How to get rid of yellowness of hair after unsuccessful staining

Sometimes blondes and brunettes, dreaming to lighten their curls, face the problem of yellowness of hair. The reasons for this are a lot of wrong technique of staining, poor-quality products and even water for rinsing ringlets. To get rid of the undesirable yellow shade, you should work hard. You can resort to the help of salon procedures or use folk remedies.

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    Professional tools

    In the salon beauty industry, the problem of yellow hair does not arise, because every manufacturer of professional hair dye products is in its rangespecial neutralizers of yellowness in the form of paints, shampoos, balms, tonics and masks.

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    Prefer semi-professional and professional paints that are designed for coloring without yellowing effect, for example cold blends L'oreal Preference or Estel Sense de Luxe. Try to select in the palette such shades, which differ from your natural color by not more than 3 tones.

    If you decide on a radical transition from black to white, then you can not do without the help of blondoran - a means for lightening the hair to 7 tones, for example, Londa Blondoran Blonding Powder.

    Also for removing yellowness, you can add a purple mixton to the paint - an intensive corrective dye of the second plan, but its amount is calculated strictly for each hair color.

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    Depending on your hair color, it is worth paying attention to the tones of violet, ashy, blue and pearly shades. The fact is that yellow color is well neutralized by violet, and red - blue and ashy.

    The main thing is not to abuse and not to overdo the tonic on your hair, otherwise you risk getting a gray or lilac shade. Good recommendations deserve the means of Loreal Gloss Color, Concept, Tonic.

    For use, dilute the colorant with water: 1 tonic cap in 2 liters of water. And rinse your hair after washing your hair. Or apply the product in combination with a normal shampoo, but keep on the hair for no more than 3 minutes.

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    Very good cure for yellowness shampoo neutralizers. You can buy them in salons or specialty stores, they should have a mark of Silver Shampoo.

    Due to the presence in the composition of a high concentration of active bright violet pigment, the neutralization of the yellow shade occurs quickly and qualitatively, and the hair acquires the desired whiteness.

    Blondes should pay attention to the series Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save Silver, Estel Color Intense, Wella Color Recharge, Wella Lifetex, Nouvelle True Silver Shampoo.
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    Yellow from hair that has been exposed to improper staining or highlighting can be removed with the help of professional salon masks with a toning effect. Due to its composition, the mask draws a yellow pigment from the locks, and its regular application gives the hair a beautiful silver shade.

    These include Nouvelle Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask Argento( Platinum), Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights, Wella Lifetex.
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    Folk remedies

    In addition, to neutralize yellowness, there are a lot of folk recipes.

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    With each hair wash, you can dilute the usual shampoo with natural white grape juice. One large spoonful of juice is enough for 50 ml of shampoo. And although yellowness will disappear only after a couple of weeks of applying this technique, but grape juice does not harm your hair.

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    Recipe 1.

    A positive result gives a rinse of clarified hair with lemon juice or infusion of rhubarb. In a liter of water, you need to dilute 200 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice or 400 ml of rhubarb infusion. With the resulting solution, rinse your hair after each wash. Cinnamon and curative camomile have a similar clarifying effect.

    Recipe 2.

    A good effect is regular rinsing with green tea. To prepare the solution, you need to brew 2 tablespoons of green tea without additives in a liter of water.

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    Recipe 3.

    Also for rinsing hair, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide or 6% vinegar - 1 teaspoon per glass of water.

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    Recipe 1.

    A mask based on natural honey will help eliminate the yellowing of the curls within a month and make the hair strong, soft and shiny.
    A small amount of honey must be melted on a steam bath, and then applied to the hair. The head is best wrapped with cellophane and a towel, otherwise the honey can flow.

    In order for the mask to give a positive result, it must be held on the hair for 10-12 hours. Therefore, it is better to do it before going to bed. In the morning wash off the mask with warm water without shampoo and allow the hair to dry naturally.

    Recipe 2.

    Onion husks remove yellowness, giving the curls a rich golden hue and a healthy appearance. First you need to boil the onion peel broth and let it brew for several hours.

    Then carefully treat them with curls along the entire length, put on a shower cap and hold the tool on your hair for as long as possible, and best of all night. In the morning, wash your hair with warm water.

    Recipe 3.


    • 50 ml kefir,
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice,
    • 2 tablespoons of vodka,
    • 1 egg.

    Apply the product to the hair and hold for 30-60 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

    Recipe 4.

    First you need to prepare and insist 1 liter of decoction of chamomile. Then add 50 grams of glycerin to it and apply to dry unwashed hair. Cover the mask with cellophane and a towel and leave for 1 hour. Rinse off with warm water and shampoo.

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