Tips cosmetologists how to wipe your face with ice cubes

Increasingly popular is gaining such a cosmetic procedure as cryomassage - massage of the skin of the face with ice cubes. The component of ice includes a wide variety of components. This pleasure is very expensive in various beauty salons. We bring to your attention a lot of recipes for preparing ice cubes for the face at home. Without extra costs, you can independently conduct each day salon procedure.

    • Ice from chamomile
    • Parsley ice
    • Ice from cucumber
    • Mint ice
    • Ice from aloe vera
    • Ice from rice broth
    • Ice with silver ions
    • Ice with mineral water
    • Ice with bay leaf
    • Fruit and berry ice
    • Icefrom decoction of herbs
    • Ice with citrus juice
    • Ice from green tea
    • Salty ice
    • Ice from tomato juice
    • Ice with calendula
    • Ice from milk
    • Ice with black tea
    • Coffee ice
    • Sea-cabbage ice
    • Pink ice
    • Ice with honey
    • Ice with ginger
    • Ice with essential oil
    • Ice with rose oil
    • Watermelon ice
    • Ice with apple vinegar
    • Ice with juice of plantain
    • Wine ice
    • Ice with linseed oil and mint
    • Ice with milk and grapefruit
    • Ice from carrot juice
    • Olive ice
    • Ice withsuccinic acid

    Ice from chamomile

    Dried flowers of chamomile pharmacy need to pour 200 ml of hot, previously water, and let it brew for about 1-2 hours. After this, drain and freeze the broth. For normal and dry skin take 2 tablespoons of chamomile, and for oily and problem skin - 3.

    This broth can be enriched with herbal and essential oils for skin youth, adding to the liter of broth 50 ml of vegetable oil, for example: argan, grape seed,pumpkin, jojoba, shea or any other, and a few drops on the choice of rose oil, ilan-ylang, rosemary, tea tree, jasmine, mint or rosewood, and to distribute the oil evenly before bottling it, stir well with broth and immediatelyspillbe at formochkam.

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    Ice from parsley

    It is useful to use parsley root and ice cubes with a parsley sprig to whiten facial skin and eliminate pigment spots. Ice is used as a tonic for the face. For the preparation of ice, it is necessary to spread out into ice forms on a small carefully washed parsley sprig. Pour the forms with parsley filtered( boiled or stand-by) water and freeze.

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    Ice from cucumber

    For dry skin, ice cubes from cucumber, kiwi, peach and grapes will be useful. Do not be scared if any product is not at hand. The mixture can be made from two products listed in the list. It is necessary to squeeze out the selected juice from the selected ingredient, it can be frozen both in its pure form and diluted with pure water.

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    Ice from mint

    For oily skin, ice cubes from mint are perfect. The method of preparation is simple: brew one teaspoon of mint in a glass of water and leave until completely cooled, then pour into a mold and freeze. To enhance the effect, you can add 10 ml of jojoba oil and 1-3 drops of essential oil of tea tree or mint.

    Read also the advice of cosmetologists on the use of jojoba oil for the face
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    Ice from aloe vera

    For normal skin, prepare ice cubes from aloe, they will warnpossible inflammations on the skin, having a calming effect. Preparation of these cubes will take more time, since you first need to withstand the leaves of aloe in the refrigerator for about a week. After you need to choose the pulp, grind and add purified water. Spread the mixture into molds and freeze.

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    Ice from rice broth

    For an easy whitening effect of facial skin, you can use ice cubes from rice broth. To prepare ice, cook rice in large quantities of water. Cool the rice. Express the water in which the porridge was cooked and pour it over the ice forms. Freeze the rice decoction and apply the cubes in the morning and in the evening.

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    Ice with silver ions

    Ice cubes with silver ions possess excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents. For the preparation of such ice cubes for problem skin it is necessary to keep a silver object( spoon, ring, chain, coin) in a durable or well filtered water. The selected item must first be cleaned and disinfected. In a day, the silver water must be poured into molds and frozen.

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    Ice with mineral water

    To cheer up after a dream, work day or yesterday's holiday and give your face a healthy and fresh look, use ice cubes with mineral water. To prepare ice from mineral water, freeze in quality ice forms high-quality mineral non-carbonated water.

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    Ice with bay leaf

    For all skin types ice from broth of bay leaves is very useful. Cubes of a person from bay leaves are best used before bedtime to narrow the vessels and prevent the appearance of undesirable inflammatory processes.10 large bay leaves fill with a liter of water. Warm the water with laurel leaves over low heat. Remove from the heat of the broth for a minute before boiling. Cool the broth, pour into molds and freeze.

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    Fruit and berry ice

    You can use fruit or berry ice or a separate berry ice.separately fruit. Such ice will fill up all possible deficiencies of vitamins for the skin, normalizes the moisture balance, improves the color and general condition of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.To make ice, take any fruit and berry mixture( depending on the season) and break it with a blender. Pour the mixture over the molds and freeze. It is possible to freeze both the received cereal, and only the expressed juice.

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    Ice from herbal decoction of

    Prepare a decoction of rosemary and thyme herbs. These herbs are able to tonify, heal, restore, bleach the skin. For prevention of various rashes and prevention of other undesirable processes, you will use special pharmacy herbal preparations which will include these herbs. Brew, cool the broth and pour into molds, freeze and apply such cosmetic face ice instead of tonic in the morning and in the evening.

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    Ice with citrus juice

    Rejuvenating, toning and whitening action on the skin of the face renders ice from citrus juice. For its preparation, take the juice of grapefruit and lemon in the same proportions. Combine the juice with boiled water in equal parts. Pour the mixture into ice-making molds and freeze. Use this ice is best in the morning.

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    Ice from green tea

    For all skin types, ice from green tea is suitable for narrowing the pores. Brew clean green leaf tea in a steep brew. Cool it and pour it into ice molds, freeze. Apply ice from green tea in the morning and in the evening. It is very good to use such ice for half an hour before applying to the skin of the face of all kinds of cosmetic products.

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    Salted ice

    With acne on the face, salty ice is best used. To prepare salted ice, dissolve a large large spoonful of salt in a glass of boiled water. Pour salty water into ice sheets and freeze. Wipe the skin in the morning and evening until one ice cube has completely melted.

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    Ice from tomato juice

    This ice from tomato juice should be used by the owners of shiny skin of the face to give it a matte shade. To make ice, take 3 small spoons of fresh tomato juice 1 small spoonful of parsley juice. Blend the mixture into ice forms and freeze. Apply in the evening for one week. The result will be noticeable on day 5.

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    Ice with calendula

    For cleansing oily skin of the face prone to inflammatory processes, it is necessary to use ice with a decoction of marigold. Take 2 large spoons of marigold and store it with one glass of boiling water. Cool the infusion and pour into ice molds. Frozen and use a facial cleanser twice a day.

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    Ice from milk

    For owners of dry and flaking skin of the face, ice from fatty milk will be a find. To make ice, simply freeze the fatty milk in ice forms and apply it in the morning and evening. After applying an ice cube of milk, wash your face with plenty of cool water and do not wipe it.

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    Ice with black tea

    To get an easy tanning effect in winter, you can resort to a little trick. Just ice with black tea removes the swelling of the eyelids and circles under the eyes. Prepare ice cubes from strong-brewed pure black leaf tea. Use morning and evening.

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    Coffee ice

    For problem skin, use coffee ice as an antioxidant. Coffee ice can easily eliminate pimples, blackheads and dead dead cells. For ice making, take a glass of natural hard-boiled coffee, cool it, pour it over the molds and freeze. Use coffee ice in the evening. Wipe only the problem areas of the skin.
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    Sea cabbage ice

    From the clogging of pores, ice from sea kale and lemon juice will help. For cooking, take 100 grams of pure sea kale( laminaria) and juice of one lemon of medium size. Make a gruel from sea kale and combine it with lemon juice. Spread the resulting mixture into molds and freeze. Use ice only on areas of the face with a blockage of pores.

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    Pink ice

    To obtain a beautiful pink shade of the skin and maintain the necessary balance of moisture in the face skin, use pink ice. To make pink ice, take dry or fresh petals of a tea rose and brew them with steep boiling water. For 100 grams of petals, a glass of boiling water. Cool the broth, pour into molds and freeze. Rub every day in the morning.

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    Ice with honey

    Excellent option for dry and problematic skin. To make ice with honey, dilute a large spoonful of natural honey in a glass of boiled water. Pour the sweet water over the forms and freeze. Wipe it in the morning and in the evening. After the procedure, rinse face with cold water and wait until it dries completely. Apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream to your face.

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    Ice with ginger

    For visible lifting effect, use ice cubes with ginger. To make ice, take the middle root of ginger, peel it and finely chop it. Pour the root with two cups of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes over low heat. Cool the brew and pour into the forms. Freeze and apply ice twice a day for one month.

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    Ice with essential oil of rose

    For 300 grams of pure water or non-carbonated mineral water, add 50 ml of jojoba oil or grape seed oil and 5 drops of rose essential oil. Before pouring into the molds, the mixture must be shaken to allow the oil to distribute on the water. It is necessary to pour out quickly, otherwise the oily fraction will settle.

    Wiping with such ice helps to smooth out deep wrinkles.

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    Watermelon ice

    Watermelon ice can perfectly tone and refresh the skin of the face. Ideal for all skin types. For cooking, take the juice of the watermelon flesh. Freeze in molds in a clean or slightly diluted form. You can use such watermelon ice cubes twice a day.

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    Ice with apple vinegar

    Such ice will help you to improve the color of your face and give it a healthy radiance. For cooking, combine 2 small spoons of apple cider vinegar and 300 grams of filtered filtered water. Pour out the liquid into molds, freeze. Do not use ice with apple cider vinegar for the skin around the eyes.
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    Ice with the juice of the plantain

    Use ice cubes with plantain juice costs with the problem skin of the face, to heal wounds, to remove traces of acne and to prevent new ones. To prepare ice, take a few leaves of plantain and chop them so that you can squeeze the juice from the resulting gruel. Juice of plantain dilute with water in a ratio of 1 to 4 and pour into molds.

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    Wine ice

    When oily skin is used before going to bed, a wine ice cube. For the preparation of wine ice, any non-acidic quality wine is suitable. Just pour the wine over the forms and freeze. After using the wine, wait about half an hour and rinse your face with cool water.

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    Ice with linseed oil and mint

    For dry and inflamed skin of the face this ice will become a real salvation. The mint will cool and refresh, and the oil will moisturise and relieve tension. To prepare ice, take fresh mint leaves and brew them with boiling water( 100 grams of leaves per 300 grams of boiling water).Cool the broth, strain and add to it 5 large spoons of flaxseed oil. Stir the mixture and pour over the forms. Freeze.

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    Ice with milk and grapefruit

    In order to quickly overcome the emerging wrinkles in the early term, this type of ice for cryomassage is perfect. To make cosmetic ice, take in equal proportions grapefruit juice, milk and mineral water without gas. Mix the ingredients, pour into molds, freeze. Apply ice cubes in the morning after sleeping and in the evening before going to sleep on the cleansed face. After applying ice, you can rinse your face with cool water and do not wipe.

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    Ice from carrot juice

    To tighten a little skin and make it supple, and also to align the color, mix a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice with 1 large spoonful of lemon juice. Pour the juice into ice sheets and freeze. Apply regularly such ice cubes for rubbing the face for one week, then take a short break.
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    Olive ice

    To combat the initial stages of facial wrinkles, cosmetic olive ice becomes an indispensable tool. To make ice, take a large spoonful of honey and dilute 2 large spoons of olive oil in it. The entire mixture must be damaged with 200 grams of mineral water. Stir all the ingredients and immediately disperse the composition into shapes. Freeze and apply in the evening before going to bed.

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    Ice with succinic acid

    This ice improves complexion, removes irritation, smoothes scars and scars on the skin. For cooking, mix 100 grams of pink tonic or decoction from rose petals with three grams of succinic acid and 2 grams of rose hip extract. Blend the mixture into molds. Apply courses in 1 month every six months.


    I have been practicing morning cleansing with ice with a decoction of chamomile for a very long time. I never believed that it could be effective. But, the face immediately freshens, traces of fatigue or swelling after a dream pass instantly. Plus, the pores become narrower. I just did not wipe the decollete. Need to try.

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