Calendar of People's Signs for November

  • November 1 - John's Day and the Prophet Joel. It was believed that on that day, the stables of the stable were troubled, so the horses tried not to work and they were spoiled in every possible way. But the chickens had a hard time - they mass cut, fried, smoked, harvested for the winter, baked cookies, cooked noodles on chicken broth. If it's cold and snow in the yard, wait for spring to be late and cold, if a thaw is, spring is like that.
  • November 2 - the day of the Great Martyr Artemy of Antioch and the boy Artemy Verkolsky. Wolves began to move out of the forest closer to the villages. You could start to sour cabbage. If the wolf howled at Artemia, wait for the early frosts, if the entire pack drank, to a hungry winter. If on that day the first snow fell on dry land, and the trees completely dumped the leaves, then it did not last long, and soon it was warm.
  • November 3 is the day of Hilarion the Great. Beginning to sweep the first powder, at night there were frosts, and the day sun all turned into mud. If the snow lay on damp ground and did not melt - to the early flowering snowdrops, to frozen - to a rich crop of cereals.
  • November 4 - the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. We prepared sledges for departure, met men returning from work from the city and fairs. Time of mass marriage and weddings. According to the signs, if it started to rain on Kazan, it will turn cold fast, and if it goes from the very morning, then just wait a few days for snow. When the day began to fog, on the contrary, it would still be warm for a few weeks.
  • November 5 - Jacob( Jacob).Day of veneration of parents. They prepared firewood for the winter, they started eating honey and jam. Hail or small snow on this day foreshadowed the onset of strong frost until the 22nd day. The first frosts last no more than 3 days.
  • November 6 - the day of worship of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow", Svetets. In former times, the girls gathered in the houses for gatherings at the beams( light), sang songs, talked, practiced needlework, and in the evening prayed the Mother of God for intercession, health and good grooms. The wind has withered after a long calm - to a fast snowfall with a storm.
  • November 7 - the day of Marcian and Martyr, the day of remembrance of the deceased. This day is usually "crying" and nature, it was supposed to go to the cemetery and light candles on the graves of relatives. At lunch, a generous table was laid, from which beggars and orphans were treated. The morning begins with a fog - wait for a thaw, and the sunset of a golden-bronze color - to rage.
  • November 8 is the day of Demetrius of Thessalonica. They continued to remember their parents and relatives. If the yard is cold and snowing, then the next spring( cold and late) will be the same, and the thaw promised warmth in winter and early spring. The stars shine brightly - to fast and long-lasting bad weather.
  • November 9 - Nestora Solunsky, Zarokov Day. On this day it was customary to give any promises and vows in good deeds, and for this they expected the fulfillment of the most cherished desire from the Virgin Mary. After an abundant drizzle - wait for a thaw, the dog all day sleepy - to bad weather or strong rage.
  • November 10 - Paraskeva Friday, Linnitsa or Baba's intercessor. If Paraskeva fell out on the fifth day of the week, then it was considered a special holiday. The girls begged the saint to send the groom as soon as possible, and also to protect the family and marriage. Around the moon, white circles - to be a strong storm, a rapid thaw - to fast and long frosts.
  • November 11 - the day of Abraham the Recluse or Ovchar and Anastasia Romlyanyni or Sheep. Feast of sheep and ovcharov. From that day we began to shear the sheep. Dogs and sheep refuse to eat and go sleepy - to a quick rage, crows raskarkali entire flock and not to calm down - to severe frost.
  • November 12 - the day of Zinoviy of Egej and his sister Zinovii Sinichkina. From the south, birds began to fly( blue buns, bullfinches), children made and hung out feeding troughs for them. Men were preparing for winter hunting and fishing. Sinichki jumps in whole flocks near houses - to fast and strong cold. If the cynical whistles - to the clear next day, if it is sour - to a severe frost at night.
  • November 13 is the day of the Monks of Spyridon and Nicodemus. They examined the hens, cut out the weak. The men first went hunting on the hare trail and on fishing. The first trapped hare was cooked in a special way and named after him. Chickens cackle louder than usual and not after carrying - to the bad weather. The sun sets in a thick cloud of scarlet color - to heavy snow.
  • November 14 - the day of the wonderworkers Damian and Kosma. The old people said: "Kuzminki - autumn wake", this winter began. On this day celebrated a chicken feast. Prosperous people sent fattened chickens as a gift to poor relatives, with them also sent matchmakers. If the river is covered with a crust of ice, then until the 21st the warming will come and the frosts will fall. The rooster stands on one leg - to fast and strong frosts.
  • November 15 is the day of the martyrs of Akindin, Pigasiyah, Afoniya and their ilk. Men dried the grain in the shelves, and the women crumpled linen and hemp, preparing them for spinning. Crows are shouting to the south - to warming. In the evening, the sky in a haze or fog - to a strong wind.
  • November 16 - the day of Akepsim, Joseph, Evdokia Safronovo. If the wood in the furnace burns violently and with a roar, and low clouds float across the sky - wait for storms and chills. At night, the trees and the earth lay covered with hoarfrost - to improve the weather, the stars at the dawn strongly shimmer - to fast rage.
  • November 17 - the day of Ioannicius the Great, Nikandr Mirsky and Yermey. On this day the elders said: "Eremma - stay at home."It was believed that the impure force walks around the houses and tries to steal charcoal from the oven. On Erem they tried, without extreme necessity, not to leave the house and not to lend anyone, fire or food to anyone. Evening dawn of a green shade - to warming and a clear day.
  • November 18 is the day of Jonah of Novgorod. Finished cleaning and harvesting radishes, fermented it with cabbage. In the evening, the girls circled the courtyard and the house, scattering small coins and trinkets made by themselves - this was to attract the suitors. A quiet night from afar heard cocks - to precipitation. Clouds fell lower - to the snow.
  • November 19 - the day of Varlaam Khutynsky and Paul of Constantinople or Ledostava. To this day, water usually froze in rivers and lakes. Men inspected and prepared tackles for fishing on ice. Snow fell - winter will be snowy. Windless - soon, wait for strong frost. The scarlet dawn rises above the clouds - to windy and cold weather.
  • November 20 - the day of the martyrs Theodotus of Ankirsk, Ieron, Isihia, Athanasius, Mamant, etc. The ancestors said: "Fedot - the ice leads, and the rivers are covered with ice - the winter roads have opened."If the ice on the rivers froze by waves - this foreshadowed a rich harvest of cereals in the next year. The rooster screams a lot or the fluffy snow fell - to warming.
  • November 21 - Cathedral of the Archangel Michael and Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, etc. This day often thaws occurred: "If Mikhail destroys the way, do not wait for him to winter Nikola( December 19)".If the frost is visible in the morning, wait for a lot of snow, and if the fog is a thaw. Clear weather on Michael promised a frosty winter. The evening sun set in with brown twilight - to fast rage.
  • November 22 is the day of the martyrs of Onisiphorus and Porphyry, the Reverend Matrona of Constantinople or Winter. From this day on, winter fully rises to its feet. Women brewed medicinal herbs and watered them all households for the prevention of ailments. If the trees are covered with frost, then the frost will strike only a few days. If the weather turned out to be gloomy and snowy - the next May will also be rainy. Hoarfrost promised the farmers a good harvest of oats, and the rain - wheat.
  • November 23 is the day of the apostles Erastus, Olympus, Rodion. On this day they went to the church to consecrate bread and salt, then for dinner they were treated to the whole family and domestic cattle. According to the signs, this was to give strength and health for the wintering. If there was a bad weather in the yard with the same bread went out to bow to winter, so as not to build their own machinations. Ravens loudly croak and start games - to an early warming. The ice on the river is smooth - close to winter.
  • November 24 - celebrated the day of Theodore Studitus or Frost. They said: "It's cold with Fedor Studit-that's not a day, it's worse."They tried to sit at home and bask, they made tea with dried berries and branches of fruit trees. If many clear stars appeared in the sky, this indicated a good harvest of mushrooms and berries for the next year. Cold - to severe winter months, but warm and windless weather promised that in the winter there will be no special cold. The rain with snow was a sign of warm weather until 4 December. Cloudless weather - to cold snaps.
  • November 25 - John's Day. The last autumn weddings were played, the next one had to wait until Maslenitsa or Krasnaya Gorka. If snow fell at night and lingered on the trees, then it does not melt anymore. Scattered sparrows - wait for the sooner warming. The sun rises from black clouds - to weather deterioration.
  • November 26 is the day of John Chrysostom of Constantinople. People noticed: "At Zlatoust - everything around is empty."On this day, they prayed to the saint about a just trial and retribution against deceivers and thieves. If the snow falls, it does not turn to high water. But, at the same time, large snow drifts promised a fruitful year.
  • November 27 - the day of the Apostle Philip Irapsky, Theodora, Gregory, Filippovki, Chapel, the beginning of the Philippine post. Ends of weddings, noisy holidays, men tried to finish the planned work before Christmas. Women gathered in the huts, spun, embroidered( engaged in pious activities), they guessed. Snow or a lot of clouds on Philip promised foul weather in May. The ash in the stove is quickly extinguished - the damp weather will soon be established.
  • November 28 - Guryev Day. This day it was customary to turn to the saint with a prayer for deliverance from dental diseases. The old people believed that evil spirits, frightened by frost, scattered and hid themselves until the very Christmas season. On this day, the horses were honored, they were asked a double portion of oats. If horses are neighing at Guria - be good for a whole year. Scarlet sunrise - to the blizzard.
  • November 29 is the day of Matthew the Evangelist. This day often thawed or blowing wild winds with a blizzard. People went to visit each other for tea drinking and quiet conversations, although the table was covered with lean. Cold and blizzard foreshadowed the harsh winter. Pale moon in the haze - to bad weather the next day.
  • November 30 - Gregory the Wonderworker or Winter pointer, Nikon of Radonezh. On Grigory everything - from small to large, welcomed the winter, made the first skiing, played snowballs or just lay in the snow. If this day in the yard it is snowy, but calm, then the winter will bring joy to the quiet and clear weather, if the heat is dry to a damp and rainy spring. Dark ice on the river - to a rich harvest of cereals.
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November is the month in which autumn and winter meet. In former times it was even called the month of sonorous and young ice or "leafy".As for other months of the year, by November there are numerous people's signs, indicating the weather in the future and the abundance of the harvest. As a rule, all gardening works have been completed by this time, the period of fairs, matchmaking and weddings is coming.


About the weather
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  • Wedding in November
  • About the weather

    Since ancient times, it was noticed that if in November the snow falls on wet land and does not melt, then in the spring, the snowdrops will blossom early and amicably. But when this month the first snow falls on the frozen earth, next year you can expect a rich harvest of bread.

    If in November the snow falls in large flakes, then the bad weather will be a few more days. If the mosquitoes fly in the last month of autumn, the next 7 days will be warm, and the weather in winter will be pleased with the plus temperature.

    The harsh winter is foreshadowed by strong and prolonged cold snaps in November, and a large number of ducks left for the winter, on the contrary, speaks of a warm winter.

    When the hare has white wool - the winter is very close, and the closer the eared in the residential settlements, the November will be colder.

    Short-term folk signs of November about the weather:

    • stars in the sky are few - to rage;
    • bright stars shine - the cold is not far off;
    • dawn is soon engaged - wait for the early snow;
    • near the sun in the November afternoon whitish circles - a sign of an imminent storm;
    • in the sun appeared earrings - wait for strong frost;
    • sunset with shades of magenta - there will be a big snowfall;
    • the white color of the moon foreshadows the cold, and if the month is red, the next day will be windy, but warm;
    • a blurred circle around the moon foreshadows a snowstorm;
    • above the forest, the air became bluish or the sky was clouded with clouds - it will still be warm;
    • clouds float against the wind in November - soon the snow will fall out;
    • no frost, but the wind blows - to be a blizzard;
    • east and west winds in November - to rain;
    • thunder - to severe frosts, and a bright lightning - to the storm.

    When snow sticks to the trees in November, it will soon become warmer, but if the ice cracks under your feet, the frosty days will stand still for a long time. Smoke sticks from the pipe with a pipe - tomorrow there will be a minus temperature on the thermometer. And if the wind in the chimney buzzes, it will be cold and the snow will go.

    Frosts in November are foretold by cats that lie on the stove, or just somewhere higher they curl up. And if the kitty sits on the windowsill and looks out the window, then a few days in November will be warm and clear weather.

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    Wedding in November

    Despite the fact that the last autumn month does not always please the newlyweds with good weather, many marriages are at this time. Perhaps, the ancient tradition of ancestors affects, and the autumn union promises a long, joint, rich, prosperous, measured and carefree life.

    Popular signs about the wedding for November:

    • frosty and a lot of snow - to strong relationships in the family;
    • thaw said that in the family life will be tested for strength;
    • is a good sign, if the first snow falls on the wedding day - the married life will be rich and carefree;
    • rain promises a huge happiness, suddenly fell on his head.

    It is not recommended to marry on November 4( the celebration of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God), November 27( pre-fasting) and all subsequent days( Christmas or Filippovsky post).

    Strong and prosperous promises to be an alliance, created on November 10 at Paraskeva, on November 20 and 25.

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