Original and beautiful ideas for the autumn wedding photo shoot

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, charming with its fairy-tale colors. Its incredible landscapes, unique pictures of various colors and shades can not but affect the creative and romantic strings of the soul. This is the time of wonderful transformations of nature itself, awakening the warmest feelings, pleasant memories that give inspiration for an outing wedding photo session.

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For the wedding photography in English style in the autumn time is best to choose September. In September, nature still predominates in green and only the shades of autumn begin to take root. This will add color to the strict and ornate English style. The choice of the venue for the photo session should be treated with great care. English style does not tolerate frivolity and untidiness.

For this purpose a park or a garden with neat lawns, beautiful bushes and trees, flower beds and cobbled paths, a shore of any mirror-clean water basin is suitable. Also for the background you can use well-preserved old buildings, built of stone, brick or wood.

For the decoration of the set, use only antique furniture or furniture of a strict classical style. Chairs with carved backs, couches with a coach coupler, wooden tables with a massive round, square or rectangular table top. Of the accessories, antique watches and vases, candles in candlesticks, beautiful caskets, forged garden lights and lamps are suitable. Also do not forget about the classic English tea drinking.

When choosing a color scheme, you can prefer quiet and not screaming natural tones, in particular: green, brown, sand, blue, red.

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Rustic style

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Another ideal option for a wedding photo session in the autumn timewill rustic style. Rustic or simply speaking - a village style, is a combination of such qualities as: deliberate simplicity, rudeness, naturalness, naturalness and tranquility.

The place of the photo session can be meadows with beveled and folded hay, fields with ripening harvest, orchards, forests drowning in crimson colors, ponds, agricultural structures, preferably of wood or stone. The role of furniture can play roughly knocked down boards, pallets, inverted boxes, wooden barrels, veiled bales of hay.

From accessories and decor it is necessary to use simple and discreet decorations, bouquets of flowers in every possible bottle, rugs and tablecloths, bundles of hay or wheat, buckets, ropes, rural utensils.

In the chosen image it is necessary to add a little refined simplicity and naturalness. This can be achieved with the help of flowers, woven into a deliberately sloppy hairstyle, light make-up, a bouquet of simple wildflowers, discreet and delicate shades of used natural fabrics, modest decorations. The image should embody the unity of beauty, nature and innocence.

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The beauty of autumn

Autumn gives us endless possibilities for carrying out many exquisite photo sessions that would be simply impossible in other seasons. It is necessary only to open to the inspiration hovering in the autumn nature and to realize the chosen images in life.

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Departure out of town for a picnic can be an excellent reason for taking pictures in the style of the boho, which does not require you to special efforts, skills or costs.

In autumn every landscape conceals hidden secrets and secrets that will be embodied in unique photos. Autumn pavement, leaves of alleys, pleasure parks, forest tracts, lawns, embankments. It is only worth seeing and each place will be beautiful and beautiful in its own way.

Also worth taking advantage of a note of autumn romance and nostalgia. Walk by rowing boat along the bank of the river or along the calm mirror-like surface of the lake. Hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, all this can become the basis for shooting.

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