Master class on sewing a beautiful bow on an extract from satin ribbons

An extract from the maternity home of the mother and baby is a very touching and exciting moment for all members of the family. To make this time bright and memorable, you just have to put your whole soul into it with careful preparation. On sale there are a lot of beautiful envelopes and bows for the discharge of a newborn. But made by himself an unusual bow to the extract from the ribbons, will be one of the first elements of expressing love for the baby, and will bring joy to the newly mummy.

  • For the boy
  • For the girl

For the boy

Required material:

  • blue satin wide tape;
  • white satin wide ribbon;
  • white tape is 2 times thinner than wide;
  • thin blue ribbon;
  • white lace;
  • glue gun;Lighter or candle
  • ;
  • scissors;
  • thread and needle;
  • felt.

Work process:

  1. The 1st row of the bow consists of 6 identical blue wide petals. For each petal it is necessary to skip the white lace in the middle. To prevent the petals from disintegrating, they must be sealed with fire or a glue gun.
  2. 2 series of a bow consists of 6 identical blue wide petals. The upper broad petals are smaller than the lower ones. Each central petal consists of 3 colors of ribbons: a wide blue, then in the middle a little thinner white, and on the top in the middle there is a thin blue ribbon. All the ribbons wrapped in a loop and sealed or sealed.
  3. All the petals are folded into a flower and stitched inside in a circle.
  4. The bow is sewn onto a felt base.
  5. We decorate the middle of the bow with a satin rose from the ribbon. For ease of creating roses, you can simply twist the tape into the hinges, sew on one side and straighten the petals on the other. And you can collect the tape on a thread and tighten, giving the petals a shape. To sew or paste a rose in a bow.
  6. Stick or sew a bow on a long wide blue ribbon. Cut off the edges of the tape and sing. Also on the edges you can sew small bows.
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For a girl

loading. ..

Required material:

  • wide satin ribbon of pinkcolors;
  • satin ribbon white, 2 times thinner than wide pink;
  • a narrow kapron ribbon of pink color;
  • thread with a needle;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • piece of felt;
  • beads;
  • lighter;
  • glue gun;
  • metallized silver ribbon.

How to create a large bow:

  1. Cut 6 identical lengths from a wide pink ribbon. Spray the edges of the segments with a lighter.
  2. Cut the pieces in half and collect the resulting petals on the string.
  3. From the white ribbon also cut 6 identical segments. Spray the edges of the ribbons with a lighter.
  4. Fold the white segments into petals and solder them with a fire or glue gun.
  5. From kapron pink ribbon prepare 6 identical segments. Do not scorch edges. Fold nylon ribbons in petals and solder with a lighter or glue gun.
  6. Make 6 identical pieces of metalized tape. Seal with a cigarette lighter.
  7. Use a glue gun to collect a large flower, folding all the petals in a checkerboard pattern. Nylon petals do not stick.

How to create a central flower:

  1. Prepare 27 small identical pieces of pink ribbon. Collapse them into the petals of the flower, each petal is to be sealed with a cigarette lighter.
  2. On a circle of felt fabric, glue with a glue gun the petals in a circle in 4 rows. In the center of the flower paste a bead.


  1. In the big bow, paste the central flower and all the nylon petals.
  2. The resulting flower should be sewn or glued to a long wide pink ribbon.
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