How to properly use camphor oil for hair

Often this oil is used for preventive purposes, as well as for treating and restoring the structure of weakened or damaged hair and scalp. The camphor tree grows mostly in Japan and in China, but the product obtained with its help is popular and in demand all over the world.

  • Usage:
      • treatment Useful
      • oil Shampoo preparation
      • For greasy hair
      • For dry hair
      • For normal hair
      • Preparation of masks
      • Against hair loss
      • To accelerate growth
      • Against dandruff
      • For dry hair
      • For greasy hair

      What is useful for oil

      Camphoroil promotes active blood circulation in the scalp, so after using it, the hair becomes strong, their structure improves, the metabolism in the epidermis normalizes. All this is due to the fact that oxygen and useful substances in a larger volume and faster saturate the hair.

      Also, oil is endowed with substances with anti-inflammatory and drying effect, so it perfectly eliminates various inflammatory processes.

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      Camphoric oil effectively moisturizes the scalp, therefore, regularly using it, youcure split ends and get rid of dry hair.

      Camphor oil makes the curls soft as silk, and very docile.

      The easiest way to use camphor oil in its pure form, gently rubbing it with massage is not rough movements in the scalp. You can also take a little more of this substance and process them with curls along the entire length. Wrap hair with polyethylene, hold the oil for about half an hour. In combination with other substances, a good remedy can be obtained from it, suitable for any hair.

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      Shampoo preparation

      Camphoric oil is often made with shampoos designed for different types of hair.

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      For fatty hair

      Mix well the beaten egg yolk with two tablespoons of clean water, add 0.5 tablespoons of camphor oil to this mixture so that a uniform mass is produced. This shampoo can be used instead of the one you used to wash your hair. It positively affects the condition of the hair, giving them a pleasant aroma.

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      For dry hair

      Combine 5 grams of camphor oil with 3 grams of tea tree oil, add one tablespoon burdock oil, as well as egg yolk. After washing your hair thoroughly, apply shampoo on them with massage movements, after a few minutes, rinse the curls with warm water. This remedy is not intended for regular use, but it copes well with inflammation of the skin.

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      For normal hair

      For one small spoon of melted honey, one well-beaten yolk. Having combined them, add to them one tablespoon of cognac, a teaspoon of oil and 3-4 drops of lemon juice.

      Shampoo stored for longer than 5 days is not recommended.

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      Preparation of masks

      This material is suitable for creating masks for different types of hair and for various problems.

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      Against hair loss

      For its preparation you will need essential oil ba, sesame oil, egg yolk, tincture of hot red pepper. Carefully beat the yolk and mix it with a large spoonful of sesame oil, as well as four drops of essential oil. Combining these ingredients, add another small spoonful of camphor oil, and then one spoonful of hot pepper tincture. Mask must carefully lubricate the roots of hair. Wrap hair with polyethylene, wait half an hour and rinse the product using a normal shampoo.

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      To accelerate the growth of

      Mix the medium lemon juice with one small spoon of butter. Blend the mixture along the entire length, focusing on the roots. Cover your head with a film and warm it with a towel. Leave the mask on for 40-45 minutes. To feel the result, it is necessary to conduct at least 10 such procedures, doing them twice a week.

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      Against dandruff

      Take one egg yolk, a small spoonful of honey, a little lemon juice and a small spoonful of camphor oil. Whisk the yolk and add all the ingredients. Mask put on the roots, well rubbed into the skin, but not injuring the epidermis. Wash off after a quarter of an hour.

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      For dry hair

      Mix on a large spoonful of castor and burdock oil, 1 teaspoon camphor oil and egg yolk, which must be pre-beaten a little. Stir these ingredients and add 1 teaspoon of cognac and honey. Honey is better to take initially liquid, but you can melt a little candied in a water bath. The last ingredient is vitamin A, add a few drops. Apply in the usual way and heat for 40 minutes.

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      For greasy hair

      White cosmetic clay in the amount of three tablespoons must be diluted with ordinary water to the state of thick sour cream. In this "sour cream" add three more tablespoons of liquid( green tea or chamomile infusion) and a small spoonful of camphor oil. Apply the mask for 20 minutes. Can be insulated.

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