opinion. Without doubting the overall effectiveness of the balm they note some nuances.

To such skeptical doctors, it is possible to attribute phlebologist Alexander Reushkin, in his response he notes that Renov's balm does not contain a fat basis, and therefore is unable to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis.

Others are sure that the Renov gel can really cure of varicose veins, here is one of these reviews.

Renovene is a natural preparation, it includes such herbs that have a powerful force of nature. With proper application of the collection, good results can be achieved.

Homeopathist Sergei Zadorny

Opinion of patients

Reviews of women who tried Renoven ointment different, sometimes opposite. This may indicate a possible falsification of the drug. That's what the buyers write.

I constantly wear high-heeled shoes. I can not refuse them - beauty requires sacrifice. By the end of the day, I began to feel tired and burning at my feet. I found out that this is the first manifestation of varicose veins.

Immediately on the advice of a friend ordered herself Renoven. After the application, I felt tiredness and heaviness disappear. One package was enough for a week.

Valentina, 30 years old

I was terribly frightened by the symptoms: heaviness, puffiness, asterisks and pain in the legs. But I do not have many years. I immediately began to struggle with the ailment and tried many different creams and ointments.

Many did not fit me because of the high price, others did not have any effect. I ordered Renov and a few days later I received a powder with a wonderful smell.

I prepared everything according to the instructions and applied a week. I really liked the result, the skin rejuvenated, the stars turned pale. In some places there are still blue nodules of veins, but I hope that they will disappear.

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Galina, 27

I suffer from varicose veins after giving birth at the age of twenty. Recently I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist advised me to buy Renven gel - a novelty with a miracle effect without chemical additives.

Surrendered to persuasion, and the price is not very high. Brought home and thought to immediately apply. But it turns out it's a powder, and I need to make the gel myself. It's good that it's not so difficult.

I used the drug for two weeks. I can say that it is capable of lifting the heaviness and pain in a short time. To completely cure varicose veins, you will probably need a surgical intervention.

Elvira, 35 years old

I use Siberian balm to relieve fatigue in my legs and swelling. Helps, as well as other means, but this is a natural remedy, and therefore safe for my health.

Svetlana, 40 years

Advantages and disadvantages: the choice is yours

Let's start with the shortcomings. Here that it is possible to tell after studying responses of experts and simple people:

  • gel needs to be prepared independently;
  • the period of use of the gel is only seven days;
  • efficacy from its use in advanced form of varicose veins has not been proven.

Positive aspects:

  • most of those suffering from pain and swelling immediately felt relief after applying the handmade balm;
  • Renoven - one hundred percent natural remedy;
  • , even in the absence of results, will not cause harm;
  • does not need to rinse the remnants of the product after application, it is completely absorbed;
  • is an affordable price.

Health price

Buy this Renewal gel can be ordered on the official website. Only in this way you can avoid buying counterfeit products, at the pharmacy you can not order this medication

The price in a complex with delivery to different regions of Russia fluctuates from 900 to 1200 rubles per package. Cash on delivery is possible.

Do not delay treatment for such a serious disease as varicose veins. Many underestimate the whole problem and in vain, because the blue knots and red stars are harbingers of blood clots.

Therefore, when the first symptoms are better to immediately consult a specialist - phlebologist. He also can get advice about the use of Renov balm.

In any case, the price allows you to try the tool and make sure it's working on your own experience.

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