Strongly burned tongue, sky, lips, throat: what to do, what helps with burns of the mouth? How to remove the pain from a burn and treat the burned tongue, the sky, lips, throat: tips, folk recipes

What to do with burns of mouth, lips, throat in children and adults from boiling water and hot drinks. What pharmacy and folk remedies to use. When to call a doctor.


  • Strongly burned tongue, sky, lips, throat: what to do?
  • First aid if a child burns his tongue, sky, lips, throat with boiling water, hot tea
  • How to relieve the pain of a burn: tips and folk recipes
  • How to treat burned tongue, sky, lips, throat in adults and children: drugs, folk remedies
  • VIDEO: Thermal burn. Burns of the eyes, mouth cavity in children - Emergency care

He tossed hot tea, took a spoonful in his mouth with a soup he had just removed from the fire - it was unpleasantly baked, sick, and then the skin from the sky began to slice. The situation is common, occurring with everyone, and not once. Nevertheless, very few people know how to behave in case of burns of the lips, mucous of the mouth or throat.

Strongly burned the tongue, the sky, lips, throat: what to do?

Depending on what caused the trauma of the tongue, palate, gums or throat, high temperature or aggressive chemical, distinguish burns, respectively:

  • thermal
  • chemical

Differentiate them is important, because of the type of burn directly depends which firstassistance should be provided to the victim.

Lip Burn.

IMPORTANT: Burn of the mouth and lips - it is always painful, as in the mucosa in these areas there is a large number of receptors.

  1. If an adult or a child drank boiling water or a very hot liquid, inhaled the steam, came into contact with a heavily heated object( a hot and cold cutlet with a heat, a hot spoon, he would get a thermal burn of the lips, mucous of the mouth and throat. Thus, hot tea can cause irritation of the mucous membrane, accompanied by a slight swelling and short-term moderate pain sensations, while boiling water leads to ulceration of the mucosa and pain requiring removal with special preparations.arises from the ingress of strong chemicals - alkalis, acids, chlorine-containing household chemicals, etc. - into the mouth or throat, etc. It is dangerous that the destructive effect on the tissue will continue until the chemical is neutralized

IMPORTANT:If you burn your lips, mouth, or throat, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Language burn

But, for example, there was a domestic situation - hurried to work, grabbed a cup of coffee, took a sip, but the drink was too hot, heBrzeg lips, tongue, palate and even the throat. What to do?
Do not panic! Try to pull yourself together and determine what kind of temperature was the drink.
If it has already cooled to a temperature of 50-70 degrees, most likely, the burn has a first degree of severity, the mucous membrane is damaged by temperature only superficially. To relieve swelling and inflammation, do the following:

  1. Apply a cube of ice to the burn on the lip from the outside. The contact time is 2-3 seconds. Take a break, after you apply the cube again. Very good help with a burn of this type Panthenol, Bepanten and other products based on pantothenic acid. From folk remedies you can use chilled cucumber juice.
  2. For burns of the lips from the inside and mouth( inner surface of the cheeks, sky, tongue, gums), rinse the mouth with cool water or milk( even better, as it creates an enveloping greasy film).If it hurts, drink ibuprofen or paracetamol.
Burn your mouth - rinse it with cold water or milk.

Upon contact with liquid, food and objects with a temperature above 70 degrees, burns of mucous second degree of severity occur on the lips and in the mouth. Simultaneously with pain and swelling, there is an appearance on the damaged veils of vesicles - vesicles of swollen skin filled with liquid. Since they can not be touched, the vesicles burst very quickly, exposing the wounds, which are very painful. In addition to prolonged rinsing with cold water and cold compresses, local antiseptics and anesthetics( emulsion anesthesin 4% or lidocaine 5% topically) are also required.

Upon contact with boiling water, a third degree mucous burn may occur, characterized by a deep temperature damage to the tissue, accompanied by its expression and necrosis. Here you can not help yourself qualitatively, you need to call an ambulance and go to a hospital.

IMPORTANT: As long as the burned mouth and lips do not completely pass, drink and eat hot, spicy, sour and salty categorically.

First aid if a child burns his tongue, sky, lips, throat with boiling water, hot tea

Cases of burns of lips, tongue and skies in children from boiling water, hot liquids or products most often happen due to inattention of adults - they did not notice, did not control. But what happened happened. Blame yourself and work on the mistakes later. Immediately give the child first aid:

  1. Be sure to call a doctor. It is difficult to independently determine the degree of a burn, let the specialist do it. With burns of the first, and sometimes second degree in the hospital, the child will not be taken, but will tell what to do. If the third degree of severity is damaged - the child needs the help of specialists, she will be hospitalized.
  2. Before you visit a doctor, try to reduce the pain experienced by the child. Let him suck a piece of ice or a frozen berry. If there is ice cream, it will also work.
  3. If the child can rinse your mouth, let it rinse with water or milk from the refrigerator.
  4. As a folk anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent, you can also use honey, but in case the child is more than 1 year old, and he is not allergic.
  5. In your own discretion, never use anesthetics with a "freezing" effect - lidocaine, novocaine, and others. Firstly, it will be difficult for you to calculate the dose for the child's age. Secondly, the child can bite numb cheeks and tongue. Thirdly, if used improperly, the throat and larynx may become numb, the child will have trouble breathing.
Oral burn in a child.

IMPORTANT: Chemical mouth burns in children are one of the common injuries. Make sure that vinegar, iodine, whiteness and other household chemicals are out of the reach of the child. If the trouble happens, do not rely on the chance and immediately call an ambulance.

Keep chemicals away from children.

How to relieve the pain of a burn: tips and folk recipes

To relieve the pain of a mouth burn:

  • breathe with the mouth, cold air will act distracting
  • rinse your mouth with cold water
  • eat ice cream or yogurt from
  • refrigerator with tongue or lip burn sprinkle the damaged place with sugarand wait until it dissolves
  • suck in the mouth spoon of honey
  • dissolve 5 drops of aloe vera juice in 0.5 teaspoon of water, soak a sterile bandage in the solution, compress the burned place
You can use an ice cream for an anesthetic for mouth burns.

From pharmacy drugs help:

  1. Vitamin E in capsules. Open the capsule and pour its contents onto the burn.
  2. Lidocaine 5%.Moisten in a lidocaine ointment in a sterile cotton swab, treat the burn with a swab.
  3. Anesthesin 5%.Dissolve it in a small amount of sea buckthorn oil.
  4. Novocaine 2% in ampoules. Use it on the same system as lidocaine.
Lidocaine ointment is used to anesthetize burns of the mouth.

How to treat burned tongue, sky, lips, throat in adults and children: drugs, folk remedies

To burn lips, palate, tongue and throat faster, use antiseptic medicines that accelerate healing and epithelization:

  • Miramistin
  • Chlorhexidine
  • Dekasan( buy in nebulas and inhalation)
  • with pantothenic acid
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide( after application, rinse mouth with water)
Lip burn can be treated with Panthenol.

Also use folk remedies:

  • rinse your mouth with cold herbs - camomiles, oak bark, calendula
  • , apply propolis oil
for burns

If the healing process is delayed, or if you have a reaction to any of the used drugs, contact your doctor.

VIDEO: Thermal burn. Burns of the eyes, mouth cavity in children - Emergency care

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