45 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

45 years of marriage - a holiday of real feelings. This is the anniversary of sincere love, preserved, despite all the difficulties and obstacles, for many years. To treat preparation for such a celebration should be thorough, it is necessary to carefully think through all the details, including congratulations and gifts. And what to give depends on what kind of wedding it is.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

How the wedding is called

Forty-five years of marriage are traditionally called the Sapphire wedding.

The name of the wedding anniversary was awarded in honor of the sky-blue stone - sapphire. Since ancient times, this noble gem personified devotion and love. The stone not only has the ability to refresh the senses, but also symbolizes wisdom.

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How to celebrate

To ensure that all subsequent years of living together were happy, celebrating the Sapphire wedding is necessary according to all traditions.
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Features celebrating the anniversary of the wedding:

  1. Traditionally before the anniversary, the "newlyweds" are obliged to go to the bath to clear themselves of all troubles and grievances.
  2. At the beginning of the celebration, the spouses are asked to forgive each other for past misunderstandings and disappointments.
  3. Celebration of the Sapphire wedding takes place in a small circle of people close and dear to people's jubilees.
  4. You can celebrate the anniversary both in the banquet hall and at home, most importantly, stick to the dress code in sky-blue tones.
  5. The room is best decorated with contrasting flowers, sunflowers or gerberas are good.
  6. The main feature of the celebration of the Sapphire wedding is the decoration of the rings with sapphires.
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Gift for wife

The best gift from her husband will be a bouquet of flowers made in blue tones. Perfectly suitable:

  • delphinium,
  • cornflowers,
  • blue hyacinth,
  • orchid,
  • lilac.

Actual sapphire jewelry:

  • earrings,
  • bracelet,
  • suspension,
  • ring with sapphire.

You can donate a casket, comb or mirror, encrusted with sapphires or other blue stones.

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What to give to my husband

As well as my wife, my husband, for forty-five years of the wedding, in addition to gentle congratulations, it is customary to give refined things with sapphires. These can be:

  • cufflinks;
  • ring;
  • lighter;
  • printing;
  • a gift made by own hands.

An excellent gift for 45 years of wedding from the guests will be:

  • work of art;
  • customized pair portrait;
  • bath accessories;
  • photo frame;
  • set of bed linen;
  • aquarium;
  • tableware;
  • vase.

The main requirement for gifts is the presence of blue. If he is not present in the gift, add it with a delicate blue bouquet or a sky-blue postcard.

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Harmonious addition to the congratulation on the anniversary of the wedding will be beautiful poems:

Blue, flickers sapphire -
Symbol of life, harmony, honor.
So let God bless you,
And give you love and hope.
Let your firm alliance, unbreakable,
Live another thousand years!
Congratulations from the heart
And we wish love and joint victories!
We sincerely congratulate you,
Sapphire wedding - forty five years!
You have been together for so many years, love has not died out,
We wish you the same life without trouble!
Let the clear sun shine your way,
Let the eyes shine with heavenly purity,
And from the touch, the soul will not stop burning.
After all, 45 together - true love!

I believe that no matter what wedding, but the husband should give his wife diamonds, and not some sapphires. Yes, and blue diamonds exist and they can be bought, I think a very wonderful gift will be.


And, in my opinion, a very good idea with sapphires. Traditions, romance, variety - not all the same in diamonds to walk! And then they will lose their value =)

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