What is tooth remineralization: an overview of popular remedies and methods

Remineralization is the process during which the tooth enamel is saturated with the necessary mineral components, restores the hardness of the tooth surface, and also replenishes the upper layer with useful substances, acting on it chemically.

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  • When is the procedure necessary?
  • About contraindications
  • Variations on mineralization
  • Features of natural enrichment of enamel with minerals
  • What will be offered in clinical conditions
  • How to help the teeth at home
  • Expert opinion
  • From the reviews of ordinary people
  • What's for?

When is the procedure necessary?

Opposite to remineralization is demineralization - the destruction of the upper layer of teeth, resulting from tooth decay with caries. Simultaneously with carious formations, the occurrence of plaque and dental calculi can be traced.

For this reason, saturation of the enamel with the necessary minerals is often carried out in parallel with other procedures aimed at improving the oral cavity: removal of dental calculus and plaque, bleaching of tooth enamel. The treatment of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis may be necessary.

The reasons for which it is necessary to conduct mineralization of the teeth include:

  • occurrence of plaque;
  • increased sensitivity of the gums;
  • rapid abrasion of tooth enamel;
  • genetic predisposition to imbalance of minerals;
  • sensitivity of enamel to the effect of low and high temperatures, as well as food with the presence of high glucose concentration;
  • sanitation of the oral cavity( complex treatment of the oral cavity) at the final stage;
  • process of restoration of teeth after removal of brackets and cap;
  • a planned preventive procedure to strengthen the enamel of the teeth( it is recommended to perform 2 times a year).
In dentistry, this is one of the most effective methods to combat violations of the protective layer of the teeth. The result is achieved quickly. The procedure is very effective at the initial stages of the caries disease.

About contraindications

Like all treatment and prophylactic procedures, this one has contraindications:

  • intolerance of some drugs used by some patients( allergic reactions are possible);
  • can not be fluoridated by the teeth of people suffering from pancreatic diseases, kidney disease and having health problems, in which it is prohibited to use fluoride-containing drugs.

Variations on the mineralization theme

Remineralizing therapy can be of the following types:

  1. Natural - restoration of the trace element level in the enamel of teeth without the help of a doctor. The necessary minerals can be obtained, balances nutrition, enriching its diet with the substances necessary for strength of teeth. It is also important to monitor oral hygiene.
  2. Artificial - a process that consists in applying to the tooth surface a mixture that includes in its composition necessary for the enamel trace elements.
  3. Homemade is a procedure that anyone can do at home, applying daily special pastes, gels.
  4. Professional - manipulations to restore the optimal level of minerals in the enamel, which is carried out by a specialist in the clinic.

Features of natural enrichment of enamel with minerals

Natural remineralization is a process that is regulated by the body itself. If deficiency of important composite tooth enamel is ascertained, their stock is automatically replenished from food.

That's why the diet of each person should be varied and balanced.

A tangible benefit for fortress of tooth enamel will be food:

  • cottage cheese;
  • milk;
  • cheese;
  • beans;
  • beans;
  • nuts;
  • seeds;
  • fish;
  • liver.

What will be offered in a clinical setting

Professional remineralizing therapy is needed when the body can not cope with the problem on its own.

Specialist examines the state of the tooth enamel of the patient, prescribes appropriate treatment. The course of such treatment and prophylactic procedures can last from 5 to 20 days.

This process takes place in several stages:

  1. Cleaning of the teeth before the procedure.
  2. Treatment of calcium gluconate in the form of a solution( with carious lesions of the enamel).
  3. Coating of the tooth surface with a special gel( for large tooth injuries, use kapy for this procedure).
  4. Application of catalyst formulations.
  5. Electrophoresis( physiotherapy process of exposure to permanent electrical impulses in order to provide local therapeutic effect).

Remineralization methods:

  1. Implantation of hydroxyapatites - rubbing into the tooth enamel of the paste, which contains calcium phosphate. Thus, the microcrack paste paste is filled, and their increase is prevented.
  2. Resistance enhancing enamel applications - procedures in which the teeth are coated with fluorine or gel with a brush or special caps. As a result of this treatment, the sensitivity of the enamel is reduced.
  3. Electrophoresis with calcium gluconate solution - the movement of calcium ions from solution to tooth enamel under the influence of electric current.

How to help the teeth at home

The most accessible means of enriching the teeth necessary elements are toothpastes and gels. Dentists recommend the use of dentifrice formulations from tested manufacturers.

Effective gels and pastes for tooth remineralization at home:

  1. Elmex is a toothpaste clinically tested by European universities. Excellent cope with the initial manifestations of caries, restores and exhibits a protective function.
  2. Lakalut alpin - paste, actively cleansing enamel, provides a balance of microelements.
  3. Apa Care is a dentifrice containing medical hydroxyapatite filling the cracks in the top layer of the tooth covering.
  4. Vivax Dent is a gel that reduces the severity of the effect of acids on tooth enamel. It is designed to combat caries, erosion of the enamel, increased sensitivity of teeth.
  5. R. O. C. S. Medical Minerals .Restores the balance of microelements in the upper layers of the teeth, whitens the enamel, saturates the tooth surface with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus.

Benefits of remineralization at home:

  • no need to visit the clinic for each procedure;
  • it is possible to choose independently a preparation that is optimally suitable for the price;
  • the ability to conduct the procedure at a convenient time.

Manipulation of the enrichment of the top layer of teeth with the necessary substances using gels consists in applying the drug to the teeth on both sides with a toothbrush.

After this, some time( it is indicated in the instructions for use of each drug) is prohibited to drink liquid and eat. Wash your mouth after this period is not needed.

From the use of preventive pastes and gels the result should wait about six months. This can not be called a disadvantage of the procedure at home, as the effect manifests itself gradually.

Many consumers of such hygiene products noted that white pre-carious stains on the teeth disappear, the enamel becomes much whiter, but, naturally, this should be expected some time after the start of the course of treatment.

It should be remembered that even before conducting a home remineralization, a specialist doctor's consultation is necessary.

Application of remineralizing gels Rox Medical at home:

Expert opinion

A word to doctors with many years of experience.

I'm a periodontist doctor. With the gel, R. O. C. S. is familiar for more than 10 years. I recommend this tool both as a practitioner and as a consumer. She began to use it after childbirth, noticing the deterioration of the state of tooth enamel. I can not say that this product is a panacea, but it prevents the appearance of caries, perfectly copes with the sensitivity of the enamel!

Inna, Perm

In our clinic we use remineralizing gel after ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. This is necessary for the prevention of increased sensitivity of enamel to different stimuli.

I especially recommend this drug to pregnant and lactating women. It can be used both for prevention and as part of complex treatment.

Ivan, Kirov

From reviews of ordinary people

A selection of customer reviews that use remineralizing gels and pastes.

Sinishke four years old, he showed signs of early development of caries. Use gels and pastes at home did not dare, turned to the clinic to a specialist. After examining the teeth of the child, remineralization was prescribed. The effect became noticeable after a three-week course of procedures in the clinic: the enamel became less sensitive, acquired a better look.

Olga, Saratov

During pregnancy, she consulted with a dental hygienist about the deterioration of the enamel, the sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

I was advised to use the remineralizing gel of R. O. S. S. Medical Minerals. Very pleased that it can be used in pregnancy and lactation. The effect was pleasantly surprised: the sensitivity of the enamel decreased, the teeth acquired a healthier shade.

I used it during pregnancy and continue to use it after the birth of a child. Great product!

Elena, Moscow

My daughter is only 3 years old, but the dentist noticed white spots on the teeth. According to him, this is how caries begin. He advised to buy a special remineralizing toothpaste GC Tooth Mousse.

Result from the use of this tool we were satisfied: the spots do not increase in size, the teeth do not deteriorate. The daughter with pleasure cleans the teeth, because the pasta has a wonderful taste.

Sofia, Arkhangelsk

The doctor advised to apply Lakalut alpin toothpaste to resume the level of minerals in tooth enamel. At first I was skeptical about this advice, but I still got the paste.

The result surprised me: the enamel became whiter, I do not feel pain now, when hot or cold food gets into my mouth. A great tool! I recommend to all.

Ilya, Nizhny Novgorod

What's for what?

Remineralization therapy of teeth in the clinic depends on such factors:

  • the number of teeth that will be amenable to processing( on average, the price for a service for the remineralization of one tooth's enamel is 200-500 rubles);
  • teeth condition( the higher the demineralization stage, the higher the price of the service);
  • used drugs.

To perform such procedures at home, the costs will be much less: toothpaste with a restoring complex of minerals costs from 90 rubles, gel - from 400 rub., Balm - from 300 rub.

Remineralization is an important treatment and prophylactic procedure that contributes to the increase of enamel resistance to caries diseases.

It is from this disease that many others begin to develop. Therefore, it is necessary to start rehabilitation therapy in time for hard tooth tissues. Trust a specialist or perform all procedures at home - the right to choose each person.

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